2008-02-01 16:14:50
Some Practise

Hey fellow editors.

I just lost my job and I'm trying to figure out what I want to do with my life from here, so I'm putting some practise by just building a replica of my apartment...kinda like what I did before with my house.

Nice and small just to get the hang of it again, I might go into computer programming or something.

Anyways, hope you enjoy all the 3dos that come of this haha

2007-12-24 00:33:10
Checking into it again

Hey guys,

I know it's been 2 years lol, but I might be getting back on this mod just to complete what was started so I can be proud of it.

I dropped it while I was in college and now I'm out working full time so I have spare time now.

Now for the bad news, everything that was created, is now lost. I had my computer crash b4 the 2nd annual jkhub pack and once I got it up again I had to reformat it for the new motherboard.

SM_SithLord probably has the right cogs for getting on the snowboards and making them work again, and I'm sure a driveable cog can be manipulated for it too.

My biggest problem last time was ideas for levels. I just couldn't imagine anything good enough to ride down. I'm gonna put some more thought into this, and maybe even do the easy part of laying down the maps first. Probably 5 mountains couple different runs on each.

Hopefully my inspiration can make it fun and entertaining for anyone who wants to pull off some snowboard tricks for a little bit of different fun with JK.

2006-12-21 23:43:06
Bad News

looks like i wont be able to compete this year. The power supply in my computer surged so I had to order a replacement part and then I also had to leave my comp at school.

I'll see what else I can do.

2006-11-22 20:33:13

Currently I'm just finishing up my college semester so I'm just doodling and planning my map.

So far I'm planning to build a 2 floor bank, I drew up both levels, let me know what u think.

2006-01-08 23:00:21

It's alot of fun if the players in the level make use of the different ways to get around the house. Each vent is multipathed with different ways to get in and out.

Each door has been set to open so your not wasting time opening all the doors.

Plenty of quick ways to go from top to bottom and to pull off some sneak attacks.

Also to get to the conc rifle you have to unlock the door in the basement. You'll find the switch in the basement, there is only a door switch on the outside so no one can camp inside, if they did they get blown up pretty quickly from someone with a rail det at the top of the stairs :)

2005-12-25 02:46:51
Project Complete

Put it all together just in time for the 2005 Hub Level pack

2005-12-10 11:42:27
Off the ground

With the help of SM_SithLord Coolboarding has really taken off. He has created a way to just hop on the board and go while in game, no mod needed.

Also the chalet that I'm building to hang out in is lookin pretty sexy right now, in comparison to the chalet in Jenus Mountain...Totally kicked its ass to the moon!

2005-12-02 12:26:37
NHL: Hockey Rink

I plan on adding some hockey fan features that will make the level interesting. Instead of making it the rink of one team specificlly, you can change the home team of the rink with a switch...allow for ppl to fight over their fav team :)

2005-11-22 20:51:07
Need Members

Right now I'm looking for members who would like to participate

2005-11-22 13:56:54
Great Progress!

Things are well on their way and things are looking better now that I know how to make animated mats. I've added an attic to the house to add more flow throughout the level. All I have left to do is create the upstairs and then I'll go into more detail with some other rooms.

I hope to have a Beta for testing available by the end of the month.

2005-11-06 19:28:27
Need a Special kind of Mat

I'm looking for an animated Lava lamp mat that I could put on my two lava lamps. If theres anyone that can make a mat like this please let me know how or if you can put one together quickly for me that would be even better!

2005-10-28 22:02:47
First level since starting up again

After coming out of 3 year retirement from JK editing I thought it would be fun to play around with it again. I'm so surprised to see people still working on this game! I've got skill now so I'm glad, I'll submit a screenshot when I finish adding my mats and 3do's to the level. So far I've only built the architexture of my house (3 stories/basement/main/top) which is a recreation of my own house.

Would a house work for the Hub Level pack? It's almost the size of the one room idea, and with the added vents and ways to move about the house it will be fast paced