2010-07-13 16:47:39
The good and the bad news

The good first... I got a promotion at work Yay :D

The bad is that I will have not so much time for JK, but here some new Screenies for you.


2010-06-28 13:56:23

Yay! New Screenshots added :)

2008-06-04 14:58:23
Need some good modler

If anyone is good at making 3do's and Texturing plz send me a message ;)


2008-05-25 12:39:51
Back on the Track...

Well, it happens alot since my last editing...

At the moment I'm working on this Level called Chronicles of Reyn (whatever) .... and I need some Help, so if you interested... send me a message or a mail... i need some help for choosing textures... the first level will be a prison and i want to choose the perfect mats for a imperial prison... any ideas ?


2005-07-23 09:51:53

So I ripped some 3do's,Mat's and such from the Phoenix city level and put it into my level....


-Finish the Hotel Room (Shower)
-Finish the Trainstation
-Part 1 of the City

2005-07-08 07:04:47
Need Help

So if anyone do have some good Mats (Streetmats and such) please send it to and I also need some help with 3do.

2005-06-04 15:38:20
Project started.

I hope this won't end in my incomplete folder.