2016-03-10 21:56:32
Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II Sound and Music Finished

Again, I've uploaded the files to Mega due to size restrictions. This took a lot longer than expected, since the devs took ASCII .txt files and renamed them to .snd in Res2.gob, making me think it was related. In fact, Res2.gob contains no sound files at all!



2016-03-10 20:29:24
MOTS Only Sounds and Music Have been converted

Unfortunately, due to the file size limit on JKHub, I had to upload the files to Mega.

MOTS Sounds:!fRwDFRKQ!rQAlFEalKpk99WoiYJoOUuJV77Bu4oRvWBm16sTK75g

MOTS Music:!yZIBEZIA!VerOrdnlKgLwV3-QleHEmEmB_-NslvCZhq-BXff-Qvw


2016-03-10 19:24:15

Although I only just made this page, I am already in the process of converting the MOTS only sounds, so expect that upload within the day.