2020-03-24 16:16:14
Finally fixed!

Years ago I made this level and it had a major bug in it. I finally fixed it. Go grab it here!

Date added: 2020-01-30 14:43:58
Date added: 2019-11-01 16:19:04
2019-10-04 23:49:24
News? News! News.

Sure is empty on the front page. Guess I could do something about that...

JediWannaBe Rolls Out a new strip!

Date added: 2019-10-04 23:47:59
2018-08-19 17:29:33
You guys thought it was over?

2018-06-02 04:08:26
413 Request Entity Too Large

So I keep getting this error each time I try to upload something and I've tried with Firefox and Chrome. Oddly enough no one else has been getting such errors. Although I do believe that JKHub will one day run out of disk space, I've decided to make the WIPs "Live". It won't be that you will see the changes happen live, but that you get to explore the levels as they look the moment you click a link.

See the WIP section below the break:

2017-11-08 22:26:59
Who wants to be featured?

2017-10-21 01:12:40
The spooks are upon us!

So, how about I tell you a scary story...

Deep in the pages of history lies a shadow hiding in a mystery. A late night story buried far away until it once again sees the light of day.
We tell of a story of a factory as black as night where the luxury of rainbows comes at a price, so just ignore the screams, and don't think twice.
Phantom screams echo through the ruined facility. A horrible silence builds an eerie tranquility. The souls of many innocent fill the air and the hope that they all died with scattered here and there.
A mighty machine built within the wake of a long dead dream. The citizens sleep, never quite knowing when the device will reawaken, hungry again...

Rainbow Factory - Pegasus Device
Date added: 2017-10-21 00:30:25
Rainbow Factory - Acid Tanks
Date added: 2017-10-21 00:30:25
2017-08-29 15:07:46
Hubbers Meet

So I went to Scotland and met a hubber.

How many are a little envious? ;D

JKHubbers meeting up. Anyone else envious of us?
Date added: 2017-08-29 15:05:42
Date added: 2017-04-12 22:27:48
Date added: 2017-02-14 22:00:23
Date added: 2016-11-09 17:29:48
Date added: 2016-11-09 17:29:32
Date added: 2016-11-09 17:29:18
Date added: 2016-11-09 17:29:03
We blast you a merry Christmas, Now bring us some Jedi Pudding, We won't leave until we get some, So set blasters on full!
Date added: 2016-11-09 17:27:47
Date added: 2016-11-09 17:27:31
Date added: 2016-11-09 17:27:09
Date added: 2016-11-09 17:26:53
Date added: 2016-11-09 17:26:37
Date added: 2016-11-09 17:26:19
Date added: 2016-11-09 17:25:59
Date added: 2016-11-09 17:25:42
Date added: 2016-11-09 17:25:25
Date added: 2016-11-09 17:25:06
2016-10-07 23:53:21
Guess Who's Back!

That's right, big sis, it's your one and only, favourite little brother...
Um, wait, wrong script...

JediWannaBe Web Comic

Now with a snazy new interface!
And just in time for JK's 19th brithday.

(Gambling is the last of the originals)

Date added: 2016-10-07 23:52:11
2016-09-11 14:46:02
And now for a moment of silence...

For all affected by the attacks.

Date added: 2016-09-11 10:53:35
2016-05-21 23:44:29
Multipul Projectiles

Another experiment brought to you by Edward's Cognative Hazards! Jump on over to the Downloads, and download to the Episode folder. No modding needed!

Edward's Bits, Bytes, & Pieces - Multipul Projectiles
Yeah, not the best of screenshots. It needs to be experienced.
Date added: 2016-05-21 23:32:18
IK Converter - JKHub Animated Commentaries
Date added: 2016-05-01 12:02:33
2016-05-01 11:59:37
More IKAnimations

This time animating a piece off of the JKHub Level Commentaries.


2016-03-23 03:04:32
Lets Dance!

Oh god, just *hinny* hate me now for I have defiled JK...
Date added: 2016-01-14 16:53:43
2015-10-18 19:04:27
Bad JK Versions...?

One Thousand And One Tests Later...

I've moved all the cogs with the essential surfaces to the end of the Placed Cogs list, and almost everything works again. Except for 4 grates. All others work fine, and they are placed BEFORE these stubborn surfaces. All other (essential) surfaces work around them.

But I noticed one other thing... At the end I had a point where the sky is scrolling using SlideHorizonSky(10,0); What T-800 showed me, that sky Wasn't scrolling. Now I'm starting to think there is a version issue.

I noticed several other things not quite working, but one got around that either with cheats or reloading, but some of it was kind of expected (which I'll list in the readme).

2015-09-26 18:33:31
Too many surfaces?

Ok. So we've got 25531 surfaces and 2540 sectors. We've got 23 breaking glass cogs on surfaces ranging from 2497 to 4702. Then we've got just as many light switches and locked door surfaces.

Then a set of many other things, not all checking for surface events, and when not needed the surfaces do have a nolink connected with them. In total there are 297 cogs, and 337 linked surfaces.

For me and Trank, all surfaces react to the events. For T-800 and Darth Stewie the glass won't break. Anyone know why this is? Should the critical surface cogs be at the end or something?

The Empire\'s REVANGE: SE - Heroic Shot. ;)
Signature Shot Maybe..?
Date added: 2015-09-21 15:59:20
The Empire\'s REVANGE: SE - Duel of the Detachable Freaks
Who do you think will win this match..?
Date added: 2015-09-21 15:59:20
2015-09-08 09:16:56
Beta Test a small program?

Put together a little 32-bit program just to test a new type of file selector. It is pretty simple looking, but instead of going by the extension, it looks at the header. You can get it here:

2015-08-14 09:45:28

Apparently I made a tutorial on how to plaster custom text all over the screen using a library of sprites. See this forum post

2015-07-16 14:06:24

Just thought I'd pop in and give a message to T-800, whose skype may not be working. He asked me to make a post so I post.

Even if I'm on vacation until august...

2015-05-04 05:44:25


"Rougue Squadron Responding!"

"May the Fourth be with you, Rougue Squadron."

Now here's a question: If one is able to control the Fourth, does that make one a good mathematition or have the ability to bend time?

2014-12-09 07:48:08
It all seemed ok in theory...

And to my surprise most of it was quite good in practice! However, there are 3 things that don't seem to work out well in MP. The mailing boxes won't send the projectile when damaged, but instead spits out a walkplayer template (which will cause unbelievable problems). The Plus & Minus stones don't sync what's been charged and so the effect is local to each computer. And when you are in space, the nil-friction was not meant for walkplayers and the syncing seems to jump a little all over the place. Other than that, these 45 landscapes are quite playable. :)
This one GOB is special in that you can load it as a Singleplayer level and get some information about the different tokens/totems/items/stones/features/etc...

On a smaller note, I won't be at home during the period 2014 December 20th - 2015 January 11th, which means I won't be especially reachable.

Oxyd Landscapes - Oxyd Extra 2.0 LLandscape #006
Date added: 2014-12-09 06:56:38
Oxyd Landscapes - Oxyd Extra 2.0 LLandscape #014
Move Careful!
Date added: 2014-12-09 06:56:38
Oxyd Landscapes - Per.Oxyd Linked Landscape #088
Date added: 2014-12-09 06:55:41
Oxyd Landscapes - Per.Oxyd Linked Landscape #097
Date added: 2014-12-09 06:55:41
Oxyd Landscapes - Per.Oxyd Linked Landscape #085
Date added: 2014-12-09 06:54:33
Oxyd Landscapes - Per.Oxyd Linked Landscape #077
Date added: 2014-12-09 06:54:32
Oxyd Landscapes - Per.Oxyd Linked Landscape #084
I am now blind...
Date added: 2014-12-09 06:54:32
Oxyd Landscapes - Per.Oxyd Linked Landscape #073
Date added: 2014-12-09 06:53:14
Oxyd Landscapes - Per.Oxyd Linked Landscape #068
Date added: 2014-12-09 06:53:14
Oxyd Landscapes - Per.Oxyd Linked Landscape #063
Date added: 2014-12-09 06:53:14
Oxyd Landscapes - Per.Oxyd Linked Landscape #058
Date added: 2014-12-09 06:51:51
Oxyd Landscapes - Per.Oxyd Linked Landscape #057
Date added: 2014-12-09 06:51:51
Oxyd Landscapes - Per.Oxyd Linked Landscape #053
Date added: 2014-12-09 06:51:51
Oxyd Landscapes - Per.Oxyd Linked Landscape #047
Date added: 2014-12-09 06:50:28
Oxyd Landscapes - Per.Oxyd Linked Landscape #043
Date added: 2014-12-09 06:50:28
Oxyd Landscapes - Per.Oxyd Linked Landscape #046
Date added: 2014-12-09 06:50:28
Oxyd Landscapes - Per.Oxyd Linked Landscape #036
Date added: 2014-12-09 06:49:17
Oxyd Landscapes - Per.Oxyd Linked Landscape #034
Date added: 2014-12-09 06:49:16
Oxyd Landscapes - Per.Oxyd Linked Landscape #032
Date added: 2014-12-09 06:49:16
Oxyd Landscapes - Per.Oxyd Linked Landscape #008
Date added: 2014-12-09 06:47:44
Oxyd Landscapes - Per.Oxyd Linked Landscape #023
Date added: 2014-12-09 06:47:44
Oxyd Landscapes - Per.Oxyd Linked Landscape #005
Date added: 2014-12-09 06:47:43
Oxyd Landscapes - Oxyd Magnum Landscape #018
Who's That Ball
Date added: 2014-12-09 06:45:45
Oxyd Landscapes - Oxyd Magnum Landscape #034
Plus & Minus
Date added: 2014-12-09 06:45:45
2014-10-29 20:23:34
Needing suggestions

Hello. Close to being completed, just wondering what to do about Magic Rings... Any suggestions?

2014-08-14 09:59:57
Rotating Archi?

So... How many of you who played level 16 of Jedi Knight called "The Falling Ship" and had the funny idea of what if the ship was actually spinning around as it fell? And how many wondered why no one has tried to do such a thing? Well, now I know why...

I decided to try this out by turning the level into a 3DO, then having it rotate around 2 axis. The result is that you fall through the archi.

There are no doors, nor are any of the switches activateable, or anything else. Just you, the ship, AND your goal: The Moldy Crow. Lets see how quickly you can get to it. You have all force powers so jumping shouldn't be a problem. ;)


Date added: 2014-08-14 09:50:09
2014-07-04 13:13:20
Happy Fourth of July!

And no, sadly, there have been no changes to the fireworks project (levels or mods).

Just wanna say HI! :D

2014-05-22 14:27:38

Hello. Just thought I'd let you know that as of Saturday 24 May you won't be able to get in touch with me for 3-4 weeks. You guys are on your own!

Where am I going? See Venice before it sinks, meet relatives in Spain, and stopping by a theme park in the Netherlands.

2014-04-20 18:52:32
Another project?

Well, yeah, just that I have always had a fascination with objects following tracks (rollercoasters?). True that the original TF2's payload is probably run on "frames", but I thought I'd try something more dynamic here, and to my surprise I managed to keep it in sync (at least between 2 players).

There is one small problem I need help sorting out. How to properly end the level? You can see my forum post regarding the details. As for a release, well, the fullness of time will tell. A dev toolbox like JKArena? MUCH later...

Push the Cart - Push That Cart!
Put your backs into it, boys!
Date added: 2014-04-18 13:14:29
Throw your backs into it, boys!
Date added: 2014-04-12 16:11:19
2014-01-16 18:34:03
MotS Grapple Hook

Grappling Hook available for Mysteries of the Sith! Who knew.

2013-12-11 19:30:14
Happy Birthday Dan

Wait, your birthday was the 11th December, and according to some calendars it is also your Name Day. Double Congrats! :D

2013-11-08 14:48:19
Problems saving

Just a small thing I whipped up for when saves just don't work, like with TODOA, TNT3 and the likes.

2013-09-13 17:52:31
Back in business!

I'm back in business, which means Zero will be pestering me for more cogwork. ;p
Anyways, I've put together this nice little level for the purpose of another commentary, and I hope there is a weekend we can all get together and play. Hope we can agree on a time in the forums.


Circuit City - Circuit City
For all your circuitry needs. ;)
Date added: 2013-09-13 17:38:49
2013-06-15 07:46:59
Episode folders full?

Created this thing so that I could better keep track of my many levels for the games, as well as compress them. One small problem is that the readme's to the various levels don't join, but that's ok for me who has mirrored the whole of Massassi.
This also allows you to play single levels as well. Gibbagobba may be pleased with this so he can now play various Mods on his favourite levels. :)

Level Tidy-upper - Level Tidying
Date added: 2013-06-14 07:49:38
Yeah, I sure look crappy, don't I?
Date added: 2013-06-09 18:15:16
2013-06-09 18:09:47

There! A fully functional GoncRifle! Better enjoy it because you've asked about it so much!

2013-06-09 18:06:31
Walk on Walls Re-released

Was talking with Gibbagobba the other day and I mentioned something about a grapple hook. He wanted a grapple hook mod, I mentioned I had this Walk on Walls lying somewhere, and he wanted it. So, somewhere in this random junk of mine is the WoW mod, slightly modded (the way I like to play it), and released for everyone to enjoy!

Multiplayer Friendly? I hope so. ;)

2013-06-09 18:00:26
Tidying up

Hello. While getting my life in order, I thought I'd also get my projects in order. So I've moved all kinds of stuff out of my misc project into individual projects. Not quite back yet, but soooon... :)

GoncRifle - GoncRifle
Date added: 2013-06-09 17:58:30
Screensavers - EASTWEST
Date added: 2013-06-09 17:47:51
Screensavers - Raw coding can be fun...
Date added: 2013-06-09 17:47:51
Self Playing Madness - Self Playing Madness
Now easily customizable with this front end.
Date added: 2013-06-09 17:46:36
Date added: 2013-06-09 16:47:37
X-FormZ - Flip the Flop - X-formZ - Flip the Flop
So very unlike the C64 Demo
Date added: 2013-06-09 16:46:19
2013-03-28 18:54:02
Leave of absense

Hi all.
I'm afraid I have some grim news.....
Due to medical reasons I will not be able to do much of helping you guys in your JK struggles. No PotF, no Nevars, no Oxyds... No participations in MP Playthroughs... Yes, really, where I'm at I can't access port forwarding.
All projects will be on hold for a looong time. When will I be back in action? I cannot say. Could be months.
Those who know me can get me by mail for some cogs (nothing that requires me to look at a level) or voicing, but I may not answer immediately.


2013-03-13 15:54:47
I'm still alive

Just thought I'd let you know that I'm still alive. I've just taken a vacation from alot of things. I should really take a good proper vacation from the computer, but I get bored quite quickly. :p
So I just take a vacation from JK and decided to go through a bunch of Automation Compact Disks that I've downloaded and see what works (may also inspire me to something).

Anyways, to show I'm still alive I'm gonna upload a little more of my madness. :D
(All yours Gibba)

2013-02-09 17:10:26
We're still around...

...just not always in the mood to do certain projects. Maybe he feels like Nevar Orez, maybe he feels like Mario (yes, with plunger and everything).

In any case, he's back on PotF and needing a little timing help. Needing you to run through the latest level that has been posted and let us know how long it took you to get through it.

Note, those who don't want the layout of this level spoiled may refrain from downloading this.

2013-01-26 12:02:12

There! A fully functional GoncRifle! Better enjoy it because you've asked about it so much!

2013-01-19 15:52:47
Nar Eksisi Sosu

Just discovered something. The word "Nar" is apparently Turkish for Pomegranate...

2012-08-17 16:09:35
Not New Year nor July

So what is this?
A quick update I managed to through together for the JK version for a playthrough we hope to occur this weekend. Any takers? ;D

2012-07-27 18:06:13
Random News

Just thought I'd promote a video here. Has nothing to do with JK, but may be interresting to those who like Commodore, Pub life, or wish to see life in Sweden. :p

This may also explain my absens through half of August.

2012-07-04 14:39:31
Happy 4th of July

And no, sorry, no new updates to these fireworks.
I have, however, been working a little bit on other stuff like Worms Weapons for JK. With so many new weapons I of course need to create alot of models and mats, and I ran into a little snag.
I had 62 models, some of which were projectiles, some were external models, and some internal models and many based on JKE internal weapon models, all summing up to 7MB of models. When I go to add 8 new models (4 small ext, 4 jke int) suddenly JK couldn't load the other models on other weapons. All the internal bazookas looked the same. And I was testing this with JKE, so this means that despite alot of limits lifted from JK, there is still a limit to how many resources one can have.

Just thought I'd let you know about this kind of silliness.

2012-04-22 17:36:04
Ok, we're back

Ok, everything seems to be back. Now why am I posting a news here on the MadMod? Well, did some updates on this mod, and if you check out my Bits & Bytes, there is something for you Tea-bagging people.

2012-04-08 11:19:11
Land of Impulses

I've completed converting levels from the Oxyd 1 series into CTF levels. We are looking at 22 levels, and should be MP Synced. Got another 20 lined up, but I'll get to those later.

At the moment, I'm having troubles deciding something in one of these landscapes. Please see the forum post.

Otherwise, ENJOY! :D


2012-03-02 18:06:25
More Oxyd

Been making some progress on multiplayer syncapations and finding more levels to add.
However, a question comes up when regards to mazes... Shall I have arrows pointing to the flags, or shall I preserve the mystery that is Oxyd?

PS. find examples in this game:

2012-02-19 10:03:52
Walk on Walls Re-released

Was talking with Gibbagobba the other day and I mentioned something about a grapple hook. He wanted a grapple hook mod, I mentioned I had this Walk on Walls lying somewhere, and he wanted it. So, somewhere in this random junk of mine is the WoW mod, slightly modded (the way I like to play it), and released for everyone to enjoy!

Multiplayer Friendly? I hope so. ;)

2012-02-11 16:59:45
Sonic Review

Sorry to say that nothing more has been done on this game simply because no one has done any models.
However, I decided to do something else Sonic related, and that's a video.
Hope you enjoy it! :D

2012-02-01 15:07:30
Completely Random Thoughts

Just thought I'd share an idea of mine. I sort of get the feeling that if JK needs something (like Extentions to CD music or other COG verbs) it will look for it in its own folder, so I decided to try something. I copied a WMV to the video folder, then edited the episode.jk file in JK1 to load the WMV as the cutscene. Then I copied a ffdshow/ffmpeg dll to JK's install folder and... Well, it gave an error and skipped the first level.
But maybe something for anyone with better experience to think about? Seeing as there is no SAN video converter, could be something if you want FMVs in MotS.

Oh, and one more thing...
<EdwardL> !estimate Number of Gears, Cogs, and Sprockets needed for Edward's Cognative Hazards.
<SLAYRadio> EdwardL: SEB, The Mighty Estimator, announces his new estimate: 1552
<EdwardL> !estimate Number of Cognative Hazards needed before I become a proper programmer.
<SLAYRadio> EdwardL: SEB, The Mighty Estimator, announces his new estimate: 4267

2012-01-29 18:49:24
Borderline done

I've done some other fixes, added borders to the track, and I think this could be as good as it gets. There is a problem with the finish line, so if anyone would like to pitch in and maybe fix it, be my guest.
Also, if anyone would like to model cars, that would be nice too. Same blocky style (vector graphics), but making it look like it is the "player model's" personal vehicle.

Ah, who am I kidding, "Art is never finished, only abandonned"
-- writing at a very late time so I may be just jabbering...

2012-01-19 11:28:27
Harinezumi B1.5

A small update on the Beta. I've done some more fixes, and planted some plants. However, I'm not good at dynamically calculating floors so that is why some plants might be placed oddly.
I also added some Gui artwork to show where I might go with this depending on what gets modelled.


2011-12-10 19:05:53

Hello and welcome to YET ANOTHER PROJECT!?
This thing was originally started by Shred18, and I decided to continue on it.
However, I'm crap at modelling, so I need to ask people who are on par with Shred to do some modelling for me. Check the forums for details.

If nothing happens for a very long time, then this too will be abandoned and the next Sonic thing you see from me may just be a gmod skit.

Oh, and another note, I have released a single-level beta.


2011-10-11 16:18:25

Why can I never keep to one project? Why do I keep getting ideas to add to my plate? Why haven't I touched alot of them in a while? Why haven't I moved onto something like Java or Source? Why is greed such a universal disease? Why, why, why?
Will the last words ever spoken be... Whyyy?

So yeah, I've got alot on my plate, and slowly working through some of them. However I would like to say, or warn you all, that I am thinking of retiring from JK Editing and maybe going onto Source. Only things holding me back from that is I'd like to finish some of my JK projects before then, as well as lack of disk space. If I'm gonna make stuff in Source, like maybe a set of YouTube videos, I'll be needing a whole server computer full of harddrives.

Though I may retire, I may pop in occationally to see if anyone may need some strange cogging help. I don't think that will ever leave my mind.

Oh and btw, I've updated the Self Playing Madness immensly! Check it out.

2011-09-05 18:54:03
MP fixes

Well, after a long time of nothing happening on this thing, I finally come across an idea on how to fix some of the MP issues, and presto! the cars now show up for the client, and at least 2 people can now race without too much difficulty/lag.
Up next would be to model some more speeders (maybe), and maybe touch up a track or so.

2011-08-24 11:40:23
A Music Demo

Hello to all in da scene!
I has created a Jedi Knight Music Video/Demo on a tune called Flip the Flop by X-FormZ. Feel free to download and enjoy, though some assembly is required.
If you don't want to download a full 15MB, or it ends up being horribly unsynced, then check out the alternative:

2010-12-23 10:24:19
Merry Christmas

And a happy rooting, tooting, shooting, musical new year.

Last JK level released
MotS level released

2010-12-05 15:14:52
Still going

I would just like to say that I think I'm done with this Fireworks level. I'm done abusing JK in this department so no more work will be done here (unless something pops into my head). So as of this coming release (2010-12-20) it is done.
However, now I'm doing another Fireworks level and this time I'm gonna abuse the colors among other things. The screenshot should give you a hint as to what's coming. ;)

Just one other thing, I don't think I'll be able to keep up with a bi-anual release this time (new year & july 4th). If I have something to release I'll release it one of these dates. Maybe only near Christmas.


2010-09-27 08:11:07
It is official!

I don't make levels. I make scientific experiments!


Ok, that's not the big news. I've made the Self Playing Madness available for MotS and a demo showing how to make a character have several facial expressions as well as wield 2 different weapons.

2010-09-03 13:42:36

Once again I start a new project before completing any older ones. :S
This time I attempt at making TCs (or there abouts) of Atari Falcon games. This here is MoonRacer, based off of MoonSpeeder/MoonGame. It is a stand alone mod that you can play with the Rolling Levels, Karts, and any other racing landscapes.
There is also a racing track made specific for this mod, but the Rolling Mod also works on this track. Anyone else care to make more race tracks? ;)

2010-06-02 13:31:00

This is the product of when an old facination becomes a new one and one is bored.
Just felt like rebuilding these landscapes into a JK Environment. I think one of the reasons I started this was because of the vortex holes (found in #024).

Oh well, enjoy these first 9 levels and do read up a bit in the forums before playing. ;)

2010-05-18 09:55:50
Marble Blast

Ok, what do you get when you are bored, spent some time on Oxyd, then watched a playthrough of Marble blast...

Another creation that has no point to it! XD

Well, just go, download, try to play, give feedback, maybe find solutions to some cog problems, and hopefully something fun will come out of it. :)

PS. It is not an improvement from the other Mod. This is a seperate Mod I felt like experimenting with.

2010-03-04 19:58:09
Update, 5th of march.

I have now added to this small room.
I have added a JKArena version of it, and I've created a full ship to it.
One problem with this ship, half the cogs aren't working, and I have no idea why.
I have included the JED file so you can all pitch in in helping me figure this thing out!

2010-02-21 13:20:30

Yep, we a total nerds for dreaming about JK. I think this is the only dream I managed to recreate as close as possible. All others seem to have been either too difficult, or too vague, or I'm forgetting them... I think I have 2 other dreams I sort of remember. But far too complex.

Anyways, enjoy this 2-4 player fast paced level.

2010-01-12 20:53:13
A Happy Decade to all!

I have just finished a DDR project! Great fun! This is as good as it gets. Originally thought of maybe allowing the host to rotate the clients camera for fun effects but for some reason it doesn't seem to work. :( If anyone can help, please do.
Also, if anyone thinks anything should be added, please let me know! :D

2009-12-27 17:44:06
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2010

Sadly no one seems to be in the mood to help me with the clocks and such. But during this boring time I for some odd reason decided to make a Fireworks Mod for MotS.
And during which I went a little overboard with a new Sound System. I call it extreme echo. What I did was calculate reverbable surfaces and in some archi the sound occupies much more than 24 channels and may cut off any other sound. Don't ask me why I tried to treat MotS like HL in the sound department. I just felt like being experimental.


2009-12-04 09:50:00
Plumbing? Nah, Ventalation.

What started out with a MOD, ended up with a Vision, which turned into a nice little level, and was then remade.
This project is all about PIPES! Had a facination when I bumped into Level 9, and the large Nar Shaddaa CTF Level. What I've released here is the old, and the new in beta form. Why a beta? For one, haven't tested extensively in MP. The other is that there is a bug I can't quite get around (items and player teleporting to a place they shouldn't), and would like a bit of help stitching the textures together in these emmense pipes.
But otherwise, enjoy! :D

2009-09-23 16:18:45
Showcasing Levels gone Mad

Just thought I'd share with you an idea I got late at night and decided to cobble together that same night. Because it was done quickly and trying to convert a Placed Cog into a Class Cog it has its problems. The Silly AI that had parties at BeefCaike's Dralloc locations are brought back to run amok on many other levels.
However, one problem that occurs is that the game will crash on certain levels and I have no idea why. I'm sure there is something I've done wrong, just can't be arsed to look through it all and add Print statements after each line of coding to find out which and why. Sometimes the crash occurs at first but when running it again it is fine.
Anyways, this was created to like allow people to make a Demo of their level for when they can't get enough players to make a nice good Demo. Enjoy.

2009-08-29 17:12:09
Special Release?

I'm about to be 24-bit years old in September and I thought of being a bit generous and release something already now.
But this release isn't just for you. It is also a bit for myself. I have cogged a clock to the level. Sadly, nothing that can tell the local time of from your computer (only MotS can do that at the moment). But a nice good clock that displays the time in many different areas, and in different ways. So far the only 2 ways of displaying is via digital mats, and turnstyles. I'd like to have a 3rd which is one of those ordinary clocks with hands, but I have no idea how to cog that. This is where I'd like your help. Anyone know of a good way to cog this and sync with the "master clock"? Also, would like someone to model a nice good mess of gears for my clock tower. And to top it all off, I tried making a time announcer but it's not working and Parsec hangs on timer.

Thanks for all help you can give.
Ps. The reason why the level looks a bit darker is because was in the process of changing lightbulbs. *looks up the tower* I'm in for a busy autumn, unless you like it this dark?

2009-06-30 10:51:29
Happy 4th of July

New version out, now with drums among the instruments. But I think that's all the differences there are. I may have done something to the mod as well, but can't remember now. Download and compare, but do play with the latest of both.

2009-06-01 18:48:02
Modelling please?

It is nearing the date of the bi-anual release, and I haven't put much work into the level or mod. One thing that hasn't been done which I was hoping someone would do quickly was a full drumset model. BeefCaike said he might, someone else had a thought about it, but nothing became of it. So please, make me a fine model according to the specifications in the Forums and this release may just be a good release. Otherwise... I don't know... May not be a release in time for 4th of July.


2009-04-16 20:07:38
Anyone wanna test beauty?

I've been doing some fun Jarre music videos and they looked great on one laptop, but they got unsynced on another comp. Thought it was just because the processor was too fast, but apparently on another fast processor it is nicely synced. So I'm gonna treat you all to one of my music vids and I'd like you to give FULL feedback, that is entire DXDiag thingy and whether the vid was synced or not (in all resolutions).

2009-04-12 12:19:06
A beta?

Can you believe it? I released a beta! Something that hasn't been done before. And in this beta you can only get so far. Why? Because no one wants to help me. :(
But anyways, enjoy! :)

2009-04-06 18:08:46
JK Machinema

The project has started. Interested in helping with the MP cogging bits? Leave your application in the forums. ;)

2009-01-28 11:30:47
The Empire's REVANGE NE/SE/ME/etc.

From one of my old crappy stories comes a remake for this crappy old story. Yes, same crappy story, but alot more spiffier.
Also, and excuse to try out MotS editing and see how much different it really is.
However, I've come across a little snag and I ask for help from any good 3D Maze Makers to elaborate a maze of mine. I started somewhere but ran out of inspiration real quickly.

Please help?


2008-12-20 10:05:20
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I've now released the Christmas release of the Fireworks mod and level, so now you can kill colorfully. ;)

Just so you know, as of the 23rd Dec I will not be doing much JKing for the next 2-3 weeks because I'm gonna go on holiday and meet friends and family.

If you'd like a tour of the Fireworks level, try to catch me in some chat. :)

Latest Patch Required!


2008-12-13 14:56:10
Fireworks for New Year!

Decided to get this project out there in the open. Releases will be bi-anual (if I've made changes). Releases will be around Christmas and July.
Now, I haven't tested the syncing of a few things, simply because I broke my laptop last month, but continued editing anyways.

Oh, and anyone who can make my a drumset model, please announce with a link and you'll be invited. Specs for drumset: Multi-mesh, so pieces of it can move: bass kicker movable and cymbals seperate from their sticks (hi-hat at least 3 pieces).

2008-11-15 19:43:29
FINALLY! Nyeheeheehee!

Hi! It is now RELEASED! But because of server or page limits, I had to upload it in 2 pieces. The first piece you put into the Episode folder and the other piece you put into the Resource folder.
Alternatively you can download the whole thing from my little JK page. Just be sure that you comment on the project forums. ;)

Oh, and I would like it if you didn't spoil any of the contents of the level. Anything I find spoilery will be taken off and "hidden" in some way.

Plus, has anyone seen Nigel McLoughlin? It seems like he has disappeared. Email invalid and no trace of him since September. If anyone knows him, please give him heads-up on this?


2008-10-17 10:00:55
Jedi Knight Then & Now

Just posted a video here of some little showcase I made in Jedi Knight showing JK throughout the years.
I'll be needing help in this department so please go to the forums part of this place and help me out with some tweakings.

2008-07-04 16:51:51
Well, bummer...

I thought I'd get this finished in June, but that didn't happen. One reason is that no one helped me with the Elev cog. The other is that the Graphics Card on my laptop (where I'm most comfortable working with my JK levels, and where all my projects are) is pretty much dead. I'm searching for new laptops that can give me the same or higher resolutions, and still keep a 4:3 aspect ratio. Was also planning on releasing a new version of the Fireworks mod today (4th of July), but of course... All on the laptop. Hopefully I'll find something this month and things will be happening again.


2008-06-04 12:12:57
And so it continues...

For those of you who have been in the IRC chat and heard about an Edward working on a semi-secret SP project, it is finally nearing completion! Just a few details that need to be worked out (see forum page) and it should be done within the month.


2008-03-30 17:05:14
Very slow steps, but getting there

Todays update holds new things, like instead of plain old, hard to see, red & gold models, I put an aura around them.
I was thinking, wouldn't be nice if you could still have your costume while on a team, like in Jedi Outcast? So I asked Shred if I could include his JKE models and make double copies in my level (where one set would be tinted red, the other tinted gold). Sadly, JK didn't have the memory or whatever to load 200+ high quality models so I had to find alternative ways. If Zeq gets around to the new COG verbs of catching player keys, or attach thing to mesh, then the aura might look a little better. Until then, I'm open to suggestions. :)

2007-10-16 22:52:02
Another update...

Added some new things to the experimental room. Another way for curved paths, though quite rough. It is by having the points underneath in a little trough/track and just tell the back point to move forwards as the front point moves away from the back point. Doesn't work well, but I'm sure someone can fine tune it. Might even be able to make 2 points in 2 tracks, or even suspended.
Another thing is an attempt at River Rapids. But that failed... But I kept it because it looked fun. Like a mad UFO or something... Give it a CONC shot and try to find it in the sky. Actually, there is no sky in these experimental rooms, so I guess I should say: "try to find it in the ceiling". Anyways, if you can find someway to make this raft move in a River Rapids way with these 4 points then go ahead. Else if(you_find_this == GreatFun()) { you can use as some mad Flying Saucer thing in some SP level or just put it in some Smoked-On MP level (420). ;D


2007-08-28 19:27:36
Multiplayer issues

On second thought. Don't play this thing with friends. Seems like the client freezes as soon as you pop a window.

2007-08-28 19:19:01
Starbase Decompression

Just updated my experimental room. Now there are 2 levels, and I set it for MP (though only 1 player in the first room).
The second level is a level by Home_Sliced and it holds host to an experiment I'd like to call Explosive Decompression. Simply what it is supposed to do is drag everything in the level out a broken window. Not very succesful yet, but I'll get there eventually.

2007-08-19 20:58:39

Ok, uploaded another little thing.
Ok, maybe not so little.
A room with some experiments. That's all...

2007-08-17 23:20:16

Ok, so I uploaded something already now. It is just so that I can take away certain things without having to feel guilty about not letting you in on what I threw away.

2007-08-17 22:51:56
Edward's Miscelanious.

Just started this page, and at the wrong time as well. I'll probably be uploading something tomorrow.

2007-02-28 17:56:58
Taking it in steps.

I know this hasn't been updated in a while, but I get around to my projects when I get ideas, and when I have time and energy, plus when I can see the code infront of me.
Anyways, what's new here is that I have added More Game Options, and Chase Cams for the Flags. Also, figured out what was causing some of the framerate drop. Apart from the amount of Adjoins, it was also a COG called EnviMap.COG. I have disabled it, but it's still there if anyone wants to take a look and try to fix.

Anyways, enjoy the... um... Big, unfinished, laggy, dflt box of CTF... stuff... thingy...

PS. Change Team switch is in one of the water pipes.

2006-12-25 05:11:18
Happy Holidays

The level is rather complete! Actually, all is complete, apart from the train business.
But it is playable! :D

2006-12-09 14:23:43
Merry Christmas

How to know when christmas is around the corner...
When the Coca Cola trucks come over the hill. ;D

2006-11-24 14:13:00

Yeah. I've had this idea of how to record JK gaming moments. Actually, all games should have this.
Logging everyone's and everything's action to file, then "render" the game afterwards.
So, I make this project page to put out what I've done, and then people can contribute some ideas, and help fix it up a bit. :)
And to anyone that can program a "renderer", MAKE ONE! ;D

2006-11-06 05:38:44
Just opened

Just opened a place to discuss Arcade Games in JK. Lets have fun! :D

2006-09-12 17:19:18
Ok. Not so done...

After a couple of tests and gaming, I realise that it has far too many faults in it. I don't think this will ever be released as it looks now, so these .95 releases are 'Abandon ware'. The final might found in the Hub Editing Team's "Project 1". It might look totally different, might be the same. Either way, the COGs will be renewed by the COG masters ZeqMacaw & Co.

2006-07-19 13:01:31
Edward's CTF

Yes, I know I haven't completed other projects yet, but I thought it was about time I made a CTF game. I'll be prodding and poking at this every so often. Not sure what I'll release in level wise, but screenies I'll give!

2006-05-14 15:11:04

For the Ugnaut is RELEASED!!! Please treat it as a MOD to play it properly.

Now, to get working on MP levels for this.

2006-05-12 15:22:50

Transport problems solved. Now just have to do some other stuff with this scottsman. One thing be that he needs a nice face. Typical scottish face, red hair, red beard. Just the head needs skinning.

2006-05-07 01:42:22
Getting there.

I'm managing to get this thing sort of complete. There are only a few things remaining. A transport Cog problem (or is it the frames), and a certain face. Find more info in Forum.

2006-01-08 05:23:42
Them bloody Mines!

Just decided to go through the Mod a little. And I've made a server-client thingy out of the mines COG. Now I'm back to square one where only the normal mines are created, but not the special ones.
I need help!


2005-11-12 09:51:45
Finally Done!

I think...

Behold my JKArena! I hope it is done. If there's something you don't like about it, please speak. If you like it, then prase me! :D :p

2005-10-10 14:15:02

Massassi hasn't put up my level! AND JKHub is having great fun disconnecting me every time I upload the final version here. 18MB might not sound much, but it is ALOT at 10-12KB/s. So, I uploaded it to my own server, and you can all get it there:

It is at the very bottom. You can post your comments here, or there.



2005-10-09 10:08:49
Mad Mod

OK. Finally decided to post it here. My Mad Mod. It was made for SP, is no good in MP (unless you don't mind the lack of projectiles and all the unsyncs), and has lots of explosions, including disruptor stuff!


2005-08-27 06:11:16
Something fun!

This is the story of a little ugnaut. He's now a hero! But the level is incomplete. And I blame it on the Massassi Temple! You'll find the reasons in the forum.


2005-07-30 10:27:35
Beta over

Sorry, guys. Beta's over... Posted to Massassi. Just a matter of time now... Or so... A month... Or two...


2005-06-20 03:40:09

There is something I forgot to mention about this level. It requires the No Thing/Adjoin Limit patch.


2005-06-15 16:32:03
New! May be better!

New version out! Improved stuff. But there are still faults that I need help fixing, and there are other stuff that I might have missed.

Todays Version: 1.16/06\2005.1:29

Earlier versions: 1.11/06\2005.5:20


2005-06-11 07:37:17
Ships and stuff!

Been trying for a little ship racing level in which you choose a ship and fly around.

2005-06-06 07:20:52
Version history

Here are the versions. Current is next to the arrow. Version 2... is what I'll call the final.

> 1.21/04\2006.10:09

2005-06-06 06:31:34
It is here!

A marble mod in which to loose your marbles in.

Please read all, and help out!