2008-04-30 00:34:21

Ok, well it's been a while since I've worked on this, and even longer since I've bothered posting news. So what news? Well, a number of bugs have been worked out... New graphics for some of the various magical effects. Inventory system seems to be working **** well. STILL though the **** machine guns won't work right... !!!AAHH!!! ... gh* Ahem... yeah, I've been working on that for a while, and can't find any reason for it. Number of guns, armor, graphic effects are in. No gun models though. Meh, 'nough of news update for this, I suppose. More to come to it, though.

2006-07-11 16:14:57
Little bit of a start

Started work on a bit of a level for the 'episode' 1. This project will be done in Episodes, generally consisting of one mystery in an episode. (Occasionally there may be something of one mystery to two episodes). I definitely will need some help on the creative side of this, thinking up clues, methods, etc, the story and so forth. I may also need some voice actors, lol. (Though the first ones will probably just have text (maybe one voiced actor, the detective)). I'm still trying to figure out my characters, and other. I have come up with one idea, and Holmes Diaries will probably be a part of that.

2006-03-20 20:54:39
Continued work

Ok, well, now I got the basic form of the bases up, and the custom CTF cogs are pretty much finished. What's mainly left is making the central terrain and texturing that.

2006-02-04 10:19:14
Started on this level

I had it sketched out on paper first, in 2D. I spent a portion of last night converting that into a decent 3d form. So it's getting started.

2005-05-28 19:45:22

I'll be posting many various resources up here, for the use of other editors. Many will probably be textures, which will be put up just as 'screenshots'.

2005-05-20 15:46:53

Ok, I've started treating the forum as a way to allow a form of "CVS", allowing free changes to the code, while maintaining some level of control over it. This also will allow some of you others to suggest ideas, and take a look at some of the insanity of my code.

2005-05-04 18:12:25
Chronicling the work so far...

Ok, well, there's been all kinds of work for this, mainly in the cogging area. There's quite a bit of laid down code, though the more specific stuff will come later.

Inventory/weapon system set up.

Various parts of the magic system prepaired.

Camera finding ability, and a basic 3do hud. Unfinished.

Zero-ping weaponry setup.

Decent bit of conversation system set up.

Most of the job coding is complete.


Ok, here's where it's lagging.

Most of the accessory/items are modelled and textured. Lacking in the area of guns, however. Player models are also unfinished. Once I finish the base player models, the rest shouldn't be so difficult. However, it's taking time.