2020-03-23 19:40:02
Videos Available!

Here are some videos showcasing gameplay of JKR.

Kyle vs. Jerec:

Kyle vs. Gorc & Pic:

Force Absorb Demonstration:

Deadly Sight Demonstration:

2020-03-18 04:48:00
Force Power Descriptions

The following are the descriptions pertaining to the force power changes I have made.

Force Absorb:

Focus on your connection with the living force to divert damage to your force meter. Should your meter deplete during this state, your connection to the force will be temporarily weakened and you will be slowed down as you recover.

Good against: Projectiles, Impacts, Force
Weak Against: Sabers, Explosions

Force Protection:

Channel the force into a protective shield; familiar, but perhaps not quite as effective as before. There are two layers of protection here, and while the first will give you total immunity to everything, it is somewhat fragile; after it has dissipated, you will only receive partial protection.

Good Against, Sabers, Impacts, Explosions
Weak Against: Projectiles, Force

Force Conjure:

An all new force power replacing Force Throw. By focusing their hatred, those knowledgeable in the dark side of the force can sacrifice some of their own essence to become truly one with the force. You will generate force much faster, but at the cost of taking additional damage from all sources.

Force Deadly Sight:

Perhaps the most fearsome dark side ability has become even more unnatural: By sacrificing 30 points of your own health, you will be able to do much more than damage those within a reasonable distance and a line of sight: You will move faster, attack faster, and have damage resistance to all types of damage.

Force Heal:

Although the healing power of the force is not as substantial, you will be able to heal much more often; There is also a damage reduction during the brief period in which you heal.

Force Lightning:

What was once a purely offensive power now has defensive capabilities: Should you be able to keep your lightning bolts trained on a target, you will be able to drain some of their life force, healing yourself in the process. Much like force Heal, this power also grants a damage reduction while in use.

Force Jump:

The force can make any jedi a truly versatile warrior. In addition to the higher heights granted from using this power, you also have the ability to flip in any of the 8 directions (while also attacking at the same time) and stall your descent once per airtime. Simply use this power while airborne to do so; inputting a direction at the same time will filp, inputting the button alone will stall.

2020-03-18 04:36:26
Jedi Knight Remastered 1.0 Released!

After 3 months of painstaking work, I am ready to release the 1.0 of the mod. You can find it at this discord for now:

EDIT: This is now version 1.06; this latest update has a plethora of changes I've made over the course of a few days, as opposed to mere bugfixes. Dark Side powers have been tweaked, and now they are all useable against bosses, to an extent.

Boss patterns have been improved; they're that much more difficult now. Statue movement rate for Jerec has been lessened, so that you don't need to have Force Speed activated just to beat him (and barely at that).

I've also made several quality of life improvements aimed at making the mod more fun and less frustrating.