2008-07-30 01:55:53
New Look

I didn't realize how boring the last level of the same name was until I actually played it. This caused me to start over and re-built from the ground up. The architecture is about 90% complete as are the textures. Most every item I intend on having in the map is placed, but their locations are subject to change. The PermaConc cog is included, and I might add Zeq's taunts later. I am having some trouble with a few music .wav files that I plan to use in certain sectors. I'll explain further in a thread in the forum section.

2008-07-18 12:47:18
After a few hours...

I really wanted to make another JK level, but I also really wanted it to be good. I'm happy with this level so far, hopefully it plays well. A playable demo is up, but the level still needs to be lit. And yes I borrowed heavily from Canyon Oasis's textures and powerup layout.

2007-05-14 15:01:33
New Title

This project was originally referred to as "Untitled DM Project #2."

2007-02-25 22:08:04

I've been tweaking the final version of this level for a while now. This version, which I hope to God is the "flawless" final version, has a few new key features. I added switches that control the lifts so you can no longer get stranded under the lifts. The slashable grates are now regenerating thanks to help from my pal Gnarl. Lastly, I added a ledge to two of my buildings that "skilled" players will find very handy. Be sure to download the final "final" release of this map and...


2007-02-24 13:56:49

This took me three or four days, I'm not quite sure. But I am sure that it took away from my school work :P

2007-01-07 10:18:33
HLP 2006/2007

This level will not be entered into the HLP.

2006-12-22 12:26:27
Download Available!

I've uploaded a version of the level.

2006-12-22 10:54:32
Almost Complete

This level is textured, lit, and the items are placed. The only thing left to do is test it.

2006-09-16 07:15:58
Still Going

Check out the ScreenShots page to check out what has been done.

2006-08-30 21:32:26
Yea That's Right!

Nothing too spectacular to tell you guys about....I did, however, add a RJ (rail jump).

2006-08-21 21:25:51

I started over today :)
Looks much better than before, the new layout will be much easier and will have a smoother feel than the previous one..I hope.

Plus the texturing is easier on the eyes....the interiors will be more exciting though.

Keep in mind there's no lighting as of now...every thing will look much prettier with shadows and whatnot.

2006-08-17 22:42:42
What's Left?

Hm... let's just say alot.

I have to finish the interior of the buildings (structures and textures).

I have to finish texturing the whole level.

CTF cogs

That waiting room you are in before entering the actual map



Other cogs i need to make the level more fun

Basically a whole hell of a lot remains...but this "checklist" will help me finish

2006-08-14 14:27:10
Can I finish what I started???

Yea I'm back into JK editing. This time I've decided to try my hand at a CTF map. I know I have a reputation for not completing my work, but I promise to finish this level. However, I will probably need to call on the HUB Editing Team for help.

2006-05-20 09:34:53
hello again

school's out for me so i'll have more time to work on this level. However, I'm waiting on a specific cliff 3do to be finished before i can continue. Start practicing so i can have some good competition upon my return :P

2006-05-10 12:37:10
more done

I've added the "perma" conc cog..thanks to ZeqMacaw. This is good for you lazy bums who don't want to run to pickup a gun - it starts you with one, the best one. Anyway, the only weapons you'll need to pickup are: the rail, the bowcaster, and of course, mines.

I'll soon be adding "realistic" canyon walls thanks to my pal SM_Sith_Lord.

Lighting will also be added shortly!

2006-05-08 19:38:43
Beta released

this is a conc/rail fest level. Good for how ever many people one wishes, it is semi-large. find out more by playing it!!!

2006-04-29 08:26:04
Basically Finshed

This is just a small MERC rip off i did. It took me about an hour. I didn't spend much time on lighting or texturing, but the gameplay should be enough to hold interest.

2006-04-09 15:31:05
a new start

a decided to start over since i was having so much trouble with the cliff boundaries of my original level, no big loss tho...

2006-04-07 21:40:17
more ninja stuff?

Eh...yea. If you haven't noticed, I ninjas. The level will be fairly large, and some progress has been made - screenies to prove it. :)

2006-04-05 13:36:43

This project will replace the lightsaber fighting, along with a few other aspects of JK, with "Ninja-Style" moves. I know it has been done before, but I will go more in depth with it, creating more new swings, new movements, and stances.
More info @ the description page.

2006-03-12 13:29:05
so close

i just need to texture the last computer room and add some more weapons/3dos. I might add a forcefield trap that goes along w/ the main conveyor belts too.....ah well you'll know what i mean when you see it :)

2006-03-09 14:52:11

I've implemented the mp_randomambient cog which will play the sounds only from time to time. They will no longer play back to back and I think it will add a more "realistic" touch to the level

Did some more texturing, i have about 3.5 more rooms to go. But i also need to add weapons and obstacles/3dos still

I'm keeping gameplay my #1 concern in this level, i feel that too many JK levels are being created only to be looked at. I just want to make a fun level that will actually be played.

2006-03-03 12:56:22
More completed

i've added yet another trap/puzzle/secret area. It's all in one actually, soon there will be some screens to show you exactly what i mean

2006-03-02 13:14:25
almost complete

The majority of the level is finished. However, i need to add more weapons and pickups. I also may add a few more traps :) On top of that, i have to texture most of the level :( But the gameplay should be fun, which is the most important aspect of any JK level.

2006-02-10 23:11:50

Yes, some progress is actually being made. As you can see i've started working on some passage ways. I've also made the level a bit darker...which is a good/bad thing?

2006-02-08 20:43:18
Screen Shots?

O so you want some screen shots...i thought you might... o you don't? Well you'll get some anyway...tomorrow, when i have time to upload

2006-02-08 20:16:01
First looks

I'm new to the whole editing thing, but i'm learing fairly quickly...i think. Hopefully this level will be the first of many, and I'll gladly take any tips.