2016-02-16 04:18:53

Keep checking Massassi's front page - I'm sure it'll be up in a day or so :)

2016-02-03 09:28:17
Beta testing Underway!

That's right. Testing of 'Magrucko Daines and the Vertical City' is underway. This thing will be released in a week! FINALLY.

So there's three levels in the episode - the main level, an action packed mini level and a secret level! The secret level is accessed by a code generator after the credits. The code is revealed by finding secret areas - two in the first level and one in the second.

Unfortunately the epic snow level I ws making (the castle, the crashed star destroyer and the snowy cliffs) had to be scrapped because my ambitions were just too epic. I couldn't justify the amount of time it would take me to finish. However I will release everything I've done that I'm proud of in one way or another - even if it's just as a project file for other people to use.

So yeah, almost done folks. Huge thank you to everyone that's helped over the last few years. I miss having lots of free time - trying to edit jk (which is mostly just trail and error to get things working) holding down a full time job and social commitments is quite a task!

2015-12-16 05:51:20
Progress Report

Added all the voices into the prologue and the first level. Just got level 2 to go.

With Magrucko Daines and the ??? (that's right - there's a new name change) you'll get two separate campaigns - the story episode and also "trainer missions" which are rooms with puzzles (think portal but a little more crate heavy!).

There's also of course the secret level which I'm putting voices into - so all in all you get a lot.

Unfortunately I simply do not have time to finish the planned third level but I may release what I've done so far on the hub so people can take bits from them and maybe put them to use. Still, you get about two hours of gameplay with Magrucko 3 including all levels so I don't think people will care too much!!

Date added: 2015-08-04 13:55:46
2014-12-11 16:18:05
Red Alert!

Spent last night and all of today making cinematics for the second level. This thing is very cutscene heavy so sorry for those who just want to run around shooting things - that's going to be the finale.

The level itself takes place on that freighter you see on level one of Jedi Knight (freighter.3do). I made a scene where you see it from where you do in the original game, and then go onto the bridge. Huge pain in the bum because it's at an angle but... what can I say, I'm a perfectionist.

I wanted the first two levels to be a romp through Nar Shaddaa/spaceship under attack and I think I've done a good job.

Just a few more cutscenes to go ... urrgh!

He knows what he's talking about
Date added: 2014-12-11 16:03:48
Time this right or you'll get sliced to shreds
Date added: 2014-12-11 16:03:47
2014-09-10 18:15:39
Level 2 (almost) Complete

Seem to have been working on level 2 forever. I had secret areas in it, but I've deleted them all. WHY?! WHY WOULD I DO THAT?! - because when you're on a ship that you're racing to save, it kinda ruins the atmosphere to have people trying to find secret areas doesn't it?

Hard decision, but sometimes deleting is the way to go.

Anyhow - the glorified cutscene that is level 2 is nearly done. Temple building, my favourite bit, is around the corner.

And there will be zombie stormtroopers :D

2013-11-19 07:15:21
Slow progress is still progress

I'm editing whenever I find time. This projects is no means dead, don't worry :)

I like fly-bys too much. Phh!
Date added: 2013-07-25 18:16:35
A Tie Bomber sees to it that you aren't going down that corridor
Date added: 2013-07-12 08:41:37
2013-07-11 18:11:39
Red Alert!

I always said if I found time I'd edit again ... and I found some time!

Level 2 was originally going to be a snowy level, which I started making (and may use bits of in cutscenes etc...) but I wasn't happy with it at all. So now I'm making a 'freighter under attack' level which (dare I say so) is turning out to be one of my best ever levels!

It'll be a bit on the short side, but level 1 already takes at least half an hour to complete if you want to find all the secret areas, so I guess it doesn't matter. Boom!

You don't want to be on a freighter when a Star Destroyer attacks
Date added: 2013-07-10 01:28:10
2013-01-27 05:39:04
Release Date Announced - The 4th Is With Magrucko

I think May the 4th is the obvious choice!

Without a deadline I'm messing around too much when I'm making this. I'm trying to adapt a "keep what you originally make" policy instead of spending a week remaking the same room.

So there's something for your ol' calender.

2013-01-13 08:26:51
Prologue and Level One Complete! one short cutscene and voices.

I've sent my faithful three beta testers the prologue/level one, and now I'm getting to work on planning level two. Progress has been slow because some of the cut scenes were stupidly complicated.

This thing is going to be epic at this rate.

2012-12-19 05:10:04
The Admiral's Curse

Finally have a name for this thing.

The main antagonist in this episode is an Admiral who used to be Jerec's right hand man, but as the Dark Jedi were recruited he found his role was demoted. Therefore he wants to find (and use) a mythical artefact to give himself power, so he can be useful to Jerec once more.

I'm in the process of deleting sections of my two Nar Shaddaa levels that I really don't like, to make one 'solid' level. I'm implemented many voices that I requested and the results are great.

2012-11-08 16:54:06
New Screenshots / Voices

First off; some new screenshots. Features a Nar Shaddaa nightclub. Make of it what you will! (I'm looking at YOU Edward to provide music for it).

To all those who've kindly offered to supply voices, I need your email addresses! So post them on the project forum please :) I'm going to contact everyone over the weekend.

My plan is to give everyone unique lines for 'bonus' scenes (conversations you hear between characters etc...) and then from who submits the best quality lines I can decide who to give big roles to. Sound fair?

All the best

2012-10-21 15:52:55
Not Dead

This project isn't dead.

However, I have no free time to work on it at the moment so it's on the back burner. I've put a lot of effort into it already, so it'll definitely see a release at some point. But when? Who knows.

So stay tuned. I still need many voices, and will contact everyone who's posted on the project forum offering help in due course.


2012-07-25 16:18:28

I need voices. Post on my project message board if you're interested :)

2012-05-31 12:29:50
Taking A Breather

I watched Edward play through the first level, and it took him an hour (although he did have to find and solve the secret area puzzles!) so it's certainly not on the short side.

New ideas and a story ending will hopefully come to me as I enjoy the sun we're having at the moment, which is very rare here. I'm also waiting for beta reports, which is another reason to stop encase people suggest things or give me ideas. Which I hope they do...

Right now I'm glad to leave ZED closed for a week.

2012-05-23 11:35:05
Level One Is Complete!

Only three more (subject to change) left to go. Any people wishing to beta test please post on my message board :)

I'm pretty sure I'm about four surfaces under the surface limit. 829 things, 200+ cogs... it's a bit of a monster!

2012-05-17 16:16:15
Progress Update

Hello there!

Level One is nearly complete. I've completely changed the story (hence there now being a ? instead of 'Sea of Gold') and am playing around with new ideas.

I won't ask for voice actors until mid-June, and so I have some time to change things. I've had to split the first level into two sections, as I reached a surface limit (it's 32,000 surfaces or something like that) and so now I'm coming up with new puzzle ideas.

The first level was meant to be easy and an action packed introduction. The second level was going to be more stealthy and slower, and then the third was going to be INSANE with mythical creatures and boss fights galore.

However, as I've had to split the first level up into two sections I'm now faced with a bit of a problem; how do I make the second level stand out? It's still in Nar Shaddaa. I may just make it heavily puzzle based.

Another note is that secret areas play a -BIG- part in this Episode. If you find all the secret areas in a level then you get a key, and then in the final level you can use all the keys together to unlock a bonus. Also, each secret area will have a puzzle. Sound appealing?

2011-08-01 10:09:53
Where to download this...

I just realized that I still had an old beta of the first level uploaded in the project files, and that people were mistaking this for the finished article.

The level is available for download at Massassi. Here's the link;

I hope this clears up some confusion!

2010-01-05 20:47:52

Now all you guys have to do is wait for it to be uploaded on Massassi.

Thankyou to everyone who helped me with this project. It was bloody hard work, but I'm pretty sure people will be satisfied with the finished product.

2009-11-10 06:52:30
Tomb - Knight

The first level has all cogs added now, I just need to go over what the beta testers found. The second level is undergoing cogging and the end boss battle is being constructed. So beta testers - expect that in a week at most.
The third level is in my mind and partly on paper.

Edward is now my cogging guru and we'll be brainstorming some neat puzzles soon I hope! I already have one idea for avoiding a Tie Fighter patrol...

2009-10-06 12:54:24
Beta testers needed

I need beta testers for this project. The only requirement is that you're not a participant in the level contest at Massassi.

If you're interested post on this projects forum in the specified thread. Thanks :)

2009-10-05 08:32:25
Onto level 2...

Level 1 is 95% done. Just need to add in a few cogs, build the last few rooms etc..

Level 2 I can't wait to start. I've missed doing temples and traps. The difference this time however is you have a rival. By the name of the episode, can you guess who it is?

2008-06-29 13:53:02
Katarn Karts~!

hello everyone, it's been a long time! It's summer and I'm bored at the moment, and somehow ended up making a race track. I'm hoping that some kind people will help me make a very simple version of Mario karts ... but with kyle katarn and friends!

Please sign up! I'm only good at level design in all honesty. I think this is a project that could have some very fun results :)

2007-11-13 17:58:42

Thanks for everybody on the hub for helping me make these levels. I couldn't have done it without you all.

The level won the single player level contest, so an extra thanks :D

2007-09-07 01:41:20
One more level to go...

One day of editing remains, and a full level is the aim. Seeing as I've managed to make level 3 in about four days, I'm hoping a boss battle and a quick 'escape' goal should be doable. Then I'll be pestering people in #jkhub to beta test ;)

It's all very 'last minute', but I want a good shot at winning this little contest and finally leave my mark on this community, and I'm away for the time from Sunday till after the deadline, so I'm cramming as much in as I can. As for now, I better eat...

2007-08-31 17:50:16
Only two more levels to go...

I'm making good progress!

The second level, Sanctuary Of The Dragon, is now complete (bar two cogs which I've requested on the hub forums). I've drawn up a level plan for the third level, which contains even more ambitious puzzles and deadly traps. I have just under a week to complete this project, which is scary (due to university) but I'm not giving up. Full steam ahead!

2007-08-26 01:57:18
FINALLY - It's done~!

... bar some voices. YOU know who you are!

I'm sending it off to be 'processed' by ZeqMacaw tomorrow, where he'll be confronted with the worst cogging job in history - whatever I have in my inbox tomorrow will go to ZeqMacaw, otherwise I'll have to forward voices to him, and although it's not that big of a deal it's still easier for me to put them in.

Thanks to Hell Raiser, as without his 'editing the jkl trick' I'd still be tearing my hair out. Eat that thing limit!

2007-08-10 01:00:27
Trailer One Released!

Pick it up now from this projects download section. See if you can spot the subtle message ;)

2007-08-03 00:57:07
Don't mess with an engineer.

Because in short; you'll get a wrench in the face.

I've finished Negative Gain but I need people to complete their voices before I can release it - so this is my new project I've started, and my entry in the Massassi SP Level Contest. Stay tuned for more information. Intrigued?

2007-07-31 00:26:10
2 More Sets To Create

I have a small ward and the side of an apartment to create, and then thats it. No more building! Of course then I have some cogging to do, but that shouldn't take long. All in all, I'll be done by tomorrow night without a doubt.

Then all I need to do is animate the mouths, add the music when it's ready, and of course the voices.

If you are on the voice roster, atleast let me know you're going to do the voices! If you've pulled out I can get replacements if you have :)

2007-07-28 01:50:43
A Third Complete~!

I've just come out of a cogging nightmare, but am glad to say I prevailed and am now a third through. I'm making really good progess, and am concentrating on getting it all done before going back and improving camera angles etc... - as long as the length doesn't change I can tweak it to my hearts content! I just need to get it done.

Also, would the voice actors please post their email addresses (without the @ sign) in my project forum so I can send you stuff.

2007-07-25 16:37:26
The Sex Addict and The Idiot

Thanks for the fast replying in my project thread regarding voices! The thread title highlights the only two roles not yet taken. I'll get lines to you all shortly, probably a few to begin with for testing purposes.

If anyone wants to help then they can by making sets / props. I'm hardly out of 'cogwirter' (as it displays on the taskbar) at the moment, so that would be a help. Just drop me a line on my project forums and get a nice entry in the credits :)

2007-07-23 00:53:48
You feelin' lucky?

Or should I say, generous? While I try and get some inspiration for my other project, I've finally decided to complete Negative Gain - as a MOTS cutscene. So if you want a voice part, ask in my project forums. Any would be appreciated. Doing cutscenes is what I love the most when editing, and they were the best part of the old Negative Gain, so in my eyes this makes sense.

Also I can record it and put it on youtube - so my arguement of not editing MOTS because nobody would play it is null and void!

2007-07-21 20:54:30
Choose your path!

My latest screenshot displays the main area of level 2. You can choose to do the left side or right side first. You have to do both paths in the end but I feel choice and freedom really opens up levels. I'm liking it so far - but that's really only because there isn't much of 'it' at the moment!

2007-07-15 17:31:13
Sanctuary of The Dragon

Started on level 2, after having drawn out a plan on paper. This level will feature traps and puzzles that will have you going insane - but still able to complete the level, hopefully. Check back for new screenshots as I create areas!

2007-07-12 20:55:51
Sanctuary Of The Dragon

I've been pondering what to do with level two, and have come to the decision that it's going to be a strict 'enter room, solve puzzle, enter next room' kind of affair, in a temple built by people who worshipped the Kell Dragon - just so I can have fun messing around the the Kell 3do, and place scaled down stone versions on pillars and such.

2007-07-10 23:36:18
Mynok it's done!

What a lazy pun. However, lazy is not the word to describe my progress as I have completed the first level. It's practically a few levers and jump puzzles, and a freakishly large Mynok, but it's all in good fun and a nice little introduction to the next levels.

Thinking of basing the next level off St. Francis Folley from the game I am paying homage to, Tomb Raider. Should be interesting!

2005-12-22 13:05:07
Pit~! - Finished

Beta tested with the creator of the 'A Pirates Tale Series' and decided that the one thing this project was lacking was a pit.. as it's unrealistic bumping into a sky. I never noticed it as I'm an expert at jumping around my level see.

The project is now done. Download and enjoy. It also is dedicated to Jamie Brice / JEDI_Rex, who died about 4 years ago - as are all of my levels now.

2005-10-26 06:33:42
New Pad!

I removed the original landing pad because nobody likes seeing default 3dos ... and instead replaced it with a 3do that looks the same, except this 3do has a fan in it which explains the "flight" part of the level.

I've wasted no time making this project :-)

2005-10-26 05:04:51
Tiefighters thrown into the mix!

Yeah, who doesn't like Tie Fighters?

Although outnumbered 2 to 1, Tie Fighters now buzz around too. I have now began work on a lovely replacement to the landing pad.

2005-10-26 03:00:37
Estimated 90% Completion?

The level is nearly complete. I just need to find a better 3do / piece of arch that can replace the landing pad, and a better sky - AND scale the textures right.

See, that's three updates there.