High Detail Mod - Before & After 1
This primarily shows how models get progressively blockier as they get farther away. Three different detail levels for stormtroopers are visible in the Before (left) and only one (the best) in the After (right).
Date added: 2017-08-12 08:58:29
High Detail Mod - Before & After 2
This primarily shows how much improvement to textures there can be at long distances.
Date added: 2017-08-12 08:57:06
High Detail Mod - Before & After 3
This primarily shows how texture quality at even medium distances is improved.
Date added: 2017-08-12 08:54:49
2017-07-23 06:56:14
High Detail Mod v1.2

This mod disables unsightly mipmapping and LOD (levels of detail) in all levels of Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II and Mysteries of the Sith. That's when textures and models are blurry and blocky, respectively, at a distance and "pop" to higher quality versions as you get near. That was originally done to achieve good performance on 1997 hardware, but is unnecessary today.

This doesn't add or replace anything in the game. It simply makes the game use the highest quality textures and models at all times and never use the lower quality ones, no matter how far away objects are. Besides giving better detail, that also means no more distracting transitions when the game switches between qualities.

See the Description page for more information about what's included and how this mod differs from the existing LOD mod.

Download link:
High Detail Mod for Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II & Mysteries of the Sith