project = Rand(); - it's the goddamn rocket man
imperialists be damned
Date added: 2017-10-01 20:27:55
Date added: 2017-09-18 16:35:12
Date added: 2017-09-18 03:16:11
Date added: 2017-09-18 03:16:10
An Inspector overlooks the Dark Citadel of Argenia from afar
Date added: 2017-09-02 06:16:33
Hunting monsters at the Lesser Beast Territory on the southern shores of Aegenar
Date added: 2017-09-02 06:16:33
The Gunrunners Project - Dark Citadel
Putting things in place
Date added: 2017-08-22 02:35:17
The Gunrunners Project - Hunting Giant Spiders
@ the Bloody Forest
Date added: 2017-08-12 21:24:09
2017-07-23 12:26:13
Announcement and Update

I'm proud to announce that with the latest release, (2017.07.22), guns and basic elements of JkGR are pretty much finished. Any upcoming addition to these elements will be simply extras and it's unlikely there will be any major change in that area. That being, for the next major release, Unholy State combat and Lore/SP levels will have the maximum priority. Hopefully I'll have most classes ready and playable Underworld and City levels (with quests and objectives) by the next major release.

Also, for the folks that downloaded the current version of JKGR before today, there has been an update with some bug fixes and a new weapon (Winchester 1897 shotgun), so you might want to download it again.

(It's amusing how for some reason I write this as if there's like hundreds of people visiting this site daily. It's fun to pretend, though.)

The Gunrunners Project - Liberator Armor
((just a random picture to go on the front page))
Date added: 2017-07-22 11:56:05
2017-07-22 09:01:04
It's out too!

Finally, the latest version of JkGR is out!

This is probably the biggest update to any mod ever. Unfortunately there were no new classes added, but there was a major revamp to absolutely everything else, from sounds to models, from functionalities to special effects. This version includes the new HUD and many more new functionalities (including support to WWII - The Western Front!)

Credits on Readme.

!!! Requires JK13 Unofficial Patch to play !!!

Click here to download
Click here to get JK13

Please, make sure to give feedback and bug reports at the forums!

The Gunrunners Project - Flag of Kroiargenia
You'll get to see this flag flying over most Argeni occupied territories in Aegenar
Date added: 2017-07-22 08:11:22
2017-07-22 07:39:08
It's out!

!!! Requires the latest (2017.07.22) version of Jk: Gunrunners and JK13 Unofficial Patch to play !!!

Click here to download
Click here to get JKGR
Click here to get JK13

Credits on Readme.

Feedback is mandatory! By not reporting fascist bugs you are collaborating with the enemy, report bug activity to the motherland today!

or "why JK13 is probably the best thing to ever happen to JK", or alternately, "why JK's transparency issues are an absolute disgrace"
Date added: 2017-07-20 09:54:01
project = Rand(); - Pre-lit model
No dynamic lights used
Date added: 2017-07-17 11:36:48
Date added: 2017-07-16 20:22:14
The Gunrunners Project - Outside the Dark Citadel
Getting some terraining done. Sadly, the method of terraining I'm using is showing to be extremely impractical and slow
Date added: 2017-07-16 08:12:58
The Gunrunners Project - new blood FX
With a subtle transparency. The down side is that this method needs the pool to be a polygon, so sometimes it may look kind of goofy/cartoony
Date added: 2017-07-16 08:12:58
In a GR-themed SM Sith Lord's Illusions of Victory. The method consists of various transparent spheres of different sizes following the camera. The obvious problem is that it relies on JK's transparency.
Date added: 2017-07-02 21:43:29
The Gunrunners Project - Mod based ledge hanging
Not perfect yet, but pretty reliable nevertheless.
Date added: 2017-07-02 08:00:11
2017-06-30 09:40:26
Raindrops and Butterflies


Level specific HUD should display number of flags, number of deaths for team and player kills/deaths
Date added: 2017-06-30 01:54:30
Nevermind the fact that they all wear Waffen SS uniforms, I didn't get to do Wehrmacht yet.
Date added: 2017-06-26 03:19:25
Hiding behind the tall grass, keeping the German invaders away.
Date added: 2017-06-26 03:19:25
2017-06-26 01:15:11
New project announcement

A SP level pack for Jk: Gunrunners with various arenas, following a gameplay style similar to the 2005 Star Wars Battlefront II's Conquest mode, based on the eastern front of World War II. Take on the role of a Red Army soldier and defend the motherland as you fight off the invading fascist hordes!

Click here to watch a gameplay video!

The level used here is a retextured version of XZero's FY_Snow level, which itself is a recreation of a Counter Strike map.

Does anyone know any (preferably MP) level that would be good for this style of gameplay? Preferably one that is quite open and horizontal. The AI uses a pretty simple path finding algorithm to reach the flags and I want to see how it works out on larger, more complex levels.

JKGR: WWII - The Eastern Front - Red Army, forward!
Entering German territory.
Date added: 2017-06-26 00:59:28
Protecting a recently captured flag.
Date added: 2017-06-26 00:59:28
Just instants before the Russians are shot to death.
Date added: 2017-06-26 00:57:04
Defending our territory. Pretty intelligent and reliable Friendly AI.
Date added: 2017-06-26 00:55:59
Date added: 2017-06-17 20:34:10
The Gunrunners Project - Sniper Scope
Date added: 2017-06-17 20:27:41
The Gunrunners Project - Functional Radar
Blue dots mark the location of mission objectives, red dots are enemies and green dots are allies
Date added: 2017-06-10 03:54:32
Date added: 2017-05-29 18:42:38
project = Rand(); - Fully Automated Grass
Also fully animated, looks snazzy in-game. Allows density and scale control/randomization.
Date added: 2017-05-28 21:32:00
The Gunrunners Project - Lovely flares
in-game pic, not altered in any way
Date added: 2017-05-21 06:26:37
rough, but it's something
Date added: 2017-05-20 23:29:25
The Gunrunners Project - Inside the Palace
Date added: 2017-04-29 21:53:48
The Gunrunners Project - Inside the Palace
Date added: 2017-04-25 00:00:32
Date added: 2017-04-03 02:41:08
Date added: 2017-02-16 01:24:49
Date added: 2017-02-14 06:33:04
is it okay if I consider this not to be JK anymore?
Date added: 2017-02-14 04:15:09
I'm not set on the positions yet, and the art will most certainly change.
Date added: 2017-02-13 22:27:35
this might look like a pointless picture, but this was the first time I managed to reach (and pass) lv120 without the game crashing, with over an hour of gameplay!
Date added: 2017-02-09 04:42:02
Visual is temporary - just experimenting with the new possibilities
Date added: 2017-02-05 02:44:29
The Gunrunners Project - THIS IS BIRDEMIC
One variable accidentally left too high on a random bird generator cog and suddenly it looks like the Dark Palace is being assaulted by a flock of birds
Date added: 2017-01-17 16:01:57
2017-01-16 14:48:22


The Gunrunners Project - Skeleton Dance
blob shadows for all
Date added: 2017-01-15 17:15:37
The Gunrunners Project - Outside the Dark Citadel
all armor design is temporary
Date added: 2017-01-15 17:15:37
The Gunrunners Project - Dark Horizon
that's not a skybox, just a regular jk sky (0x200)
Date added: 2017-01-15 17:15:36
hardly visually impressive
Date added: 2017-01-13 03:24:17
project = Rand(); - Battlefront-style Bryar Pistol
Date added: 2016-10-30 02:16:06
Decals randomly vary in size
Date added: 2016-06-11 22:14:13
Date added: 2016-04-06 03:06:53
2016-04-06 02:58:34
New Release(s)!

Just uploaded two new files: the current development version of JkGR and an updated version of a level I uploaded before. Warning: stuff is intense!

I'm having troubles with updating the manual, so the one included is extremely outdated and incomplete. An updated version should be uploaded soon.

Enjoy, and if you happen to run into any issues, please let me know!

2016-04-02 04:38:49
Class selection, Inspector combat (WIP)

Just uploaded a new video. This time I'm playing as an Inspector, fighting an Executioner then an Enforcer. I managed to beat them both fairly easily, but it took some practice for me to be able to accomplish this, especially against the Enforcer.

I'm also showing the Class selection screen. As you can see, most classes aren't finished yet and I'm just using placeholder models for their weapons and armor. Music by yours truly.

Click here to watch the video.

The Gunrunners Project - Smell, Inspector
Date added: 2016-03-31 04:07:55
The Gunrunners Project - Averus, Smell and Eve
(do I need to say WIP?)
Date added: 2016-03-31 03:46:59
The Gunrunners Project - Making progress
Date added: 2016-03-17 09:04:14
2016-03-17 09:02:03
Footsteps and ambience

Thanks to the JK2013 patch, I managed to make more floor surface types than the ones already included in JK (dirt, metal etc). By controlling footstep sounds via Cog, I checked for surface flags that are normally unused by the engine, making it so the it plays new sounds according to these flags. This way, footstep sounds are all handled via Cog rather than by the SND.

The tricky part however is keeping the timing in sync with the animations. I don't really need it to be perfectly synced however, just close enough so it is convincing.

Click here to watch it!

The Gunrunners Project - In-game Class Selection Screen
Date added: 2016-02-26 03:04:00
Date added: 2016-02-09 16:09:06
project = Rand(); - So I made a lightsaber hilt...
I was bored. Looks pretty pointy. Whatever.
Date added: 2016-02-02 20:44:08
just to go along with the new download...
Date added: 2016-01-27 19:48:59
Comparing male and female anatomies to that of JK. The most evident change are the shoulders, that look ridiculously wide in JK models.
Date added: 2016-01-26 05:58:09
The Gunrunners Project - The Dark Palace
Considerably large
Date added: 2016-01-22 10:12:42
Date added: 2016-01-19 23:11:42
The Gunrunners Project - Early 2012 vs. Early 2016
These are supposed to be the same character. Just goes to show how lazy I am: the pants are still exactly the same.
Date added: 2016-01-15 18:23:19
Date added: 2016-01-15 17:11:23
The Gunrunners Project - Chamber of Sorrow
Pretty dark.
Date added: 2016-01-12 18:24:30
The Gunrunners Project - Palace interior
Clearly WIP.
Date added: 2016-01-12 18:24:30
Date added: 2015-10-30 22:01:27
Date added: 2015-10-21 21:38:27
The Gunrunners Project - the dream is not so impossible
I decided to switch to 3do buildings. It's a lot quicker, plus it hurts A LOT less in FPS. Lighting does suffer terribly, however...
Date added: 2015-09-15 22:05:46
Very rough sketch for a cutscene.
Date added: 2015-09-01 01:18:36
Just to go along with the news post. Yeah, I positioned the cars manually to take the pic, they aren't being driven by AI (yet).
Date added: 2015-08-23 20:45:54
2015-08-23 19:58:48
McLaren F1, WIP

Just uploaded a new video showing a still unfinished McLaren F1 driving through the also unfinished city. You can also see the new camera style I'm trying to create so it feels more like a racing game.

There are clearly some issues there, such as the lack of car interior (which I'm still working on) and a few odd physics stuff.

As for the city, there's nothing except for some really blocky buildings in some really blocky streets with really repetitive texturing. Other than that, there are a bunch of colored cars parked and a nice evening sky.

Click here to watch the video

Btw, does anyone knows how to convert car models made for other games into JK? If I keep this pace, it's gonna take months before I have a reasonable amount of different, good looking car models.

This is what crossing the line is all about. Although obviously, there's still a lot of work to be done here.
Date added: 2015-08-21 20:20:32
2015-08-16 18:40:02
Help Needed... sort of.

I'm trying to create a (really) large city level for the JKGR campaign, but unfortunately, I have very little experience in proper level design. I have the map sketch, but I'm not going anywhere until I learn how to make proper curves. Does anyone know any good tutorial or technique for efficiently drawing good curves in open air areas in JED/ZED/NJED?

I've tried a couple Massassi tutorials on crafting curved pipes, but I'm not sure that's what I'm looking for...

So, can anyone give me a hand?

The Gunrunners Project - the impossible dream...
This should be a (very) rough sketch for the city featured in JKGR, based on where I live IRL. *opens up ZED* *starts crying*
Date added: 2015-08-16 12:16:15
project = Rand(); - Projected shadow?
Made with "SetThingCurGeoMode" and "SetThingRLUVecs". Not taking this any further, good luck if you wanna give it a try.
Date added: 2015-08-10 19:01:52
2015-08-09 08:38:04
New videos!

So, I just uploaded two new videos to Youtube, the first of them shows JKGR gameplay - more specifically, me as an Enforcer dueling an Executioner AI on a test level.

Click here to watch.

The other one shows more progress on cars. New features include spinning wheels, functional brake lights and enhanced camera movement and car model. The camera angle, however, is just to give a better view of wheel movement.

Click here to watch.

The Gunrunners Project - Deep inside the Chamber
A familiar place....
Date added: 2015-08-05 13:49:30
The Gunrunners Project - Night driving
JK surely does lack (a lot) in what we can do with lighting, but hey, it's looking kinda nice. Added more details to the car interior, but still no textures
Date added: 2015-07-30 08:47:44
The Gunrunners Project - Once more 'round the Palace...
Now with reworked clouds. Twice as evil. (I REALLY wish JK had colored lighting, though)
Date added: 2015-07-26 12:36:51
2015-07-26 12:21:18

I just finished all skills for the Executioner.


2015-07-24 20:38:29
Driving thru Phoenix

Just uploaded a video showing the current driving mechanics in JKGR. It's still far from perfect, but looks and plays nicely anyway.

I also made sure to record some of the most proeminent issues, such as the car sliding sideways, turning while stopped and the steering wheel randomly failing to move.

Click here to watch the video!

The Gunrunners Project - Driving around Phoenix...
Interior view of the car. Textures are temporary. Speedometer shows actual car speed in Km/H, and the large display on the right shows the current gear.
Date added: 2015-07-24 18:54:05
It's no Need for Speed, but it's actually doing pretty nice.
Date added: 2015-07-22 18:08:54
This is probably way out of my league but hey, what the hell... Excuse the ugly car, it's not that terrible for a couple hours in JOKE. (also shown is a new HUD concept)
Date added: 2015-07-22 10:56:51
The Gunrunners Project - At a distance...
I think the sky looks a little too bright to my taste, especially after I removed the clouds. But looks pretty good anyway. Now, for the surroundings....
Date added: 2015-07-16 01:52:40
The Gunrunners Project - It's coming...
So, the Executioner class is officially a thing, although there's still one open skill slot and I really don't know what to put there. Also showing here is the new combat camera, sort of a Lock-On function for transformed characters.
Date added: 2015-07-13 15:34:38
The Gunrunners Project - Motion Blurriness
You can't really tell what is going on here, but yeah, you get the point.
Date added: 2015-07-13 15:34:38
The Gunrunners Project - The Dark Palace, in-game
I'm just starting to learn the ways of JED, and this is looking pretty interesting... Even though it belongs to the good guys, I want this to look as sinister and evil as possible. I'm using XZero's reflection for the windows. Excuse the poor lighting.
Date added: 2015-07-13 15:34:37
2015-07-01 15:35:05
A release!

Probably not what you were expecting, but anyway... I just released a small level where you can see the Enforcer class (and friendly NPCs) in action. There's a simple objective and quite a bunch of enemies to kill, although unless you're running JKGR, there's not really a lot to do (but maybe a lot to see).

Also included is a small level where you can test the enhanced path finding method that is used by allies to follow the player so they won't get stuck behind walls and stuff. It's not perfect, but it's pretty reliable (and insanely better than what JK has).

This level should be frequently updated as new classes are added and the AI is enhanced.

For the sake of your survival, you can use the Whiteflag cheat to avoid being attacked by enemies. "Activate" defeated allies to revive them.

Does not require JKGR or any other mods running.

The Gunrunners Project - Just a nice picture of a hug.
'cause really, how many hugs have we seen before in JK? I just found out you can place multiple models inside the same 3do file and animate them together. Cutscenes will benefit greatly from this.
Date added: 2015-06-27 12:36:06
The Gunrunners Project - Larger scale combat
That's 4 R8 Gunrunners (including me) vs. 14 R4 Taxiarches, all Enforcers. This is probably killing my CPU, but it works incredibly well anyway. Now all I've gotta do is add the other 11 classes...
Date added: 2015-06-24 19:13:06
The Gunrunners Project - Averus & Eve @ the Dark Palace
Everything on this image is still WIP, but it looks far too good not to share
Date added: 2015-06-24 16:25:20
The Gunrunners Project - Friendly AIs in combat
Fighting alongside Averus as a GR Enforcer. He and all the enemies have beautifully functional skills... and they're pretty smart, too
Date added: 2015-06-24 16:25:19
The Gunrunners Project - The Dark Palace
very early ZED exterior view.
Date added: 2015-06-11 10:11:32
Puzzle Room, different angle. Obviously, lighting isn't near perfect.
Date added: 2015-06-08 23:47:50
The Gunrunners Project - Infernal Machine, anyone?
A puzzle room inside the Chamber of Sorrow. To get to your objective you must cross the ledge on that wall.
Date added: 2015-06-08 23:47:50
The Gunrunners Project - More Chamber of Sorrow
The room is pretty much untextured, but I liked the lighting. Before me is a Infernal Machine style jumping puzzle, and the blue circle marks my last save spot.
Date added: 2015-06-08 20:21:12
The Gunrunners Project - Introducing Averus
There is clearly some work to do in his hair and something about his face doesn't look quite right, but compare this to older pictures. Again, only 8bit textures were used here.
Date added: 2015-06-07 00:39:54
Edited this just 'cause I can't record proper videos of my animations. If only JK could be this shiny...
Date added: 2015-06-06 22:06:34
The Gunrunners Project - Dramatic Picture
Too much purple in the Screenshots session?
Date added: 2015-06-06 21:10:04
The Gunrunners Project - The Hall of... Something
At the Dark Palace. Early design. Blocky enough? Still missing a bunch of decor, obviously.
Date added: 2015-06-06 20:53:15
The Gunrunners Project - Not a Sith Temple rip-off
The Chamber of Sorrow, extra-early design.
Date added: 2015-06-06 20:46:05
2015-06-06 20:41:47
Not dead... yet.

This project is probably far too pretentious to succeed. Not only it involves a mod that (even at its current state) has more features than I have ever seen in JK, I also plan to do a full SP campaign with 10+ episodes (along with an MP map pack for no one to play on). Considering a complete version of this mod will probably never see the light of day, I'll try to be more active around here to let you guys (anyone?) know where this is going.

Now, the mod itself is actually going pretty well. I've got all the basic code for stats, classes, skills and weapons ready, and pretty much everything is working as intended except for a few limitations on the engine that are quite difficult to overcome.

So far, there are 18 available weapons (not all are fully functional), excluding fists, grenades/mines and the transformed state and its classes. Out of these 18, 10 are heavier weaponry (rifles and the likes) and 8 are lighter weapons (pistols etc) that can be dual wield with no restrictions. Grenades and Proximity Mines can be used as inventory items. However, you can only carry three (2 light + 1 heavy) weapons at a time + 5 grenades and 5 mines.

Regarding classes however, there are only 2 implemented out of 12. Out of these two, only one (Enforcer) is 100% functional, while the other one (Executioner) still got some skills to go. I plan to include 2 new classes each release, so the very first "official" JkGR release might actually come out any day now. All the 10 skills for the Enforcer and for untransformed characters are complete (that is, until I decide to change everything again).

As for the level series, I've got the whole story ready, plus a bunch of ideas for how it will actually work. Since JK's default Save system most certainly won't be able to handle the new stuff in JkGR, the whole thing will start in sort of a "Warp Room" (think "Area 21" for JKMP or Lego Star Wars), where there will be several doors that will take you to a respective level. However, at startup, only the first of these is unlocked, and every time you complete a level, you'll receive a passcode which will allow you to unlock the next level. That way, if you keep the passcode you'll be able to continue your progress without having to resort to JK's messy Save system.

I've also started work on a few locations from the level series, just to use as a base or to save some time when I start the actual work on them. There are quite a few problems however: firstly, I suck at level designing. You can expect great Cogging, lots of fun features, somewhat good texturing, but blocky architecture all around. And secondly, I'm working on this alone, so I'll have to dub all the characters myself. This is gonna be a real. solid. pain. Would I be able to pull this off? Maybe.

Anyway, if you somehow managed to read this far, I assume you are pretty interested in this project so I suggest you read the manual I uploaded. It includes everything you should know regarding weapons, gameplay, classes, skills and even some lore/character background. Lots of fun.


The Gunrunners Project - beautiful sky
trying to achieve a certain atmosphere...
Date added: 2015-04-21 14:45:46
The Gunrunners Project - How's this for 8-Bit?
CMPs can truly do wonders. This is the first glance at the Underworld Arena, a small MP level I'll be releasing shortly.
Date added: 2015-04-17 15:12:10
The Gunrunners Project - Team Skins (?)
Not too sure I like the pads, tho.
Date added: 2015-04-17 13:06:25
it's like a glowstick party
Date added: 2015-04-17 07:56:46
The Gunrunners Project - Have I gone too far?
I might have. (these are 8-bit versions of the textures)
Date added: 2015-04-14 22:14:03
Skills now have visual cooldown notifications (on the top right)
Date added: 2015-03-15 13:16:31
The Gunrunners Project - Menus and stuff
Options are (obviously) not final.
Date added: 2014-08-17 22:01:42
Date added: 2014-07-28 09:04:31
I accidentally took a random in-game screenshot and for whatever reason it came out like this
Date added: 2014-07-17 17:25:06
...Hell yeah.
Date added: 2014-02-17 06:55:42
Coming soon..... ?
Date added: 2014-02-11 16:44:12
The Gunrunners Project - Armed to the Teeth
Date added: 2014-02-11 16:43:25
2014-02-04 09:43:19
Ledge Grabbing

I just uploaded a level Cog that allows ledge hanging. You can select up to 10 wall surfaces to make them "grabable". You just need to touch one of these walls and the player will grab it's upper edge. There is also a timer for how long the player will keep hanging before letting go; default is 5 seconds and setting it to 0 will disable it. You can use W/Jump to climb and S/Crouch to let go of the wall/ledge, as well as A/D to move left/right.

The selected surface should be a wall, not a floor! For bests results, the selected surface should be about 0.1 JKUs high.

This doesn't use ghosts and pulses but Touched messages from the selected surfaces instead, so it works pretty much flawlessly, regardless of Mods (except for Hell Raiser's Ledge Hang, certainly).

Keyframes are included.

project = Rand(); - ledge grabbing
movement is possible!
Date added: 2014-02-04 09:18:10
Demonstrating how to use my Surface Grab cog. Only the blue part of the wall should be selected.
Date added: 2014-02-04 07:18:26
The Gunrunners Project - Character customization
Changing clothes on Drazen Isle. On the final version there will be at least five different armors (for classes only), with variations depending on the player's class, rank and sex.
Date added: 2014-01-21 20:59:34
2013-12-22 13:56:23

I always knew I would end up coming back someday. Most of the stuff for the music album I'm recording is done, so I'm taking a little break from the songwriting/recording process and decided to upload a new version of JKGR for you guys.

By the way, here's some of the music I've been recording: This is a song called "The Everlasting Scars of Relinquishment", a rather simplistic/minimalistic instrumental Outro to my album, "The Liberator: Rise and Fall of an Immeasurable Force":

(such long titles, huh?)

2013-10-05 15:23:10
Project Stalled

It's been far too long since I worked on this the last time as I've been more focused on my music. Thus, I'm releasing what I had from JKGR, there are a lot of unfinished stuff, but I believe it's playable.

I don't know if I'll be coming back to JK one day. Probably yes, but I don't know how long it will take.

I'm also here to do a little promotion for my musical project: it is a solo Rock/Metal project (I play/record everything by myself) called "The Liberator". I write all the music and record everything at home with the help of a drum machine and other programs. I still don't have any finished material, but I'm currently recording the first Album/Demo, called "The Liberator: Rise and Fall of an Immeasurable Force". For those interested, here's my Facebook page:

2013-07-15 16:49:01
JKGR - Take 2

I just uploaded what I have so far. There are two weapon types: pistols and light weapons (the final version will have pistols, explosives and light, medium and heavy weapons).

- You must activate the new Power Ups to get them, this includes Energy Cells (ammo for both pistol and light type weapons).
- To pickup a new weapon you must have no weapons selected (fists), and you must discard your current weapon to get another of the same type.

Everything else (classes and stuff) is the same as in the previous Demo, except for the "Flight" skill (first Light side power).

- To avoid falling down from explosion forces, you must roll when you land (crouch + WASD). Rolling will also decrease falling damage.
- If you have at least least 3 stars assigned to the Roll skill, pressing the Crouch key mid-air will make the character perform a air flip.
- Pressing the Jump key close to a wall will make the character jump off the wall.
- Pressing the Crouch key before jumping will make you jump higher.

There's a issue with the player's animations at startup/after leaving Unholy State, but using the Flight skill should solve it. Light weapons have no model yet, so their Power Ups look the same as pistols. There are also a few minor bugs and unfinished stuff here and there, but nothing too big, I guess.

Please give your comments, questions and suggestions at the forums.

2013-06-23 14:21:08
Sad news

Unlike what it seemed, I never actually left JK/JKGR, just took a long break from editing to focus on other stuff, such as school and a musical project I recently started. Even though, I always came here to see what was new on the JK community, and I also kept on gathering new ideas for my "comeback" into JK editing.

Recently, scanning through old HDs, I found that I lost all my copies/backups of all my mods and projects, including my two major projects - JK: Gunrunners and JK MP RPG (even though I never got to show where they were going, they got indeed pretty big).

I now completely regret never having any online backups, and now my future in JK is rather unclear - I either move on and do justice to all the four years I spent on this Mod to start everything again from scratch, or I leave JK for good.

2012-07-05 20:27:36
Update: Class Specializations

I recently had the fantastic idea to cut the player model into three separate things, allowing it to have lots of different weapon, armor and appearance choices, including dual weapons and stuff.

Thus, I also had the idea to cut the six basic classes I had before into twelve, where you still have six basic classes but you can choose (via Skill selection screen) between two different skill sets and weapons for each class, where your skills alignment determines which weapon you will be using.

Basically as it follows...

* Warrior: Enforcer (Big sword) / Slayer (Dual swords)
* Rogue: Hunter (Dagger) / Assassin (Dual knives)
* Ranger: Sentinel (Bow) / Shooter (Dual guns)
* Mixed: Inspector (Rapier) / Caster (Scepter)
* Wizard: Sorcerer (Staff) / Warlock (Magic sword)
* Tanker: Knight (Sword + shield) / Defender (Poleaxe)

More info coming soon!

2012-06-03 14:41:09
Jk:GR first Demo is out!

The first Demo for Jk: Gunrunners is out!

Features the main character stats, 4 basic skills and one class (Enforcer) with 5 skills, along with the new HUD and hotkeys.

Please go to the forums to ask any questions, suggestions, ideas and comments.

2012-04-06 23:38:27

that's it, yay.

2011-09-03 16:14:49
Explaining the Classes System

The main feature in this Mod is the Classes system. Classes can be chosen on the character creation menu (on MP, don't know how to do it on SP), where you originally pick the saber color.

There are 6 classes to choose from. Each class has a different weapon, gameplay style, skills and attributes (defense, MP regeneration, Stamina regeneration).

Unlike most of other JK mods with a Class system, in JkGR, the character class will not be a "passive" thing (it can be turned on/off), nor it will limit the weapons/powers you can use. The chosen class can be activated in-game, by a hotkey.

While your class isn't activated, you will have your basic weapon selection, choosing from 8 guns (pistols, rifles, rocket launchers) and two melee weapons (Fists and Saber. I have no idea what to do with the saber!).

To activate your Class, you'll need Unholy Points. There are three ways to get Unholy Points: by picking up a Unholy Shard (Battery power-up), by fighting (taking damage), or just waiting until it fills up by itself, although it fills a lot faster when fighting. Your Unholy Points bar will fill faster depending on your Unholy Senses (Force Sense) skill. On the interface, the Unholy Points bar replaces the Battery meter.

When your Unholy Points bar reaches the maximum (200), it will become brighter, which means you can activate your Class, becoming the ultimate Killing Machine.

While the Class is enabled, your Unholy Points will be consumed. If it reaches zero, your character will turn into the basic non-classed character again. To stop the Unholy Points bar from decreasing, you must not stop fighting.

Your Light/Dark alignment will determine if, when activated, your Class will be a Gunrunner (good guy, uses Dark powers) or a Holy Agent (bad guy, uses Holy powers). Your alignment determines your look (when the class is enabled) and your skills.

2011-09-02 13:51:38
Some Features

I would like to explain some of the features in this Mod. While at first, this mod will look like nothing more than another random weapons mod, it is, actually much more than that. Okay, not that much. Here are some special features in JK: GR, which will be explained later:

- New Weapons, including the Sniper Rifle, the Rocket Launcher, and the Pwn-Class Heavy Concussive Cannon
- A brand new Class System, where you can choose your favorite class to fight as
- New Power-Ups, including Extra Life, which allows you to rise again at the same spot and with the same items after being killed
- New Skins, including games/movies/anime characters
- New Powers, which will change depending on your class

2011-01-14 15:10:31
Introducing JKGR

This is a mod I've been working for some time, but only now I decided to take it to another level. I started this mod when I lost my video card, so I wasn't able to edit my current project at the time, TFW. For that reason, all textures in this mod are 8Bit, so it can be played perfectly with video cards that don't support 3D acceleration on JK.

While making this mod, I'm learning to do stuff I wasn't able to do before, and some of them were never actually seen on JK, giving it a even better feel and gameplay. If you are interested, or have any opinion, comment or ideas, please, let me know at the forums.

2010-07-31 10:25:05
Negative Accident

After some testing on my newly discovered color effects, it seems that using any value below -0.1 would turn your screen into negative, where -1 would be the perfect negative form. Values between -0.006 and -0.09 would highly saturate colors, where in values near -0.09, colors will also be turning into negative, but not as clear as when the value is set to -1.

> Edit: This effect only works without 3d Acceleration - otherwise, you get a pitch black image. <

2010-07-30 21:59:48
Negative Accident

Don't know if anyone has ever seen something like this in JK before, but it's surely the first time I've seen this.
Accidentaly, I've twisted JK's colormap, making it look like a negative image, just using a simple Cog verb: newColorEffect
Apparently, you can mess with this by changing the last parameter to a negative value.
I can't run JK with 3d Accel, so I can't tell if this works on 16bit.

2010-07-15 19:38:53
8-Bit Version

I just found out why the latest version of TFW didn't work without 3D Acceleration. I'm currently working on a full 8-bit version of TFW, for those who can't run JK on 16bit. (like me)

2010-06-26 18:41:53
New Version Uploaded!


2010-06-13 18:26:53

I just uploaded the second version of my "Gunrunners" mod, a simple real-life-style guns mod that I've been working on.

2010-06-05 15:52:16

Got JK back. I'm still without TFW, but no worries, I'm sure I'll find it.
My video card isn't working anymore, so I can only play JK without 3D acceleration. I'll keep modding a smaller project of mine, JK Gunrunners, until I get TFW again.

2010-03-22 18:17:37
I'm back.

Sorry for being out for so long.
I lost my HD, which was with the newest version of TFW. From now on, I'm back to JKHUB, and if I have any new ideas, or any news about TFW, I will inform to you, until I find my HD and get back at editing.

2009-06-22 13:20:27
An excellent idea..

after some time thinking, i got an idea about making different types of saber: Lightsaber, Vibroblade, Saber Staff, Vibro double-blade, Dual Lightsabers and Dual Vibroblades. All those weapons will be available in TFW, and you will be able to select them trough the Saber Selection menu, while you create your MP character. All of them will use the same weapon number (default saber) and have different effects and moves.

2009-04-21 14:53:04
A Buggy version...

I Released a new version of the mod, but it have waaay too many bugs, just released for the players to see how is it going...

2009-04-19 17:18:43
Back to JK

Well, sorry to everyone for the time i've been away from JKHub, coz i just got a new PC...
I was very happy with the Computer, coz in my old PC i couldn't even play JK3, but when i started playing, i saw that even being newer, is worse than JK, so... I'm back.

2008-03-01 01:14:59
Another one.

Uploaded another one. Force powers are 100 times better, some new sounds from JA and JO, Trigger cog done, so now you can use blasters w/ wall marks in MP, fists are not that useless now; now you can use several new moves :)

2008-01-28 21:13:36
Second Version

Okay.... it's uploaded... get it, if you want

2008-01-14 22:17:49
First Version

just Released...nothing special. Just some new effects, wall marks, new (but VERY temporary) lightsaber, wall marks, new weapon models, wall marks.. :)

2007-12-29 14:59:15
29.12.07 Version: New Year!!

I wish you guys a Happy new year!! thanks for the attention from everybody, thanks to the Massassi and JKHub staff,

The new version is released. While downloading, i recommend reading "Description", for get the most of this mod. The are LOTS of new things in this version, wich is impossible to list them here :)

2007-12-06 19:25:01

Most of the models remodeled and retextured, evasion working again... and blah, blah, blah... :P

2007-10-28 17:32:58

Headshot is working, Rifle Scope needs some improvements. If you get killed while using scope, you must select the rifle (8) and use secondary fire, because the scope will not be 'disabled' if you die.

2007-10-23 16:23:41

+New Features:
-Works in MP
|-New features
|-Stupid BM removed
|-Blood ON/OFF
|-Items Retextured
-A lot of other things

2007-10-14 19:47:00
Got the sparks.

Also, some models are changed: Indy don't use a 'skirt' anymore and the whip model is better, but isn't moving yet.

2007-10-13 18:46:00

- 'non-sprite' Bulletholes: Thanks to Slaw
- New animation: Now, the character holds the gun with two hands
- New weapon: Rifle: You must reload after 5 shots. Two times stronger the the 9mm, low fire speed
- Indiana Jones foot is right on place
- Whip is still a broom O.o

2007-09-29 22:59:04
Other Version.

Sprite bullet holes, blood effects, menu sounds, Dodge, etc,...

2007-09-24 00:20:31

Version remake (12.09.07) or Version 23.09.07 avaible to download.

2007-09-23 23:05:16
Version Remake almost done.

Yes! i've got the Infernal Machine model working... but not exactly as i wanted... and i'm still working on the whip.

2007-09-23 20:48:20
I'm gonna remake it.

Cause i'm not satisfied with this... The weapons don't work in MP and if you get killed in SP you can't go back! :|

2007-09-13 21:51:16
Dark Jedi CMPs

Same as the Mod "Dark Jedi in SP" by The Vertigo, avaible at I only made some little changes so the CMPs aren't all screwy.

2007-09-13 20:08:51

Project #400!

2007-09-12 22:47:54
So fast, so good!

I've made the test of the headshots, so, probably will be featured in this mod... but now that's bad... the bullet holes and blood effects aren't working anymore! :(
*aims to a nazis head* -"You says, 'Ouch, this hurts!' "

2007-09-12 22:38:07
Still working on...

I'm still working on the new whip and the enhanced models, at now, i only have a 'semi-jke' Indiana Jones model... i'm increasing the damage of the weapons, working on bulletholes, and after i playing PwP2 (Power Weapons Pack 2.0) i've watching for that thing... Headshot... That's simply c00l! So, in the "coming soon" version it may feature the Head Shot.

2007-09-06 18:25:23

New Version (06/09/07) submitted.

2007-09-02 19:46:28

I'm working in my newest mod! See Description for more details