Life of Grismath - Dance Dance Revolution
LoG wouldn't be complete without a DDR puzzle!
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Life of Grismath - Mouse conversation system
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2016-01-11 21:44:58

In 1997, we learned that we're not alone in the galaxy; this discovery changed the course of history and thrust humanity onto the galactic stage. And what a weird galaxy it is.

After a variety of adventures, Grismath left Earth many years ago and has been roaming the galaxy. Now 68 years old, he must come to terms with his own mortality and think about his legacy.



Playtime: ~2 hrs

It only took 10+ years!
Please note that LIFE OF GRISMATH is now for JK, not MotS.

2015-08-27 05:33:40
Diversion: early 90s retro nostalgia

I was going for an over-the-top cop action movie feel

2015-08-25 00:47:38
Party exploration, inventory

Friendly AI follows you as you walk along the map. You can explore independently of them within the "scene." As the camera moves, you move.

I'm also 1/3 finished a full-screen adventure game/RPG-like inventory management system.

Galactopticon - Party exploration and combat
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Galactopticon - Bartender conversation
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2015-08-19 09:39:54
Major Milestone: Private Alpha

It's been a long road, but I finally have an alpha that can be played from beginning to end.

One of the puzzles is not included, and some other aspects and conversations have been shortened, but this is a great opportunity to get feedback on the concept and find more bugs.

This is an adventure game mod, so a lot of the fun is in solving the puzzles for the first time. I've decided not to release this alpha broadly. But I will have more to share in the way of screenshots and videos soon.

"What is Galactopticon?" It's a point and click adventure game mod for JK set in the same universe as Life of Grismath. Thrawn numbarz and I are working on it for the final Massassi level pack. Think of it like a Lucasarts adventure game like Sam n Max or Grim Fandango set in a Douglas Adams "Hitchhikker's Guide..." type world.

Life of Grismath 02 (MotS)

Life of Grismath Teaser (MotS)

Life of Grismath project page on JKHub

Tales from the Galactopticon Half Life 2 mod:

2015-08-11 00:51:39
The Valley of the Shadow of Bugs

I hit a speedbump today when JK began behaving in bizarre ways. Animations would begin playing at random, MoveToFrame() would freeze, cog verbs would do nothing, etc.

I think I have hit a max limit of variables defined in a cog. Worst case scenario, I will hard code some stuff and/or use Heaps. Before I try that, I am going to try to break some of my mega cogs down into smaller ones that communicate via SendTrigger(). SendMessage() messages are not received by "later" cogs; e.g. cog 11 and cog 25 are 100% line for line identical -- 11 receives user0 and 25 does not. Yikes!

Galactopticon - Hey mister DJ
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2015-07-28 17:22:58

2015-07-21 18:51:35
Conversation system

2015-07-02 01:18:50
Multiple AI followers

Still need to get the spacing right.

2015-07-01 17:26:14
Isometric combat and interaction

Props to Quib Mask, Stigand, and Hell Raiser for paving the way with onscreen mouse interaction

2011-12-17 00:57:42
New Screenshots

Lots of progress in a short period of time.

2011-12-13 01:14:23
Calling all Beta Testers!

I'm working on a short, "simple" co-op RPG campaign using the Rites of Xanthus assets for MotS... for old time's sake!

Check out the thread here for more details and let me know if you're interested in trying out the beta!

2008-01-16 20:53:09
Playable Release!

I've uploaded a file of everything I'm proud to display at this point. You can find it in the Downloads section. Have fun! :D

2008-01-15 22:15:38

Finished! Finally! Wooh! I'm going to try to finish as much of the rest as possible over the next two days. Let's see how much I get done, but if all else fails, I'll release level 1 alone.

I don't know if anyone's interested in this project in the slightest -- but if even one person plays and enjoys it, I'll feel like it was totally worth it.

2008-01-02 16:22:17
A New Year

And so JK gets even older... meanwhile, I continue work on crazy epicness, such as a to-scale Imperial Star Destroyer (granted, you only have access to parts of it, but the map fits into a to-scale exterior) and transferring my MotS conversation code to JK...

2007-12-22 20:34:50
After development hiccups, back on "schedule"

We here at the Grismath uberProduction Studio aren't going to cough up any concrete details, but rumor has it that Grismath is back from University on holiday break and has a lot of free time. Developers often toss around terms like "next-gen," "colored lighting," and "shaders," but Grismath uberProduction Studios has always stayed the course. Our avid fans may find more than just coal in their stockings this Christmas season...

2007-08-18 06:09:10
I'm getting very close... finishing level 1 (Planet 9) for good! Then I'll release the FROM SPACE beta. :D

2007-08-10 02:50:19
New Screenshots

As you can see, "The Catacombs of Planet 9" is coming along well.

Four new screenshots for you! :D

2007-08-06 11:02:12
Bring on the tough stuff!

I'm having trouble getting the first boss on Planet 9 to lead the player properly, so I'll have to make a few revisions to the enemy (nothing major). Otherwise, that scene is coming along *very* nicely.

Also, I'm looking for more medium-quality city-esque interior textures for Dangoon IV. I want medium-quality, because anything higher in detail would lead to inconsistently good-looking areas and make my LEC-derived models look out of place. By keeping a consistent level of detail, I can better suspend disbelief as the missions progress and draw the player into an immersive experience. :]

Finally, I'm running into some weirdness with insert offsets (this was one of the "show-stoppers" with RoX level 03). Please see the "Questions for Experts" thread in the Forum for more details if you think you can help.

2007-07-30 03:18:43
New Feature

Since you play a mercenary contracted by the New Republic, I've decided to add a few additional features to TFoJ2 that compliment the between-level cutscenes.

I'm implementing code into each level that will track a variety of statistics and reward the player with credits that he may then spend at headquarters to refuel his ship, regenerate his shields, purchase weapons/ammo, etc.

I really like the idea of a "home base" to which the player returns after each mission. I think this will also better unite the levels in my episode and flesh out the cutscenes (since you'll have to actually walk from your ship to the office where you get your next mission).

2007-07-28 04:46:37


2007-07-21 19:37:56
More Progress

I've made a tremendous amount of progress today!

I built the general layout for boss battles for the first two levels and am 95% finished with the architecture for my additions to the first level. I've textured almost everything, too.

At this rate, I should be able to release a closed beta for level 1 early next week. :D

If anyone's interested in helping voiceact, let me know in the project forum.

2007-07-14 03:22:41
Back from the Crypt

With the 10th anniversary of the release of Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II, I have come out of my dubious retirement once again in the capacity of an independent editor.

A long time ago (not in a galaxy far away), Wolfy of Massassi and The Admiral's Command Chamber distinction began and later partnered with me on a sequel to his "blockbuster" semi-parody, "The Fall of JuzSoft."

The project was very close to completion; however, my skills as an editor were underdeveloped in many areas and I was easily distracted by visions of making a series revolving exclusively around the Grismath character (who originally appears in this series!).

I plan on going through the existing levels and fixing minor bugs and adding a few "updates" (although, to preserve the "vintage" feel of this level and its many custom skins, it will not support JKE). I will also, finally, add the one or two "crowning" final levels, with a boss battle to be remembered for the ages...

2006-12-24 12:32:51
Fleshing Things Out

Grismath here, wishing everyone happy holidays as he posts. I'd like to take a moment to shed some light into the depths of this tenatively untitled "Underwater Station" project that Elmo and I are working on.

As the rigors of a compelling story with the technology we have to work with demand, "Underwater Station" will be relatively scripted. However, like a wise herder, it's my goal that the player will find himself motivated to make the decisions we as devs have designed that he will make not out of necessity or the lack of anything esle to do, but because he chooses to make such choices and they seem to provide the clearest and best path, given the circumstances.

The screenshots you've seen may suggest that "Underwater Station" will be a first-person shooter project. Do not let these screenshots deceive you. You have not yet seen any 'enemies' because I'd like present this project as more of a first-person 'adventure' that involves shooting, and I think Elmo would agree. Our primary focus is to provide an atmosphere to which the player actually and maybe, just maybe, even powerfully responds.

As far as mechanics go, which is pretty darn far, the player will find himself carrying out duties and solving problems within the claustrophobic confines of a base deep beneath the ocean's surface and far from civilization in the 'last frontier.' He'll travel between sub-stations and will work with other game-controlled crew members whom I hope to blend meaningfully and convincingly into the project as living comrades. I can't understate the importance of great animation here, and on that note, we might need to invite a third member, an animator, aboard our team.

Hopefully this will have answered a few questions any of you may have regarding "Underwater Station." No doubt it's also brought many new questions to surface. When will it be done? How much has been done? What will it really be ABOUT? Isn't Grismath in retirement? Some secrets ought not be revealed for the terrible truth they may contain, but for the last one I'll just mention that while I've set aside all ym projects, I still consider myself somewhat duty-bound to help out some fantastic editors who've lent me helping hands in the past.

Once again, happy holidays, and I hope you're looking forward to seeing the next update to "Underwater Station" as Elmo and I are looking forward to providing more content to share!

2006-11-23 01:43:27
Changing Role

This Project will now include my various random non-project related editings, too.

2006-08-26 21:14:29

See Description for Phase One.

2006-06-06 10:55:40

This is news item #666.

On 6/6/06.

Be afraid.

2006-05-29 20:09:16
Welcome to my world

ha ha ha!

The map is now ~ 20x20 JKUs. I've finished basic architecture for the Hospital lobby, a basic (untextured) exterior for the same, and threw in some trees and houses.

I still have a lot of prefabs to make and I have to decide on what buildings to include. Next on my list is definitely a gas station, a park, a church, and a cemetary.

I'm unsure as to whether or not I'll use high quality playermodels for this, as I already have the basics for the skins otherwise.

Classes will be:
DM (host) - Spawns enemies, oversees world
Doctor - Only one who can heal
Security Guard - Starts with a gun, weapons proficiency
Reverend - DM can look after him, access to the church
Thief - Lockpicks, hard-to-reach places
Thug - Melee combat expert
Patient - ...? they'll have to find out ;]

2006-01-15 20:52:34

I'm gonna kill you! >:O

2006-01-15 12:38:37
Nameless Operative reporting for duty

Before One Strange mr0ning, before Escape from the Asylum, yes, even before Rites of Xanthus, there was the story of one man, one war, and zero names.

This is a retrospective look at my first attempt at a major project... one might even drop those unlucky letters that start with a T and end with a C. I've carried on some of the ideas over the years and learned a lot of lessons along the way.

2006-01-12 20:57:21
What is this?

... you'll just have to wait and see. ;]

2005-05-05 19:33:59
Alpha Files Available

Check out the Download section for the latest version of RoX MP. I'm making all updates public so as to generate interest and test over multiplayer.