2009-11-08 16:07:24
Reactivate your spazzletron matrix!

I've got a few more screenshots up and running. I've built myself into a bit of a corner, however: I made a really big sector and now I have to fill it up with details. Usually I make small sectors so I don't need to come up with a million random things to keep the level visually interesting.

The idea for this level is to be very vertical, I'll post a wireframe shot so people can get an idea of the layout.

2009-11-03 00:07:11
Get your wiggle on

As per Goit's suggestion that I stop procrastinating and get a wiggle on, I've done a bit more work today. The entire lower observation deck is complete and now I've built an elevator to the empty space which will be occupied by a large space reactor dealie.

However I'm calling it a day at this point as I now have to reverse-engineer JK's elevator cogs...this probably isn't going to be too big a job but I not tonight - I'm pretty bad at cogging and it's already like 1 am here.

2009-11-01 19:52:04
I made more stuff

I haven't updated in a couple weeks, and while great progress has been made as regards smack-talking the other editors actual work on the level has been pretty slow.

In any case I've included some new screenshots as well as a wireframe view so people can see my overall progress. My level looks like a horseshoe magnet thing.

I've also got most of the script written.

2009-10-14 23:37:32
Triangle Floors Inbound

I made a couple more hallways (or corriodoeures of the Finns call them). Still chugging away...

2009-10-08 17:39:28
Still Going

My copy of MotS arrived so I've been starting work on my space-station thing. I've also been working on some animations, I've run into a little trouble with PJedi though. Hopefully I get that figured out soon, then I can bring you more screenshots of droids dancing the robot and stuff.

2009-09-29 23:07:27
My Contest Entry

Kyle Katarn: Space Mercenary is the temporary title for my entry into Massassi's latest level contest. It's going to be an Anachronox-style single player adventure game thing for MotS.

That's assuming I can learn how to mod JK real quick like. I've posted a couple screens of some basic level design and key file editing/cogging.