2016-07-06 12:59:13
Don't mind the broken IoG

It's what I get for messing around without telling Giraffe. :S

2015-08-20 02:43:29
I need feedback

The news post below this one showcases what I have accomplished so far, swinging and blocking between the player and bot. I'm my own worst critic and after a month of hard work... I think it's clunky looking. What are other peoples thoughts on it? I have some thoughts but I'd love to hear from others.

Be bluntly honest, forget I'm Mr Cog himself, lol.

2015-08-18 02:31:31
Sparring bot blocking

I've got the sparring bot to block attacks based on which one you're using.

The sabers are clipping and misbehaving so badly, I'm going with pure 3do sabers.

2015-08-16 10:18:42
Sparring bot combat

It may not be much, I don't have the bot coded to perform blocks or anything, but it comes at you and stays with you. You should be getting a feeling for how Live by the Force is going to play out now. ;)

2015-08-16 03:26:01
All animations completed

All 6 attack, block and idle animations are now complete. I still have 6 swings being blocked to animate, but because of the way I animated the swings, all I have to do is stop the animation halfway. I'm so smert!

2015-08-15 13:26:58
Two steps forward, three steps back

In my attempts to separate out the HUD code from the saber and camera cog, well, I broke it all. Nothing a little electronica on Pandora, caffeine and a full weekend at my disposal won't fix. ;)

2015-08-12 01:55:46
Two makes five

One more keyframe to go, wuahahahahaha. You can start to see the core of the combat system taking shape.

2015-08-06 02:14:22
Live by the... GoT?

So I've just started watching Game of Thrones, and its setting progress back. :(

On the upside, now that I have the right to left swinging keyframes done, the remainder are only a matter of having them open in one pjedi, while making the opposite one in another pjedi. I've also made sure to animate them so that all I have to do for swing animations being blocked, is to shorten the number of frames in pjedi to the mid point where it'd be blocked. So those won't take but a few minutes to make, rather than hours, lol. Then it's time to refine the HUD code, and move on to coding in the sparring bot. ;)

Thinking_Ahead++; =D

2015-08-05 04:13:15
Another day, another keyframe

This one I'm actually quite impressed with. I thought swinging from bottom to top was going to look funky, but after taking a look at the 'move backwards Fire 1' keyframes from JK, I had the inspiration I needed to proceed with the task at hand.

2015-08-04 04:40:47
Two swings coded

Four more to go....

2015-07-27 03:10:20
Blocking animations done!

All six blocking animations are now complete. With the previous coding of the HUD and snap point selection, it was a snap (ha!) to code in block selection. Complementary vid showing selection of all available 12 animations, switching between block and stance selection.

2015-07-25 19:13:55
Snap point and stance selection!

It's all coming together now! I've got snap point detection in with some fancy shmancy use of VectorDot and quite a few hard coded values. After that, it was a snap (Ha!) to code in which stance to select!

2015-07-25 03:44:44
Mouse cursor on HUD!

I've wired in key_trap.cog (not without some minor issues I had to work around, which I didn't have to do with the inverse kinematics mysteriously enough...) and now behold! A mouse cursor on the HUD! Going with a circular HUD made limiting the cursor to it a vector breeze. ;)

Don't mind the player thing spazzing out, that's a side effect from key_trap.cog....

Next up: selecting saber snap points and having the proper keyframes play...

2015-07-23 03:10:25
Helper HUD

Attached to the chase camera, not sure how to prevent it from moving slightly when the player rotates. Yes, I posted a screen and made a vid. I like making vids. :P

Live by the Force - Helper HUD
6 Circular outlines, 6 saber snap points. Attached to free flowing camera.
Date added: 2015-07-23 03:05:42
2015-07-21 04:44:13
Chase cam 2.0

2.0 already? Yup! Much quicker on the draw rotating left and right, and just overall quicker too. Gets a little hung up on walls, but I think I have a fix for that.

Guess what? I already had this method laying around from JKTA. Oops! I tried to reinvent the wheel, lol. I wonder what else is laying around on my old HDD...

2015-07-21 03:43:44
JKs saber block detection visible!

I don't know if anyone has attempted to actually figure out what the area is that constitutes JK blocking with the saber, but now I know for sure, and you do too!

Red represents the player being hit, yellow represents the projectile being blocked. I detected it by attaching a thing cog to the projectile, checking for weapon flag 0x1 being cleared, and if it was cleared, creating yellow. (From the Hub Reference: "When a weapon has this flag, it will not collide with or damage its parent. When the weapon ricochets, this flag will be cleared.") I'm so smert!

Unfortunately, it's just a circle in front of the player, quite a big circle, and not the saber blade itself. That's ok though, I had a hunch it wasn't the blade itself.

(Don't mind the dumb looking saber)

One block animation, 5 more to go.
Date added: 2015-07-19 08:46:57
2015-07-19 07:42:23
Saber idle stances complete!

After much thought, I have decided to go with 6 stances, swings and blocks. It keeps things simple for version 1.

2015-07-18 19:27:15
Chase cam!

It's not quite as quick on the draw when rotating left and right, but without some serious mathematical thinking, it's the best that'll happen. Chase cam will only come into play when saber dueling anyway, and there won't be much rotating going on there, so meh.

2015-07-17 05:37:28
Experimental saber marks

!!!Warning!!! !!!Blinding!!!

Thanks flashrgb....

A vid a day perhaps? Maybe...

2015-07-16 05:28:23
New animations!

I've created a 'baseball bat' stance and horizontal swing. Total time, about 2 hours. I'm getting the hang of it. =D

View all the animations currently done in this vid:

2015-07-16 03:38:38
About those keyframes...

I decided to open up JKE ky.3do with one of my keyframes and holy slight model differences Batman! I think Shred made the models more humanly proportional than the stock JK ones, and this leads to some slight differences in where the left hand is being placed in my keyframes. So, to fully appreciate Live by the Force, JKE will have to be used, otherwise animations may be slightly off with JKs models.

2015-07-11 04:35:02
IK, abandoned but not forgotten

R.I.P. you overzealous brain child, R.I.P.

2015-07-03 02:41:59
One snap point and swing done

Many many more to go. First animation is default JK saber idle, second is the snap point for overhead, 2nd is attack animation.

2015-06-26 04:38:12

Not a week goes by that I don't think about this. The past year has been full of downs for me, and I need to bring my creative process to the forefront to bring me up. My brother is designing his own game engine, and is hell bent on me coding a game with him. Naturally Live by the Force came to mind and I've got the hankering to pick up where I left off. Found my notepad of notes, links to saber fights to examine and dug deep into my imagination to weave it all together. I've some loose psuedo code for mechanics going: x does this if y, y depends on z and f(), and f() is calculated off of x. @_@

Now, where's my JK folder?

2014-06-29 23:59:55
This is a needle in my minds eye

I've successfully moved cross country safe and sound, just now getting notes reorganized and back into the mentality of this thing. I'm so excited that the keyframes will work out the way I want them to I couldn't stop thinking about it! :D

Live by the Force - Keyframes
Out with the old, in with the new. Although you figure keyframes would be old, but no, my IK system is.
Date added: 2014-05-26 05:16:42
2014-05-26 05:06:11
Smooth sailing

Dinking around yet again with JKs keyframe system trying to get it to behave the way I want it to... and I think I have. This vid shows three 'stances' (saber snap points) being cycled through and JK transitioning between them smoothly. Now that I know how to get JK to transition smoothly properly (anything other than 0 in the StopKey delay before playing the next one. Really? Not documented...) I can get that weight off my mind and ponder other things. :D

2014-05-23 03:51:46
Getting back into the swing

I thought you could embed YouTube videos in our forums or news posts, but I can't remember if we actually coded it in, lol.

Anyway, just dinking around with the animation system: :)

2014-05-20 05:57:50
What wrench?

Nevermind on needing to know how the lower body isn't affected. The priority in my Playkey() wasn't set to 2. Doh! >_<!

2014-05-20 05:18:05
Insert wrench on day one here:

So I'm sitting here on the couch at 4am after a furious coding/research session, back aching like a mofo.

So, does anybody out there know how JKs saber animations don't affect the lower body? I thought I could figure it out myself, but I'm stumped. I mucked around in the key files themselves after pjedi proved worthless for any kind of specific info, however, I painstakingly couldn't find anything from a JK saber swing that worked in my saber swing. The lower body was always being overwritten.

Obviously I've missed something. =\

2014-05-18 18:48:41
Fake it till you make it

So I had an idea while I was in the shower.

As much as I like all the spiffy range of motion and IK/ragdoll arm mesh things, it's just been such a pain in the ass to get working with JK. This is all on top of the fact that saber collision is iffy at best when colliding with other things thanks to JKs collision system. Couple this with JKs less than stellar netcode and you've got yourself a preamble to many of my previous rants over the years.

So the next best thing are keyframes, lots of keyframes. This takes care of both of my issues. Actually three, I can rely on JKs built in saber stuff, and have pretty GSX sabers.

At any rate, take the pic I posted here and couple it with some keyframe magic, and I can pull off something similar to what I imagine in JK.

Stay tuned.

2014-05-13 18:27:02
Blog it on

So I'm interested in JK Editing again and I want to do some cool stuff with Live by the Force that I'm not ready to unveil yet. Just know that I'm around. :)

2008-04-17 18:53:30
They just exist

Another famed 'holy cow no way!' just to be let down in the end, or not?

I would hope not. I believe I can do it. It shouldn't depend on anything special, except HeapSave (hint hint Zeq), and lots of if statements.

2007-12-30 17:49:42
You deserve this much:

I suppose an update is in order, seeings how the project was lifted from the depths of the 2nd page of the project listings by an innocent yet good question on the forums.

Let's see, the last time I worked on anything was *checks LbtF Folder* 10/21/07. I believe I was trying to iron out the last kinks of the IK system. Ah yes, coding in the human range of motion for each joint, because up until then, it has just been 'hacked' to restrict to a semi-human limit. If coding had gone to plan, I could have told the hands to be anywhere, and the code would take care of the rest to make it look real. However, that didn't happen. Though I had coded in the path for the hands to take when moving the mouse, the arms just wouldn't co-operate no matter what I tried. I had hit a coding brick wall as the underlying IK system/formula just wasn't configured for the complex task I'm giving it.

If you Google up IK (Inverse Kinematics) you will more than likely find some stuff related to graphs and finding the lowest point on that graph with a serious block of code for it all. You might happen to come across the method that I'm using, which really is laughable compared to the graph way, but it works well for JK.

With a lack of understanding anything above Algebra, and doubts about JKs netcode and underlying engine framework to handle it all, I doubt I will be continuing this project. With the whole 'move your mouse to move your saber' philosophy and saber clashy clashy fights like the movies (which I hadn't even began to touch upon) riding on the IK code, I just can't do it any other way. There's only so much keyframes can do, and they have no place in the original concept of Live by the Force.

Who knows, maybe some day I'll be sitting on the can and go "THAT'S IT!" and be working on this once again, but until that day possibly happens, I'll just be here and there, helping out once in a while. If you think this is one of those "I'm leaving JK" kinda deals, your wrong. It's more of a stepping out of the coding arena for a bit and turning off the spotlight, as I can never truly put away JK. =)

2007-10-09 02:34:55
IK Source...

Some of you may have noticed I posted the weap_saber.cog in all it's entirety on the forum. Just curious if anyone has taken it and used it for something they're working on. I'd like to know how it's going, or if there have been any improvements on the code. =)

2007-09-25 03:27:01

About a week ago I got the saber to collide using a string of slow moving things created every frame. It winds up colliding quite accurately as shown in the vid I have uploaded. =D

2007-09-16 06:22:56
Project Screenshots

Instead of all the screenshots being displayed in one column, there are now pages of screenshots, with 10 per page in two columns. Also when viewing a screenshot, you can now goto the next or previous one via handy links at the top and bottom.

2007-09-07 02:44:07
Vertical swing

Nothing much, but realized I had not shown this off yet. Somewhere between finalizing the glow of the saber and now, I had coded in the swing motion for vertical strikes. Download the latest vid to see.

2007-09-04 02:39:04
Ledge grabbing

Zeq told me to work on ledge grabbing and see what I could extrapolate from Fardreamers MotS code. A rough version is up for your tinkering pleasure.

2007-04-24 19:54:48

Muliplayer drivable vechicle cogs, it's exactly what it says. This is what I've been working on since... let's say... a few days after the last update on JKTA. Cavey started pestering me for some tanks or something, handed me a beta of his level, and the rest is history... well... present time. =)

This will be the project that has updates on what's going on with the SDK. Be sure to review the description and spec before heading to the forums.

Also uploaded a vid of current progress on the code.

2007-03-28 18:00:10
Nine months later...

*blows the dust off JKTA*

Hey, lookie here, I remember this... Ah right, drivable vehicles in MP. Well, it's not just a fancy dream or idea, it's been a reality since, well, the last time I worked on JKTA. Sitting here, collecting dust on my HD, has been the method/code for getting vehicles in MP to sync up as good as JK can sync a player. I never knew it would work, I swear! It was just theory! Honest! =)

Me and ZeqMacaw did some MP testing in the last few days, mind you, with old code that hasn't been updated for use with JKUP. While the models are quite the eye candy, they bogged down Zeq's poor Voodoo2's frame rate too much. During that round of testing though, the positions of the X-Wings were synced up pretty well as far as position, however, we found out that JK updates things depending upon your frame rate, the other persons frame rate and ping time between the two computers. So I wound up seeing Zeq warp from point to point, and vice versa.

So, now that I know this works, I hope to have some generic drivable vehicle cogs up for download, somewhere along the line. Before I go and do that, I want to see if I can further improve upon this code, and make it so that it isn't dependent on the clients frame rate by wiring in a client/server deal. Instead of having the client move the vehicle on their computer and having that transmitted to everyone else, I hope to have it so the client forwards movement info to the host, then the host would move it and forward that to everyone else. There's no triggers, no sync verbs, just pure raw JK netcode doing the grunt work.

Feel free to badger me about this in the forums. =)

2007-03-11 19:35:55
We have glow

I spent most of the day toiling and sweating and banging my head trying to get the glow around the curve of the blade to work right. As you can tell from the various screenshots, I've finally got it done.

2007-03-04 14:02:48
Only two days later...

I have done it! Both arms, pitching and yawing! All that's left is to code in some limitations so the forearm doesn't bend in an unnatural way. Check out IK5.avi under downloads, and be blown away! =D

2007-03-02 17:16:21
And two weeks later...

No lockups! And I squashed a bug that wouldn't let it rotate 360 degrees. Not that I want it 360 degrees in the end, it's just that it wouldn't rotate past 90 degrees straight up or down. Now it does. Check out IK4 under the downloads!

2007-02-16 21:45:38

Well, who would have thought that putting my code into a while loop would have worked out so perfect, that it would get stuck and never end? I sure didn't.

For the past 3 weeks, with what little time I've had to work on LbtF, I've been debugging and wrapping my head around lots of vectors. What you see happening in the last video (the arm slowly moving to reach it's destination) is now happening instantaneously thanks to putting it into a while loop inside of the pulse. So the speed at which you move your mouse is how fast the arms will move. However there is a slight glitch, which I'm sure is due to JK's rounding or truncating of decimals.

What sometimes happens is that when the arm is almost in the right position, it'll overshoot the destination, then go back and overshoot it again, leading to an infinity of overshooting the destination. I finally discovered it earlier this week, but haven't had a chance to code in the fix just yet. Rest assured, progress is happening. Once this bug is squished, the rest of the arm movement will fall into place rather easily. Then I can code in the specifics of the swing mechanics, not to mention saber trails. That'll be fun. =D

2007-01-28 15:20:32
Inverse Kinematics!

What is IK? It's a method of manipulating a jointed structure to have the tip reach a desired point. Basically put, it's used for arm movement. View the IK vids under downloads to see it in action.

2007-01-25 19:18:52
Take one step back, two forward...

In order to refresh myself with my code, I have gone back to the first incarnation of the arm code to perfect it. I have uploaded a video, and if you watch it, you'll see that it works nice, and there's a few bugs to iron out.

2007-01-22 20:13:32
9 months later....

*blows the dust off LbtF*

Well well, after life kicked into overdrive last May, the dust has finally settled. Also after a little 'pep talk' with Zeq and Jedi Kirby, I'm feeling a little more motivated to breathe some new life into this project. Not to mention Zeq has taken over cogext and has coded those verbs I spent weeks trying to implement. =D

My first step will be to finish up the arm movement. I last left off dabbling with keyframes so that each arm piece would use the model you chose. That and coding SetThingPosEx() to set their positions and sector, which I failed at. THANK YOU ZEQ! =D =D <3

I'm also hoping to implement some of this netcode theory along the way, which I need to refresh my memory on what I was rambling about. >_<

Here's to doing what you love!

2006-08-21 18:21:25
What Zeq said

Yes, read Zeq's wise words below, for I am knee deep in job, bills, and new home upkeep.

May the... Patch?... Be... With... You.... >.>

2006-06-13 09:41:00
Yes, I still want to code

As Live by the Force presents cogging quagmire after quagmire, JKTA is looking more and more fun by the day. So for the next, well, while, I've decided to pick back up where I left off with JKTA. This means that the release I promised so long ago, something about pilot-able T/F's and X-W's, will be coming in the near future.

JKTA presents much less problems for me in the coding arena, as most of it is pretty straight forward with what I've already coded. Not only that, but I've yet to use any of the new verbs that cogext.dll has presented. Mainly the GetPlayerLVec() verb, which will eliminate my need for FireProjectile, making this, hopefully, quite playable over the internet. I'll be utilizing some code from SaberMaster for fighter AI, some code from RBots for troop AI, and throw the good ol Hell Raiser spin on it all. Mix in some good ideas for syncing all this in MP, and you've got JKTA. :)

2006-04-30 03:20:57
4-30-6 Update

Just a quick update to let you know how the cogext.dll coding is progressing. I've written the thing array accessing functions for coding new verbs, and have left in their cog verb equivalents. I've also gone around and cleaned up a lot of the code, utilizing the thing array functions, and also implemented constants for the known properties. Some more research is needed on my part to clarify some of the properties though.

Since OnFrame() has been implemented to be called at the end of the cog processing loop in JK.exe, I've got a few verbs to code utilizing that. SetThingModelScaleTime(thing, start scale, end scale, time to reach end scale) which will obviously scale a thing over a period of time. Then there's my need for a new attach verb, which will solve a lot of problems I've personally had with using JK's attach verbs and flags. I've got a method for it that I believe JK doesn't utilize. OnFrame() really opens a lot up, and can take away the need for a constant pulse to achieve certain things.

I still have a few verbs to code in that I've said I would, like SetThingPosEx(Thing, Pos, Sector), various template parameters (Pup, snd, drags, etc), and I'm also waiting on Frequent with his MP3/ogg/etc music playing verbs.

Also, it's worth mentioning that I've implemented all the JK Vector functions that you can shake a stick at. Well, except for VectorX/Y/Z, because when coding in C++ you can just use MyVector.X/Y/Z to access those values of the vector.

All in all things are progressing quite nicely. However progress will be slowing down for the next few weeks, because of a temp job that I will be working full time.

2006-04-23 19:36:47
OnFrame() Function!

We now have JK.exe calling cogext.dll every frame. (Well, not every frame, just at the end of the cog execution loop, which is just as good)

What does this mean? Well, quite simply, it means that verbs that need to affect a thing all the time, or need a time specified to achieve the desired effects in, is now possible. For example:

SetThingModelScaleTime(thing, start_scale, end_scale, time);

Or more a more functional Attachment verb, or even, well, other things. =)

Expect an update to JK Patcher, with a new cogext.dll for download soon.

2006-04-17 01:01:38
Request a verb!

GetThingProperty and SetThingProperty are up and working, the base for new thing modifying verbs and other array modifying verbs. (Sector, surface, model, etc)

I have started a thread for verb requests here.

2006-04-16 12:05:22
I need new cog verbs!

So, because I need some new cog verbs, I am diving head first into the cogext.dll source, and making the verbs I need. =D

2006-04-15 12:59:12
Source Uploaded!

Well, good thing I didn't upload what I had, because it wouldn't compile under VC6.0, and when I got it to compile, JK Crashed!! =S

I have corrected this and uploaded the VC6 and VC.Net sources.

If you succesfully implement any new verbs, please send me your main.cpp file so that I may update the source files accordingly.

The first new verbs on the list are from the maker of XTension! He's adding XTension functionality via new cog verbs! Expect a release soon. =)

Please list any additions you make in this thread. Please note helper functions to access the various arrays do not exist yet. Feel free to take the info gathered on the forums to help us out and make them. =)

Happy coding!

2006-04-11 11:33:23
Saber Movement, Part 1

Part 1 of implementing the saber movement system is complete. Moving the mouse left/right/up/down circles it around the player. To yaw, simply go all the way to the right or left.

I have uploaded another vid to demonstrate this.

Part 2 will entail getting the arms linked together. That will probably take the longest to fine tune and tweak.

2006-04-09 21:28:47
Wall Walking!

After many a day of trying to get this stuff to work, it works! I have uploaded a vid of it in the download section.

2006-04-06 10:05:53
Calling all programmers!

If you would like to take a peek at the cogext.dll source, just reply to this thread and I will use the email addy in your hub profile to send it to you.

It is my belief that the current state of the source does not warrent 'open source'ing, because it is not yet easy to add new cog verbs. That is, if you know some C/C++. There are still some helper functions missing to access the various arrays (things, keyframes, models, etc) that would make coding new verbs pita-free.

2006-03-16 20:44:23
New Vid

There is a new video showing my efforts at wiring in the key trapping cog. Nab it from the download section.

2006-03-16 17:49:14
Static.jkl maker

I have finally polished Static.jkl Maker. It generates the text for a specific section of static.jkl so you don't have to.

It's uploaded to the hub, (not here) as I don't see myself adding anything else to it.

2006-02-24 02:19:33
JK Patcher Available for Download!

Nab it from the downloads section!

2006-02-22 15:18:13

I finally solved my problem with the self-extracting rar files! Huzzah!

However, I completly forgot to add in support for the Adjoin/Thing Limit patch (Different from the Adjoin/Thing/Extended Cog patch), because when I started JK Patcher, I did not know that the A/T/EC patch would cause the checksum error to happen when joining a game hosted with regular JK or Thing/Adjoin patched JK. Regular JK and Thing/Adjoin patched JK are compatable with each other. What makes the T/A/EC patch special is the added cog verbs, throwing in more variables for checksum to check.

So, LOLCAKES!!1!! on me! >_<

That, and JK Patcher won't be out for another 48 hours. I promise, 48 hours and it'll be available. Really, I promise. I never make promises I can't keep, and when's the last time you've ever seen 'promise' typed by me? ;)

2006-02-16 00:54:29
More Progress

Well, as of right now, there is only ONE thing keeping JK Patcher from release. Apparently, there's some VB crap that needs to be worked around, and I'm too tired to implament it at this moment in time. Hopefully in the next 24 hours, you shall see a news post, telling you that the latest and greatest JK Utility is available for download.

[/tooting horn]

Anyway, Mozeltoff and Kanichiwa stuff. >_<! Goodnight.

2006-02-10 02:11:45

Well, after handing a beta out for someone to test, and having to go through a pain staking debugging process, only to find out that my display settings interfered with some design elements, I finally got it all working.

Then I had to finalize some things with the downloading system, only to find out that you shouldn't open/put/close on a file in a function that can be called lots of times, before the HD even has a chance to close the file. Now I've got that working smoothly. I even went as far as to have downloads be self-executable .rar files, for maximum compression and ease of updating.

Once I finalize some code for running the rar files, and copying the updated files to where they need to be, JK Patcher should be ready for release. =)

2006-02-07 00:59:57
JK Patcher

I have uploaded some new screenshots of JK Patcher, the program destined to keep the JK community up to date with JK.exe patches. JK Patcher will patch any version of JK.exe, and is guaranteed to work. =)

2006-02-03 01:24:39
Project Started

Thanks to Sige, we can now implament new cog verbs in JK via an external DLL. This project page will serve as the 'official' download for the CogExt.Dll.

The beta and source will available here as soon as uploading files is working again. If you wish to add new cog verbs, you may try, but you might want to wait untill we have documented all the neccessary things:

Thing array location
Thing property offsets
Stuff of that sort

The beta has 5 new verbs you can use in JK cogs:

GetPlayerPitch(); //returns local player headpitch in degrees (limited by min & maxheadpitch in template)
GetPlayerLVec(); //returns local player headpitch as an LVec, so using FireProjectile and grabbing the LVec of that thing is obsolete now
HeapSave("Pathfilename.ext"); //Saves the calling cogs heap to the path and filename specified
HeapLoad("Pathfilename.ext"); //Loads the heap into the calling cogs heap array. Automatically creates heap, returns 1 for success, 0 for failure.
HeapSize(); //Gets calling cogs heap size

2006-02-03 00:29:19
Arms AVIs

The upload files portion of the project admin isn't working atm, and I have three AVI's, showing the progress of the saber arms steadily improving. I uploaded them to for your downloading pleasure. =)



2006-02-03 00:22:25
Project Started

Check out the Description for what JK Weapon Arms are all about. =)

2006-01-26 00:14:01
More Ship Innards!

I've uploaded another vid, showing me running from the hangar to the bridge. (flying up the elevator shaft)

This is all 3do. I'm positive I can have elevators working no problem inside of ships, even doors, with some cogging and position vectors. Hopefully I can divide the insides up as I go along, and have some random passages that are unlocked, so each capital ship encounter has a different flow.


That's it for now. =)

2006-01-24 20:55:36
Yet another vid

This one shows off some ship innards, some flying around, and carnage inside a ship. Get it from the download section. =)

2006-01-23 20:16:12
0.4 Update

0.4 is steadily making headway since I've returned from our vacation. I've got the weapons wired back into my new weapon hotkey system, fixed a few bugs, and will hopefully have some new cog verbs to prevent alot of network traffic from happening. ;)

2006-01-14 15:01:43
All I want is a vacation

And me and my wife are doing so. Along with the In-Laws. My In-Laws. How fun. No computer, no cable, no computer, no cable, make Helly go, something something. =P

See ya in a week. >_<

2006-01-10 16:41:17
New Hangar Vid

There is a new video showing off the new Calamari Cruiser with hangar 3do ingame in the download section.

Enjoy. =)

2006-01-10 10:18:59
0.4 Update

I have posted a thread with my plans for 0.4 and some things slated for 0.5 here.

2006-01-02 21:44:22
Another vid

I made another vid showing off the few animations for the X-Wing. Download it, now. =P

2006-01-02 21:25:42
Converter Perfect

The converter, as you can tell from the latest screens, is working qutie well. Animations are working too, so cockpits open/close, and S-Foil wings open/close. =D

2005-12-29 14:26:38
Converter Not Perfect

Well, the converter isn't 100% perfect in the sense that all you have to do is plunk the 3do in JK. Tweaks needed are:

* reassign faces to new meshes if there's more than 512 verticies in one mesh (so I don't have to open up in JED to cleave down and risk messing up some of the UVs)
* 3do comes in facing backwards so I need to negate the Y values of verticies
* need to add in Lower LOD into next Geoset in 3do, y'know, cuz the Geosets are meant to be used. =)
* double, triple, then quadruple check the scaling.

After that, I'll release the converter for download, along with some models for everyone's use. =) THEN I can get back to 0.4 cogging. ;)

2005-12-29 00:27:09
0.4 Status

If you check out the screenshots, you'll notice spiffy models are now a part of JKSF. I've spent the last couple of days programming in Visual Basic, so that I could port the models from to JK. Now that I have it up and working perfectly, I can resume working on the code for 0.4 =)

2005-12-12 23:14:31
New video added

There's a new vid available for download. It shows off the hangar cinimatic scene and a few other things. =)

2005-12-08 22:34:03
Lookin for a few good level designers

I'm not going to lie. JK Starfighter whatchamabob needs someone to help with designing some 'prefabs' of Capital Ship interiors/hangers, a few ground bases, things like that. At the moment, Missions will consist of fairly modeled levels and whatnot. My talents do not lie in architecture and paint programs. They lie in coding, specifically for JK! ;D

Please apply in the forums. Even if it's something simple, or only one of the above, it would be greatly apprieciated. I really think this would be a fun mod. :)

2005-11-28 01:26:47
New Screenshots

I've uploaded some new screenshots of what I've got coded in.

Here's a lowdown of new stuff for 0.3:

Forward/Back for Throttle
New Mouse Reticle
Lasers with Sounds
Basic Targeting System
Target Reticle
Lead Firing Reticle
TIE Fighter AI

And maybe a few more things. =)

2005-11-23 19:43:08
0.2 beta released

This should work in MP. I rewired some things so that the ship creation and movement would be synced. =)

2005-10-29 18:42:20
For all to see

Just for everyone to see what I've done with Freelancer type mouse controled flight. There is an in-game video in the download section along with the current mod and level. The level is Multiplayer, but it is quite buggy if a client connects.

2005-04-25 00:33:16
Destruction is coming...

A DBZ multiplayer gameplay experience like no other.

Battle it out with multiple opponents. Enhanced targeting system allows you to team up whenever you want. Engage multiple targets. Track power levels and level ups.

Enhanced Melee System! Easily pull off moves that have different effects. Different arrays of moves allow you to pull off unique and interactive combos.

Smart AI knows which moves you're pulling off--smart, fair, and settable. Limited Single Player mode possible.

2005-04-20 00:21:13
Jon Mod Open!

Jon Mod is open for buisness! See all sorts of testing with Projects going on.