2009-04-16 23:09:58
Kill hundreds of AI on your favorite levels

XFW is a action-packed AI killing experience. Host a MP game on any
supported level, and let the killing commence! Hundreds of AI will
have invaded the level, and it is up to YOU to kill every last one
of them! It is suggested that you use WAR 1.0 when playing, but do
what the f' you want. BE EXTREME!!!

Gameplay Summary:
- Survive, each death is -1 point
- Keep all RC5 remote control protocol droids alive
- Locate all "data cubes" in the level and "interface" with them
- Try to beat your best score

RC5 Controls:
ACTIVATE - toggle holo-projection menu
STRAFE LEFT/RIGHT - cycle through menu
PRIMARY FIRE - menu selection/assign function to PRIMARY fire
SECONDARY FIRE - menu selection/assign function to SECONDARY fire
HOLD DUCK - interface with nearby things
NEXT/PREV WEAPON - exit remote control

Supported levels (beta 0.5):
Sith Mercenary Headquarters (fully supported)
Jedi's High School (fully supported)
Battleground Jedi (partially supported)
Dralloc Arena (partially supported)

XFW features custom enemies and power-ups! So keep your eyes out for things trying to kill you that you've never seen before!

2008-07-29 14:04:27
KotH BETA 1.0 released!

After finishing some last few bug fixes, the first BETA of the King of the Hill mod is ready for download!

Battle it out in your favorite levels with this new team-based game type for JK!

The KotH game type introduces countless new strategies into the levels we have all played to death, and maybe some that you've never even seen before!

So grab 3 friends and start a 2v2 match!

Supported levels in beta 1.0 are:
Battleground Jedi (Fixed water stream to actually flow)
Dralloc Sirhc 3
Dralloc Hotel & Casino
Jedi's High School (Fixed breaking glass)
MERC Oasis 2
PermaConc Oasis
Valley of the Jedi Tower (Supershield gets automatically removed)

Read the readme.txt for more info! Don't forget that when you host, the "teamplay" option must be selected!

2008-07-03 21:46:04
Messin with JK again

In CSS there is a style of maps called "Rats maps" which is basically huge level where the player is the size of a rat.

The fact that models exported from 3ds max are gigantic in JK gave me the idea to make a rats style map for JK.

Here is the first model I've converted over.

2008-01-31 00:58:46
New Conc Fest Map

Head on over to the Downloads section to get the final version of my conc fest map Rage feat. Paris Hilton & System of a Down. This level contains subject matter that some may find offensive, play at your own risk.

2008-01-29 23:14:14
Smoke Rocks released

Fixed the disapearing 3do bugs, and now the level is complete (pending bug reports). Get it from the downloads section. It is a CONC FEST map.
(*cough* gotta release more stuff than Pux)

2008-01-06 17:39:25
Version 1.0 available for download

Includes 3 new weapons:
#2 gun: Manipulator Gun
- Hold primary fire to target object.
- Release to capture object.
- Use movement keys & mouse to reposition object.
- Hold secondary fire to swap movement for rotation while object is captured.
- Hit primary fire to release object.
#3 gun: Target Delete Gun
- Hold secondary fire to target object, then release.
- Press primary fire to delete targeted object.
#8 gun: Infinity Build Gun
- Hold secondary fire to target object, then release.
- Press primary fire to spawn targeted object.

2007-06-16 23:21:25
Did somebody steal URPG? (j/k)

I was browsing FPS and I saw this TC for the Source engine called "Gmod Tower". I went to its homepage and read its FAQ and it is uncanny how much his ideas/plans line up with mine. Take a look for yourself:

Take note of the cross-server hosting of the world and the central stats server, also the player owned hotel rooms... exactly like my plans... heh. Hopefully he can get the Source engine closer to working out the kinks in the plan better than I could get the Sith engine to.

2006-12-13 08:23:06
Space Slayers (JK TC)

In the downloads section you can now find a 2-D arcade style JK total conversion called Space Slayer. Be sure to follow all the instructions to get you up and owning. If you can't figure out how to run the gob as a MOD, leave a post in the forums and I can walk you through it.

2006-12-08 21:14:51
Work beings soon

I'll have JK again very soon, so I'll be able to install all the tools I need to finish up the Smoke Rocks hopefully in time for the HLP 2k6. Screenshots comming soon aswell.

2006-07-24 19:47:46
Smoke Rocks!

The first beta to my DM level "Smoke Rocks" is now in the downloads section. A few gameplay enhancements have already been presented to me, but please feel free to tell me about any gameplay enhancements you can think of in the forum.

2006-07-18 19:42:09
Droid ME

Beta 0.1 of the multiplayer level "Droid ME" is now in the downloads section. In this box of a level, you can mess around with remote control R5 droids that can do a bunch of things, like spawn you some thermals, lay some mines, or spawn you a hover board.

Check the downloads page for instructions. If you find any bugs, please let me know in the forum.

2006-07-18 00:43:33
"Hi-Jacked" Beta

The first beta of the single-player mission pack "Hi-Jacked" is now availible in the downloads section. There isn't any objective cogging in it yet, so I'll just state your objective: Destroy Everything. But that becomes evident once you start playing.

2006-07-15 13:22:01
Rocks & Framerate

Thanks to making LODs for every one of my 3dos, I was able to boost my framerate low in my Rocks level from 17 all the way up to 50. In short, ITS PLAYIBLE NOW! :)

2006-06-22 11:33:22
Gone til' Monday

Going to Vegas and Zion national park (Utah), so don't expect anything new from me until after Monday. :)

When I get back I'll be making a bunch of plant 3do's and stuff, hopefully for use in Halucid and Kirby's Atrium level.

Later JKHub.

2006-05-07 16:02:54
"Pux's clan's" Level Sack

I have started on my entry for the level contest Pux is having. Uploaded a couple of shots, and its worth noting that none of my 3do's are pre-lit yet, they are all lit by dynamic lights.

2006-04-02 10:37:01
New hope

Hell Raiser informed me that Sige has extended the JK Limit Remover Patch so it also removes the 640 placed cogs limit. Sige is continuing to work on his JK programs with all the support #jkhub can give him, and I expect that the interactive thing limit will soon be abolished too. Keep up the great work!

In hopes for easy completion, I am working on making all the buildings in AoT stand-alone, in the way that I can copy and paste them where ever I want in the level and easy adjoin them to their surroundings. I'm also working in modular modifications, so if there are two instances of the same building, their layouts will still vary and they will be unique. Think of the Cloud City level in the original Battlefront.

2006-03-22 17:21:11
Gameplay revamp / completion plan

Well, I'll just get to the point. I've decided to spend the majority of my time editing other games, so I can learn the current techniques for things. However, I do not want to scrap a project such as this that I spent so much time working on.

My plan is to get AoT into working order and release it. To speed things up, there will not be many cutscenes in AoT like originally planned. AoT will no longer be RPG based, but combat based. Two opposing teams will battle for control of capture points that are in key places as a story progresses. Much like the Campagin missions in Star Wars: Battlefront II.

By doing this, I hope to be able to get this damn project off my chest and I'll be able to sleep at night again.

2005-12-24 19:16:18
Huge seamless skybox

I finally got around to opening up Terragen and fixing some erors in my environment map. After a long time of rendering, and alot of scaling, I got my 768x768 skybox to work seamlessly in the level. Just in time for the final stretch. Its gonna be close, but I think this level might be ready on time.

2005-12-21 21:54:59
Massive destruction

The action has been intensified! With well over 400 destructible objects and the addition of breakible walls, its safe to say this map is not going to be able to contain the action anymore.

Use the rail det to bring the environment crashing down onto your enemies, or use the conc and go head hunting.

There are so many new stratagies to be utilized in this level, one would be foolish to limit himself to only the familuar.

Item placement OVERVIEW:
Basement: Health (some guns)
1st Floor: Death (where people land when they fall)
2nd Floor: Rail dets (and some concs if you look hard enough)
3rd Floor: Concs
4th Floor: Shields

2005-12-03 14:26:55
Star Wars Theme Announced

URPG will take place on the planet Coruscant. It will not be free-roam, but have a every open RPG-type feel (like KotoR's map design). A new map is being devised and a revised list of buildings that will appear in URPG will be posted there after.

2005-11-28 09:46:52

Droids will be availible for purchase at the droid shop.

You will have a variety of droids to choose from, ranging from gonk droids to protocol droids, each with their own unique abilities. To enhance your droids abilities, upgrades and parts will be availbile at the droid shop. Things such as amplified shields, better motors, jet boosters, and much more.

For those hard-to-find upgrades, you can go to the run down Droid Specialty Shop and get droid weapon add-ons, remote hacking protocols, bacta sythesizers, self-destruct protocols, and don't forget the Remote Control Uplink, which allows you to remote pilot your droid!

After you've invested so much time and URPG money into your new droid companion, nobody wants to see it go away after you leave the game. That's why you'll be able to save your constructed droids, and many more aspects, and be able to load them next time you get into a game, giving you true RPG gameplay where you can build your character.

* Acivate your droid to start Remote Control Uplink.
* Press FOWARD to move your droid foward.
* Press BACK to move your droid back.
* STEER the droid with your MOUSE.
* Press JUMP to fire jet boosters (if installed).
* Press STRAFE LEFT/RIGHT to change droid protocol.
* Press DUCK to execute current droid protocol.
* Press CHANGE VIEW to cycle internal/external droid views.
* Change weapon away from Remote Uplink Device to exit remote piloting mode.

2005-11-27 11:45:31
RC Droids

I've sucsesfully made remote control r5 units who are able to jump and fire aswell as roll around. A stand-alone version that you can add to your projects should be released soon, but in URPG you will probably be able to purchase them from the droid shop, which is likely to be the first building I attempt to contruct.

2005-11-05 22:59:45
Float physics put to use

I finally got the wood to float properly after falling into the poison water. If you happen to fall into the poison water along with the wood, you can hop ontop of the floating wood and have enough time to take one full leap towards safty before it sinks too deep into the water.

On a side note, I'm going to be changing the name of this level to something more fitting after I get enough of the layout done to think of a good one.

2005-09-25 10:13:41
Chair bugs fixed

All the bugs I was able to find have been fixed. Verson 1.0 is availible in the Downloads page now. If you happen to find any bugs I missed, please let me know. Have fun! Soon I'll be uploading all the files/templates you need to make chairs sittible in your level along with a tutorial on how to set them up.

2005-09-24 10:27:22
Sittible chairs updated

Now you have legs in interal view while sitting, so it doesn't look so weird.

Also fixed it so ur legs don't turn with ur torso while sitting.

Just have to fix the join/leave messages to sync players who are sitting to people just joining the game. Feel free to try out the test level in the downlads section, just be sure ur not sitting down when somebody joins or they'll be seemingly crazy errors (crazy to you atleast).

2005-09-16 00:45:02
Sub-mission system almost there!

The area where the first sub-mission takes place is nearly completed (the Jedi ship) and the team spawning system is almost done. Soon there will be a fully working objective-based team vs team mission with many more to follow.

For pics of the ship, check out:
(IE only)