2007-01-17 15:53:55
Level Submissions Closed... Late

Due to the few submissions, level submissions were extended 24 hours. Level Submissions have now been officially closed. Levels will be reviewed within the next week, and denied maps will have a short period of time to resubmit.

Please keep checking back for more information!

Thanks to everyone who submitted levels this year, even if late. Get cracking for next year!

2007-01-15 20:45:11
A Clarification of Time

Tomorrow night, that is, January 16th, is when people should start panicking. I misrepresented the time for the deadline. 11:59PM CST is the deadline for submissions.

Also: Admitted levels will be given a period of time to spiff the level up a bit, but no major changes will be allowed. Completion of ideas, addition of cogs, and bug fixes will be the goal of this extra time.

We've only got two submissions so far! I know there's at least a couple other levels that still need submitting. Good luck!

2007-01-08 12:35:13
Hub Level Pack Submissions Are Now Open!

The HLP 2006 submission thread has opened. Please follow submission guidelines listed on the thread, and revisit the thread after you've submitted to ensure its acceptance.

Submissions will close the 16th. Any maps that were denied will have a 24 hour grace period. On the 17th of January, contest judges will determine the final level pack's contents!

Good luck to everyone!

2006-11-11 19:39:15
A quick addition to the rules:

All levels must be associated to a project on the hub, and have multiple updates and images that show the level in its design stages.

2006-11-11 00:27:27
HLP 2006 is Upon Us!

2006-11-04 11:32:29
The Editing Cantina: Episode 2

After a year the gang is back to record the second installment of the Editing Cantina Radio Show. At a little over 30 minutes long, it is much shorter and digestable than the previous hour and a half long experience.

Check out the project downloads for audio files of the shows, the music, and the extras.

2006-06-04 13:15:01

We got IoG! Yay! Rest assured, I've put my blood and sweat into that level design. Heck, I even put a little bit of Q3DM4's blood and sweat in there, too! Thanks to the other admins for that lovely award.

We're currently working on a city scape to fill in the area behind the walls and in front of the skybox, as well as some 3D models. We're also planning our next map in the pack.

2006-05-28 10:05:46
First Map's a Charm!

The Atrium is my first officially showcased map design. Halucid here has taken my flow design [Based loosely on Q3DM4] and added some sextures and detail archi of his own. Currently we're working on dynamic 3dos and effects to be placed within the map.

2006-05-05 17:38:29
Polls are Open!

Click here to rate SuperStar CTF.
Click here to rate CTF_Tribes.
Click here to rate Blastside.
Click here to rate Dralloc CTF.

Polls close May 12th

2006-04-27 15:19:31
HCP Deadline coming soon!

The HCP Deadline is coming fast! There are several dates that you should be aware of!

April 30:
Deadline! All levels must be submitted by midnight [EST] to the Submission Thread!

May 1:
Levels are determined accepted or declined by midnight [EST].

May 3:
Resubmission cutoff date. All declined submissions have until this day at midnight [EST] to resubmit their levels correctly.

May 4:
Voting polls will open!

All of that is coming quickly! Be on top of the game, and post any and all questions in the Discussion/Questions Thread!

2006-03-20 15:16:56
Deadline Extension!

April 30th is your new deadline. Levels can always be submitted BEFORE 12:00 PM Eastern, though!

Also, the rules have received a slight update reguarding CTF Plus cogs.

2006-01-25 19:55:32
Just a note:

The deadline will QUICKLY arrive. March 31st, and no grace period this time! Get your butts into gear!

2005-10-13 16:53:03
First File Updated

Textured Bowl Uploaded thanks to ORJ_JoS.

2005-10-08 15:24:33
First File Uploaded

ORJ_JoS' bowl uploaded.

2005-10-08 14:29:13
Praise Quib Mask!

Checksum Master and Chief, Quib Mask has joined the team to fill the spot of the late ReT. Quib is the forefather of checksum passing, and has expressed complete confidence in his capabilities in reference to the job he's being given. I can't wait to see how he achieves.

In other news, we've been working rather slow lately, but a reform in our productivity has recently been made, and you should see more work out of the level team, as well as Shred and me. Check back for more, and post some comments and suggestions in the forums!

2005-09-15 17:58:08
DJ, Spin that!

I'm considering expanding the JKR dome to include sound remakes, but am cautious about it due to the difficulty in making sound, and changing the sound effects for JK to the point where it doesn't have the same feel.

If there's enough talent, and I can hear some of the possible sound effects that'd go into the project before I make a final decision, I'd be willing to commit to a sound project. xXcLoNeXx is currently my only interest. For more info, post here.

2005-09-12 19:39:43
But it gets better

I'd like to offer a warm welcome to our 3 newest members of the Rebirth family.

InfidelAppel will be pulling out some extra texture work on some of the in-level models, weapons, and droids. I've seen his work on JA, and really enjoyed it. He's come back to his roots for this specific project, and we're happy to have him.

General Trageton, known more specifically for his absolutelly beautiful work on the Blue Phantom project for XWA has recently joined the team as the resident spacecraft modeler. He'll be filling the world with dynamically flying ships and atmosphere to make the levels feel alive.

CaptBewil will be assisting our level designers with his fantastic 3DO work, as well as his extensive 3DO knowledge. I'm second in 3DO knowledge to him, as he is the one who taught me everything I know about 3DOs. I'm excited about what he'll be bringing to the Rebirth Team.

That's about all I have for now... you can see Daft uploaded the barebones gameplay archi for the editing pleasures of the team. Nothing for anyone else to really see, but just a reminder that we're actually doing something.

2005-09-07 07:56:43
And more help!

EAH_XxHeReTiKxX has joined the cog team with his famed checksumming knowledge. As well, I've toyed with the dark arts to bring you Blood_Asp, god of all things gameplay. He's the co-creator of one of my favorite JK levels, Death Walk. Although it's a port from Quake, it shows Mr. Asp's fine attention to gameplay, as JK and Quake play just a little differently. Blood_Asp will be JKR's only beta tester, and will get to run through our fields of sectors and 3DOs, telling us how much we suck along the way. He might even get his hands elbow-up in cleaves if he has to.

2005-09-06 15:47:17
No Help Needed!

I'd like to welcome DjDTM to the team as Jedi Knight: Rebirth's new animator. Hopefully he'll be able to tackle the gigantic task ahead of him.

I'd also like to welcome JKHub's founder, ZeqMacaw, to the team as our Checksum Cogger. He'll be doing the job of making JKR pass checksum so people who can't afford to download however many megs the file ends up being can play with users who ARE using JKR.gob. Thanks to Zeq for his efforts here.

I'm excited about the meeting, as it'll give everyone a chance to see how much of a hardass I am with my team. It'll also show you how dedicated this team is to the mod, and how we're working to integrate the mod in with Sith2.

2005-08-18 22:32:36

JKR needs an animator! Your job won't be all that hard, as you'll only have to do a handful of animations for the internal gun models in JKR.

We need an experienced model animator for internal player models. ONLY the best. If you're interested, stop off at #JKR in


2005-08-12 15:25:55
Repeater Completer

Completed the Repeater. Next up is an ugly raildet design, the filler models, and then the concussion rifle.


2005-08-11 09:36:40
New Name

Jedi Knight Rebirth has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

Shred will be posting some official screenshots of his player models sometime soon. Be on the lookout for those upates.

JediKirby is working on remodeling the repeater and concussion rifle to fit more realistically working guns resembling that of DF. The Raildet is still constantly being played with to get the desired form and functionality. After those are completed, the rest should be a drop in the bag.

I'm contemplating glowsabers with trails, similar to SBX3.1, but I'm not so sure about that.

Feedback is GREATLY appreciated in the forums. Please feel free to leave suggestions, ideas, and whatnot.