2006-12-29 22:41:42

^^ I've finally released the first version of the map. It's probably the last too xD

Anywh00t, this is for the Hub Level Contest, that is, if I'm not too late...

Catch it in Download section! :D

2006-11-09 19:21:15
Zion Temple

Zion temple. The calm air blows through the temple, nurishing the pure water in the center fountain, connecting this world to the afterlife.

I've got the base construct down, I'm hoping it will play well. So far, I hope everyone likes what I've got here :3

2006-10-21 14:10:28
Might as well...

I'd might as well set up a project for it :3

Enjoy what you see for now.

2006-08-30 15:44:51

Finally, after hours of intense ZEDing, Xzero and I have finally managed to create our next Death Match monster. Combining our skills, we have come to create, DM - Exposed!

2006-07-14 00:56:34

Well, I'm going to have a few projects, so I can switch back and forth when I get bored...

Anyway, this is my first CTF level, it has some kewl feats, and uses Zeqs new JK hack to use higher res textures :3

Enjoy :3

2006-07-08 22:50:03
Can somebody say "Back in Action"?


2006-07-05 16:49:37
Beta 1.1

It's up for all of you guys to play! :3

Keep in mind that I'm not done everything.

Problems or things that need attention:

- Certain Chrome effect surfaces won't move. Easy fix.

- A few light corona issues like cutting off the clouds and stuff.

- Few textures that need to be redone.

- Half of the level structure is missing lol

Just keep in mind the chrome issues and the fact that the level isn't complete. One of the hallways doesn't continue, it just ends, because I haven't gotten around to completing it yet.

If this level turns out well, I'll probably make a CTF extension to it, this being the main area, :3

Also, you don't NEED it, but I'd recommend having the Adjoin Limit Remover installed, just because there are a few spot that it causes problems (Like it makes the floor on the bottom of the level disapear when your in the right spot, and a few other things like that.)

2006-06-18 10:03:19
Progress going well.

I've managed to complete most of what I wanted, but there are still a few things to fix.

Things that need fixing:

- Lighting needs major work.
- Surrounding areas need more detail to look more lifelike and like someone actually lives there.
- Probably going to change the windows area near the north-east of the map to another open catwalk area.

Probably going to add other little special effects :3

2006-06-11 18:46:12

Omgzorz! I got IoG!!! w00tyw00t :3

I feel so honored I'm ready to piss myself. *Kisses everyone*

Now I'm off to work on it! :3

2006-06-11 10:25:34
Peace and silence.

After all the hard work learning how to edit levels as the student of Orbitz (Xzero), I've finally managed to make my first attempt at making a level. Thanks to the Wad Father for textures, to #jkhub and fellow editors, and last but not least, Orbitz. Without him I wouldn't have had the computer to edit in the first place! ^^

Here are a few things to keep note about the level:

- Textures may not be final, I might try to find some better ones.
- Lighting is in very beta stage. I've tried the lighter plugin that Orbitz suggested, but it crashes my level when I try to play it.
- This is my first level, and if you can find any glitches or bugs, or something really stupid of me, let me know on the project forum :3