Images of Glory

Day 2: After
Darth_Stewie revamps some areas in Ugnaut Week Day 2.
Czerka Facility
Darth Alran's lovingly detailed MP level is being finished off by Darth_Stewie.
I like it.

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3D Acceleration Fix for JK and MotS

Having trouble running JK or MotS with 3D Acceleration enabled? Then, try this fix. (The fix should work for BOTH ATI AND Nvidia cards, and if it works, then you won't need to use old drivers). Simply put the ddraw.dll (downloadable zip file) in the folder with your JK.EXE or JKM.EXE file and start JK or MotS normally.


More IKAnimations

This time animating a piece off of the JKHub Level Commentaries.


best new project

cumming soon

A new dawn. . .

I've realized I have so many converted models on my hard drive, and Stewie made a comment once about posting some of my models for JK, so as I convert and make them workable in game I may just post them here.

For the most part the models will be static meshes, designed as scenery, or if they have animations it may be simplistic models like turrets.

All will be higher resolution/poly count models. Enjoy.

New Release(s)!

Just uploaded two new files: the current development version of JkGR and an updated version of a level I uploaded before. Warning: stuff is intense!

I'm having troubles with updating the manual, so the one included is extremely outdated and incomplete. An updated version should be uploaded soon.

Enjoy, and if you happen to run into any issues, please let me know!

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