Images of Glory

Day 2: After
Darth_Stewie revamps some areas in Ugnaut Week Day 2.
Czerka Facility
Darth Alran's lovingly detailed MP level is being finished off by Darth_Stewie.

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3D Acceleration Fix for JK and MotS

Having trouble running JK or MotS with 3D Acceleration enabled? Then, try this fix. (The fix should work for BOTH ATI AND Nvidia cards, and if it works, then you won't need to use old drivers). Simply put the ddraw.dll (downloadable zip file) in the folder with your JK.EXE or JKM.EXE file and start JK or MotS normally.


Jedi Knight Discord

Now with an editing channel. So for all you who want a place to talk about editing like we did on IRC at one time. Come on and join up, don't forget its Jedi Knights 20th anniversary.

Hello Every one

Hello Every one. I've been following the hub for over ten years. I have recently decided to join and start contributing, starting with one of my old projects. I've always loved the SP levels, but feel that they need a little update to match up better with mods like JK enhanced. This is the first level project I've decided to uploaded so please don't be too hard on me. Any helpful criticisms are welcome. Thanks.

Announcement and Update

I'm proud to announce that with the latest release, (2017.07.22), guns and basic elements of JkGR are pretty much finished. Any upcoming addition to these elements will be simply extras and it's unlikely there will be any major change in that area. That being, for the next major release, Unholy State combat and Lore/SP levels will have the maximum priority. Hopefully I'll have most classes ready and playable Underworld and City levels (with quests and objectives) by the next major rele...

High Detail Mod v1.2

This mod disables unsightly mipmapping and LOD (levels of detail) in all levels of Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II and Mysteries of the Sith. That's when textures and models are blurry and blocky, respectively, at a distance and "pop" to higher quality versions as you get near. That was originally done to achieve good performance on 1997 hardware, but is unnecessary today.

This doesn't add or replace anything in the game. It simply makes the game use the highest quality textures ...

It's out too!

Finally, the latest version of JkGR is out!

This is probably the biggest update to any mod ever. Unfortunately there were no new classes added, but there was a major revamp to absolutely everything else, from sounds to models, from functionalities to special effects. This version includes the new HUD and many more new functionalities (including support to WWII - The Western Front!)

Credits on Readme.

!!! Requires JK13 Uno...

It's out!

!!! Requires the latest (2017.07.22) version of Jk: Gunrunners and JK13 Unofficial Patch to play !!!

Click here to download
Click here to get JKGR
Click here to get JK13

Credits on Readme.

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