2011-06-08 11:58:59
Imperial City

Thanks to FastGamerr for pointing me to a link for Imperial City by Achilles; this is now on the list.

I think we've almost found all the good SP levels now; the remaining "missing" ones are pretty bad I think, with a couple of exceptions. I'd still like to find them all though :-)

2011-06-07 12:38:05
Hidden Legacy

Thanks to Edward for sending me a previously-missing MotS level: Hidden Legacy by Alan Farrell.

Not sure if it's any good, but it's now available in the downloads section and I've added a link to it in the spreadsheet.

2011-06-04 12:29:31
Found a few more...

Big thanks to Dave (don't know your surname!) for emailing me these levels:

New JK levels:
Insanity (Jason Holguin)
OK (Hello)

"Missing" JK levels:
Mission to Dante Four (Craig Urquhart aka UGG_Boot)

New MotS levels:
Birth of a Mercenary Chapter 1 Special Edition (Anthony Piggott)
Salpaz City (Beta) (Mega Monkey)
Vader vs. Obi-Wan Special Edition v1.2 (Anthony Piggott)

"Missing" MotS levels:
Hidden Treasures (Alan Farrell)
Sith Cave (Lukas MaCloud aka JRA_GhostBear)

These are all hosted on the Hub now so you can download them, and version 1.1 of the list has been added.

2011-06-03 10:51:50
First version up!

The other day I felt like playing a few JK and MotS levels for old time's sake... I soon realised a lot of the really old ones seem to have disappeared completely, so I decided to make a list of every SP level ever released so they can all be found in one place. You can grab it from the downloads section - I hope you find it useful...

I've managed to find downloads for the majority of them, but there are a few which seem to be lost. If you have any of the "missing" levels, please let me know, and I'll host them somewhere.

Missing levels:


All Ben's Levels
Astoroid [sic] Base
Imperial City
Luuna Kunn Asteroid
Mission to Dante Four
Space Soldiers 3 SP Demo
Ultimate Jedi Knight Level Pack


Battle of Endor
Hidden Legacy
Hidden Treasures
Sith Cave
Towed Ship

2007-06-12 10:15:45
Cog Studio

This is something I've been working on as a learning exercise for .NET / C#.

I don't know if I'll ever finish it, but features include:

- Tabbed MDI
- Syntax highlighting
- Syntax checking
- LineBuilder
- Translucent CogSense window (type-aware suggestions)
- Translucent ParamHelper (intelligent tooltips)
- FlagsCalc to calculate flags values
- Integrated hyperlinks to Datamaster pages
- XML-based verb info (allows easy user addition of custom verbs as they are introduced by the JK Patcher / Cogext.dll team)

The screenshots show some of the features working, but the UI is far from finished.

2007-06-11 23:40:10
Murder Squad

I've added another incomplete level - Murder Squad.

Murder Squad (working title) was based on the atmospheric Fairfax mission in the game SWAT4, where you must infiltrate a serial killer's house as part of a police team.

This level / TC was going to feature a high level of interactivity, high-res textures and a horror-style atmosphere. It's on hold / cancelled as a simply don't have time to continue.

Grab the file from the downloads section, and check out the working kitchen appliances, including an analogue clock that actually keeps time!

2007-06-11 14:07:01
Planet Sith Trilogy

I've set this project up as a central repository for all things Planet Sith.

Some people have had difficulty tracking down this classic parody level series by my friend Looweegee so I thought I'd create a place where it's easy to get.

2006-07-23 18:17:57
Version 1.1 Released

Scream MP: JK 1.1 can now be obtained from the downloads section. See the previous news item for update info.

2006-07-06 04:08:11
Version 1.1 Development

The next version of Scream MP: JK is almost ready to be released. It fixes a number of bugs that were in Scream MP: JK 1.0 and improves various gameplay elements. However, this is primarily a visual upgrade - water reflections are now even better, using a totally new method that allows the water surface, reflection geometry and pool bottom to be blended together so that you see all three. The garden paths are also lit by small lamps now, and there's a tennis court!

2006-03-31 16:43:21
Stuff I've Uploaded

Ok, I've uploaded all I can think of for now:

- The New Empire 3 (unfinished)
- Harry Potter TC (unfinished)
- Reflective water testing
- Driveable vehicle cog
- Easy fog cog
- Compass cog
- MotS level 13 cooperative
- Planet Sith 2 (by Looweegee)
- Funny (dialectized) cutscene subtitles
- David's JK and MotS video

In the next few days I will upload 2 almost-complete full-length MotS single player episodes made by my friend (if he gives me permission)! He never released anything, but did a lot of editing back in the day, so it seems a waste not to make them available somewhere.

2006-03-31 14:42:19
Bits and Bobs

Just thought I'd start a new "project" for testing concepts and to store all my unfinished bits and pieces.

2006-03-29 10:39:24
Scream MP: JK Released

Scream MP: JK is now available!

Click "downloads" and then please let me know what you think on the forum.

2005-08-27 10:59:09
JK and MotS Gravity Gun 1.0 Released

Go to the downloads section, watch the video, then try it out!

Will be released on Massassi soon (hopefully!)


- Full Half-Life 2 Gravity Gun features.

- Ability to manipulate *any* game object, including actors, powerups, projectiles and static objects such as crates and decor.

- Object reversion system - Objects return to normal (e.g. static objects can't be moved) after manipulation, so as not to affect gameplay.

- Fully compatible with any SP or MP, original or custom, JK or MotS level.

- Elementary stack physics system - Objects above a manipulated object will fall if they lose support. For example, you can pull off individual pieces of the gantry on Cloud City Gantry (MotS), or target the gantry itself and throw the whole lot down the pit, railings and all.

- Model, animations and sounds.

- Three versions - Classic, Extreme and Unlimited (see further down).

- Configurable power, range, mass mode, mass cutoff and debug mode (Unlimited version only / JK only supports power, mass mode and mass cutoff due to hotkey limitations).