The Dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities that some consider to be unnatural.
Date added: 2015-04-17 06:40:30
This fight is a TIE. . . "I don't think so", "...I came to win. "
Date added: 2015-04-17 06:32:26
StarWars: FORCE AWAKENS - Chrome Trooper
The Future has never seemed so bright, and yet so Dark. Tarnished Chrome, clad in black and red.
Date added: 2015-04-17 06:32:26
StarWars: FORCE AWAKENS - Star Destroyer
Sand. It gets everywhere. Clogs X-Wing engines and Star Destroyer drives alike.
Date added: 2015-04-17 06:32:26
2014-11-30 14:34:55
SW:E7 Force Awakens - Trailer

Teaser Trailer:

Official Trailer #2:

StarWars: FORCE AWAKENS - There is No Fear
Fear leads to Anger . . . Anger leads to Hate . . . Hate leads to Suffering.
Date added: 2014-11-28 16:36:13
X-Wings All wings report in . . . . . . S-Foils in attack position.
Date added: 2014-11-28 16:36:13
StarWars: FORCE AWAKENS - Millenium Falcon
Tatooine - I was born here, ya know? Your gonna die here ya know.
Date added: 2014-11-28 16:36:13
2011-01-10 08:23:15
South Park Invades JK!

A quaint little town we like to call - South Park.

I wonder what would happen if we opened its doors to Jedi, Mercenaries and Bounty Hunters and scattered the
town with firearms, explosives and traps?

" Going down to south park,
gonna leave my FOES behind "

2007-01-15 20:29:03
Treasure Unearthed

The splendor of ancient Egypt reveals herself to those bold enough to adventure into her folds. Pry back those wooden coffers, delve deep into her soothing oasis waters. Explore, Prepare, and Stock up fair adventurer .... others also follow looking to Plunder!

It is Complete!

2007-01-13 14:20:12
Burning the Midnight oil

Down to the wire on this one... two days left, still got some serious 3dos and lighting to work on. But I do have two work days off. Cram session? =)

2006-12-27 23:18:47
Architexture Nearing Completion

Most of the design layout is now complete. I am starting to create custom 3dos to fill in the " missing gaps ", such as Obelisks, columns, torches, gemstones. Still, no lighting; tho some ambiance can be seen with the moonlit night sky and moving clouds.

2006-12-07 04:16:08

Enjoying simply experimenting with the Egyptian Texture Pack. After a few trial level starts, one slowly starts to take hold, and takes shape.

Work-in-progress dictates the obvious: still some default textures, all textures subject to change, no lighting .. yet.

2006-07-25 01:52:44

Your Tribal Chieftain has sent his greatest warriors to take back what he believes is rightfully his - The OTHER Tribe's Temple GEMSTONE.

Mysterious luminating stones dot our lush green landscape, from where we know not? They lift us and toss us about, like the monkeys dance.

Our trials will be fought with obstacles, but fear not! For I - Chieftain - have set out bountiful fruit to keep you well fed and healthy. I have stocked the courtyard ramparts with warrior shields to help protect you on your journey. And I have enrolled the help of our Tribal Shaman to embue precious Gold Coins with Magical Abilities of the Jaguar!!

Rush forth!

And bring us back GLORY !!


( taps the spear twice )


2006-04-10 15:48:36
BETA ! version 1.0

Coming to a Jungle near you!

Some natives have been restless, so I rushed into the JED-jungle and rustled me up some game for you to hunt in.

WIP: Work-In-Progress

It is playable, but far from over.

Help me test out bugs and fine tune the gameplay?

Send to FEEDBACK in the Forums!

2006-03-20 15:55:27

" The Natives are restless...
A New tribe has entered the jungle camping nearby.

Both your tribe and theirs are offering huge precious gemstones to the Gods.

The glorious Red Fireopal or the brilliant Gold Fireopal -- which will the Gods prefer ?

Why hesitate -- Capture Their Fireopal ! "

2005-12-25 02:10:33
Final Version - 2.9

Fixed most (if not all) bugs; improved gameplay with destroyable/shootable spiderwebs that act as bouncepads (respawning); added total of 16 walkplayers for variety; and a few extra secrets. ;)


" Merry Christmas ! "


2005-12-23 14:10:12
Final version (pending)

Official final version of level uploaded for final testing; if you find any serious errors please let me know within next few days so I may correct them.


- JAS_Palidori

2005-11-09 03:59:13

Deathmatch Guns level slugs its way into a JKhub Level Contest.

Burrowing itself just below the ground's surface, a concrete and metal-ladened gunyard is created. One can still glance up to see the sky, if one dares to glance away from his opponent without being riddled with bullets.

Curving hallways, overpasses, catwalks, fast-conveyors, teleports all help to make these shadowy chambers quick to pass through.

If you dart quickly amongst the turns, you'll have ample enough time to pick up a plethora of guns and ammo scattered about.

We're not sure if it was built as a prison or not; but old tripwires still catch some unwary travellers. And they are left...


-Stage 1- Alpha- Map layout 100 %
-Stage 2- Beta - Textured/cogs 90 %

( Thing placement and abundance still being tested )

2005-09-10 16:09:12
Valley Temple

To create a sbx-duel-level that is both pleasing to the eye, having somewhat a multitude of challenges within, and keeping framerate and gameplay HIGH.

2005-09-07 07:04:16
City on Fire !!

Read all about it! City burns to the ground while miscreants slaughter each other across the city blocks. Is there no end to their madness? Someone for god's sake, hide those WMD from them.

[ version 1.5 ] -construction continues- on project pages, adding:

-NEW 3dos:
-- Construction Girder Scaffolding
-- Trellis bridges
-- Pepsi Machine - heals 100 pts
-- Chip machine - heals 25 pts
-- keyboards - that you can type at

-NEW mats:
-- brick walls
-- Cabinets - open to contain equipment

MORE Guns MORE Ammo Get your firearms today! and please, " Smoke them, before the city does. "