Images of Glory

Day 2: After
Darth_Stewie revamps some areas in Ugnaut Week Day 2.
Czerka Facility
Darth Alran's lovingly detailed MP level is being finished off by Darth_Stewie.

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3D Acceleration Fix for JK and MotS

Having trouble running JK or MotS with 3D Acceleration enabled? Then, try this fix. (The fix should work for BOTH ATI AND Nvidia cards, and if it works, then you won't need to use old drivers). Simply put the ddraw.dll (downloadable zip file) in the folder with your JK.EXE or JKM.EXE file and start JK or MotS normally.


FOV Fixed!

Big thanks to Shinyquagsire23 for actually figuring this out. We only continued off his work.

But the Hub is broken so i cant upload anything. Please go to for now to download it. We will be releasing versions for vanilla JK.exe and Mots Vanilla/Mots 2008 as well.

Ugnauts Can Count To Three

Ugnaut Week Day Three is in Development.

After a long, long time in getting started, work on Day Three is now finally underway! Check the screenshots for an idea of what I'm aiming for. I'm not sure when the level will be completed - either late this year, or early next year, but I'll be sure to keep you posted here!

The story continues, as Edward the Ugnaut delves deep underground, to find out what the New Republic's research on Taris is all about...

To tide yourself over before rel...

(Actual) final sign off

For anybody who still checks this site and is interested, I deleted my YouTube account for good this time about a week ago or so. Needed to finally move on and do something more productive. Plus just didn't want to deal with a lot of junk that came with it over the years. I still hang around with the usuals (mostly the discord) so you can still say hi if you want. In any case, thanks for supporting this hobby for the last 7 years. It was fun.

Hubbers Meet

So I went to Scotland and met a hubber.

How many are a little envious? ;D

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