2011-11-26 21:23:00
Voices in my Head

I finally started this project. Martheous has been bugging me to do this for over a year so here it is. I plan on uploading various charaters that I can kinda sound like. hopefully they won't sound too lame, and maybe they'll find there way into some levels.

So far I have some Yoda one liner insults, Sebulba, and Jar Jar, and some just goofing around stuff. I guess I could do some normal voices if there wanted. I'm new to editing audio files, so I'll be open to suggestions.

2010-12-31 18:45:18
Happy New Years!

Courtesy of Martheous and The Lurker.

Martheous says: Well, here I go again, hacking the parental unit's network... *sigh*

Decided to whip up two saber levels as a late Christmas/New Years present. Enjoy this whopping three hours of "work". :)

2010-11-28 20:02:02

Martheous has hacked into the parental unit's network again.

I whipped up a DM level about 2 weeks ago just for the heck of it. Took an afternoon and a half. Opinions of all (Well, most) kinds appreciated.

2010-08-20 20:14:33
The beginning of the Edge

Martheous: I'm actually announcing the beginning of my project this time, unlike my first two. Mainly, to get feedback from screenies, and opinion and ideas from others.

This multiplayer level will center around fairly quick, tense gameplay, and at least decent visuals (textures, lighting, etc.).

2010-01-23 13:05:53
Antillies Uploaded

Finally got the level to upload. Turns out I had a ' in the file name. One I removed it, level uploaded fine. My Bad.

In the future I'll try not to be so lame!

2010-01-11 21:34:28
Upload Trouble

Seems I can't get the Hub to accept the level. Instead of a confirmation page I get the message 'Couldnt insert info for file 0'. Don't know what that means, or I'm just lame at uploads.

2010-01-01 19:03:42
Antillies Released

MP Level finished for the contest, Happy Shooting/Sabering! Level desinged for JK basic. *hint* There is a hidden swith in the level that does something somewhere in the level. Martheous has already started work on two new projects, one possible saber only.

2009-12-08 20:55:14
Antillies Update.

Martheous has added a few screenies to show progress. Level coming along.