2016-09-29 14:34:10
JK Turns 20 Next Year

And with that news for the 19th Birthday the JK Facebook page has announced a level contest due on the 20th birthday, so basically a year from now! MP map open to JK and MotS. There will be a cash prize and if you want to judge you need to throw down to the pot. More details to follow.

Also since JK's birthday is the 9th next month we will be playing games all weekend so stop by the chat room and Skype and let's get some big games going!

2015-01-18 11:58:56
JK NF Sabers Tournament!

What's this?
Jedi Knight Dark Forces 2 NF Sabers Tournament!
Wednesday February 4th!
How do I sign up?

SM Sith Lord will be streaming on his twitch channel. It goes all day. If you can't make it that day you will not advance this will be an all day event!

Sign ups will close the 31st.

2014-11-06 05:51:10
Windows 10 Technical Preview

Hey guys,

I got access to the Windows 10 technical preview in both 32 and 64 bit. I will be doing some testing this weekend to see if JK and MotS install fine etc. I got a spare Dell Optiplex 760 from work that I will be testing on. Any questions or requests please let me know in the forum.

2010-08-09 13:04:45

Working on getting back up and running