2014-09-26 20:28:12
Massassi Level Pack

I don't know if you already know this, but anyway :

Good luck :D

2014-02-07 19:02:07

Just doing an advertisement here.

SM_Sith_Lord is hosting a small tournament JK, and everyone is invited.

More details here:

Thanks for your attention :D

2014-01-04 10:17:12

I'm starting to create the story, so stay tuned :D

The Admiral Stories - Stormtrooper
Just a picture.
Date added: 2013-11-18 02:44:40
2013-11-18 02:41:53

Stay tuned! :D

2013-04-03 19:14:26
Thank you LucasArts!

LucasArts today bids farewell to game production.
Producer of well known games, it produced several classic games, and, of course, series JK & mots.

I want to thank LucasArts, which gave me a lot of joy with JK and MOTS.

Thanks LucasArts!

2012-12-31 14:04:54
New video ^^

Hi guys :D

I came to show you the video I made in tribute to JK.

It was not as good as what JKHub Video Memorial would be, but I think what matters is the intention ^^

Look here:

Thank you for your attention and happy new year ^^

2012-12-30 11:39:50

Hi guys ^^
I came here to talk about the project status.

Unfortunately I had to format the computer, and with that, all aqrquivos you sent were lost.

Also, I have not seen so much interest about the project, so I think I'll leave it on hiatus, unless some of you want to help me, or else take care of the project.

I ask sincerely apologize to everyone, especially to those who sent me the videos.


2012-12-11 10:04:39
Happy Birthday Darth Dan!

Today is the birthday of the creator of, among other levels, Operation Nar Shaddaa and The Mercenary.

Happy Birthday Dan ^^

2012-10-22 17:43:59

Just a reminder for you about the video.

I've got videos of two editors.

Participate, the result should be very good with everyone's help ^^

2012-10-07 16:53:22
You can send :D

I've got videos of two editors.
Anyone who wants to participate is only the forum or talk to me on skype :D
For those who will participate in the project I remember that the format must be DVD MPEG format and the screen should be widescreen.
If they have questions, just post in the forum or on skype :D
And it would be good to make separate videos for each question.
With this, the editing will be easier ^^

Thank you for your attention ^^

2012-10-01 17:50:00
Square or widescreen? :D

I did not say the size or type of screen you should send your videos.
Sorry: D

The format will be DVD MPEG.
The type of screen you decide :P
Square or widescreen?

you can choose ^^

2012-09-30 11:53:54

It was an idea I had for some time, and now I share with you.

I thought I'd create a video commemorating the 15 years of JK in October.
So I talked to Gibbagobba, gave me an excellent idea.

The idea is to call the editors who are here at the Hub to give a testimony about their experiences in JK, put everything together and make a sort of mini documentary.

For now I know that Gibbagobba and Darth Stewie will talk.
If you want to participate, make suggestions or other things just go on the project :D

2012-09-29 08:45:59
New Youtube Channel

Hi guys : D
I made a new channel on Youtube and I intend to make some videos about JK and Mots. : D
I do not think I'll do full playtroughs, my focus is post some funny things and little-known of JK and MOTS.

But I think I can also do gameplays :D
Thanks for your attention ^^

2012-09-22 18:45:55

I want to notify all that I am deleting all levels of this project.
I received a request to delete levels and thought I'd better do that.
Just want to clarify that I never thought to take advantage of the levels or anything.
I just wanted to regain a part of the story of JK.

If you want the levels, they are here:

Thank you for your attention.

2012-09-09 09:54:22
Jedi High School

The level that was added is Jedi High School, made by PedHead in May 1999.

Enjoy ^^

2012-08-26 12:58:29
Empire Nightclub

The level that was added is Empire Nightclub made ​​by FlyDude in November 1998.

Enjoy ^^

2012-08-17 20:26:45

Just telling you that Trandosha is back :D

I'll see if I can release anything.

Thank you ^^

2012-06-19 07:15:12
Apologies and considerations

Hello ^ ^
Here is Kamon.
I wanted to start this post apologizing to Edward to have placed his level without his permission
I think I was a little too far: P

I take this opportunity to explain a bit about the project.
The site where these levels were originally is called The Atomic Gamer.
I found it through the list made ​​by Chris Swan.
The reason I post the levels here is the location.
Several levels were unknown or lost in a place without much relation to the wider community. Now, they can be played and analyzed again.
I levels are not set or the Massassi, TACC or JKHub.
Also, always put the name of the people who made ​​the originally levels, and release date, which is present in the readme.

I try to put the levels that have minimal quality.
The vast majority of editors who have made levels are inactive.
But if someone comes and wants me to edit information or take the level, I do.

Thank you for your attention ^ ^

2012-06-18 15:28:31

I posted two singleplayer levels.
One is Thaku The Rodian Bounty Hunter: Prologue, created by Thaku.

The other is Empire's Revenge part 2, created by Edward.


2012-06-17 07:24:46
New levels

Hi all ^^
Here is Kamon.
Posted more 2 singleplayers levels of Jedi Knight that were on Atomic Gamer.

The first is The Return of Thrawn and the second is Adullum Station.
Both were created in 1998.

Enjoy ^^

2012-05-01 05:59:11

When talking with Messernacht and Zero on Dieselborg Spaceport, went to see the map again, only this time the ZED.

It was only by this editor that could have a vision of how the map is really huge.

In addition some screenshots I took, I made a gob of the map and I am providing it here on this page.

I'm Interested to finish, but I need help.
And I do not promise anything.

2012-04-27 16:48:02

Hi all ^ ^
Here is Kamon with two levels for you.

One is the level Siege at Vol Kanst. A singleplayer level on one of the various missions of Kyle Katarn.

The other is An Epidemic Insanity.
A level multiplayer average size set in a controlled environment.
Very interesting.

Remember that before that the levels were only in the site Atomic Gamer.
Of course none of the levels are my own.

Hope you enjoy ^ ^

2012-04-24 17:14:16

Hi all ^ ^
I came first to explain why the name change. Virtually no multiplayer game was done, which was one of the goals of this project. The demand is small. Moreover, during the project I had other ideas.

It will still be mostly about multiplayer, but it will be an online archive for mods and stuff (old and new).

I also have a link for you.
A version of SPORK Legacy of the Jedi that I found in the list of levels made ​​by Chris Swan. The mod was at Atomic Gamer, but to make it useful for everyone, decided to put here as well (any errors let me know)

2012-04-22 15:28:04

Hi all ^^

I decided to post in the forum JKOM an article I found in the community of JK on Facebook about the decadence of JK's multiplayer mode.

That's interesting.
If you are interested:


I would also like to thank the help of Zero and Edward.
With their help managed to solve at least part of the problems with port forwarding.

Thanks ^^

2012-04-22 15:10:11

Hi all.
I came to talk about a project called Jedi Knight Museum.

It is a multiplayer level that takes place in a museum (lol) related to JKDF2.
It is inspired by the Museum of the COD level.

Stay tuned :D

2012-04-04 17:36:49
GameRanger Tutorial

Hi all!
I made a basic tutorial on Game Ranger in JK.
The quality is not as good, but you can understand.

More information on the description of video.

2012-04-01 12:38:46

There it is! The first beta!
Everyone who wants to can test the level and tell me your opinion on the project page.
Remembering that I just put the textures. In the great hall has some concussion rifle, only to figuration ^ ^

2012-03-31 05:50:28

Hello everybody!
I'm here to talk about the news of the Dark Forces Manor.
Part of textures is almost complete. All that remains are only a few rooms in the northeastern part, I believe, of the map.

I do not know if I'll release a beta for all, or if I send just a few.
The next part of the construction of the map is the placement of weapons and powerups.


2012-03-24 07:42:58
The beginning

Hello everybody ^^
This is my first project as editor.
Of course it is not much.

I want to finish one of the levels that Messernacht left, Dark Forces Manor.
The level is almost ready. What remains is the placement of textures, weapons and healthpacks, among other things, to make the level more interesting.

The level will be multiplayer.
Anyone who wants to help me (and the way I'm inexperienced with cogs, I think I need) can go and comment.


2012-02-20 11:17:48
Another JK Match ;D

Hello everybody.

It happened another round of multiplayer.
This time, I was against a guy named Max, in GameRanger
We fight on Nar Shaddaa Loading Terminal.
The result: 22-21 for it :/

At least it was not as humiliating as the 30-8 against Eaw.
Thanks ^ ^

Do not know if every game I play I'll post it here.
Maybe I'll do a summary of matches, you know ... ^ ^

2012-02-19 06:27:31
Skype and GameRanger :D

I created a Skype account.
Who wants to add me to be able to talk about JK, play multiplayer, etc., is only to add. The name is kamon_br.

I also have an account on GameRanger.
I appear there from time to time. The name is KamOnBR.

2012-02-18 16:38:12
Good news guys ;)

The first news is that today was held the first multiplayer game: D
The game was played between me and Eaw Psycho.

The result: 30-8 for him :/
But the important thing was that the game was a success.

The other is that I posted a tutorial with some tips on how to do well in multiplayer.
The tips can be seen here:

2012-01-22 14:53:19

What better time to play JK?

The days are probably Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
The problem is time.
I can not open a game for just one or two people to play with me.
Of course, besides the people here I can call the folks at # jk are online (or not) all the time.
I know a lot of people here who want to play.
Just ask your opinion here on the forum.

2012-01-20 05:33:38
What do you think?

Stop by and give your opinion ;D

As for games, I'm adjusting a few things.
But I'm planning a game. Just wait ^^

2012-01-16 16:12:41
Helping the project

More details here:

2012-01-16 15:11:31
MP Ready

Although we are still under construction, multiplayer is released.
Create a topic with your name (Kamon's game, for example), the specifications, the time and date.
It is not necessary to post the topic to get into the game.
After the game would be nice someone post some screenshots of the game and some comments :D

2012-01-16 10:57:40
Multiplayer ;D

I decided to create a project to organize all the games and tutorials that we have. It will also be a place for everyone to schedule matches and duels, so that everyone knows when, how and what time the game will happen.

It's my first project here at JK Hub, so if I do something wrong, I apologize.