2011-06-07 14:20:55
T09 Update

This map's gone 2.5 years without any proper testing. Brewed it up the other day and a player got stuck. New Version out now!

2009-08-05 13:44:43

Well this is my first proper map this year, and it's finally completed! Have fun. Supports 13 players.

2008-10-09 07:15:51
Happy 11th Birthday JK!

Its 11 years since this awesome game was released! (I'm old haha). Thanks to the survival of the jkhub, it is still around today! w00t

2008-09-11 16:45:09
Final Out Now!!

Final Version is available now...

If you spot any bugs, please inform me immediately!

2008-09-01 14:18:10
Another Deathmatch

I'll be posting some screenies of another deathmatch I quickly brewed up. Features amazing* architechture!

*Capable in JkEdit!

2008-08-22 15:33:26
Level Up

The level is now available for download. New features include the Day/Night Mode and the cogs which ZeqMacaw has made.

Thanks again Zeq :D!

2008-08-18 13:23:16
Level Nearly Done!

The level is nearly finished. ZeqMacaw's just got to do a few more things cogwise. The level should be available to download soon!

2008-01-28 14:28:17

I've updated this level because I noticed there were no shields, besides that, I have added a few more things, you will be able to notice them straight away. One of them is the train cog. It doesn't stop when its turning. It will carry on to the other platform.

2008-01-16 12:35:08
New Version Out

This version is the final version. This version fixes the boards and adds an extra player to the game, now being 5 players.


2008-01-15 05:50:33
The levels finished

I finally released on the hub {after all that rigorous testing lol}. You can now get it at the downloads page.


2008-01-03 06:44:57
New Levels

Two new levels have been added to the pack.

MERC Oasis 2

2008-01-03 02:51:37
It appears not to have been fixed.

I am now uploading a finalized version.
This version aims to fix the rotation errors and Jedi High School has been removed. Instead Ancient Sith Arena has been put in it's place.

2008-01-02 12:22:35
TSK Level Pack Fixed

The Level Pack is now fixed. Find it in the downloads section.

2008-01-01 14:04:27
New Server

I have a new server. I will be releasing a level pack of the greatest levels in JK history. If you feel your level needs tobe added. Please say in the forums. Thanks.

2007-12-19 05:34:51
New Version Released

I have released a new version of this level. Please delete the old gob file.

This new version includes:

1) Fixes a lighting problem.
2) Railgun Secret has been removed.
3) Health and Shields are now added.
4) Bacta Tanks are now added.

Thanks for reading and playing.

KB {or TSK_Ben on mIRC}

2007-04-30 13:01:51
"This is not JK", well it is!

As Gnarl has seen, my impersonation of the movie trailer guy Don LaFontaine. I am now offering you the chance of having my impersonation onto the beginning.

Classic ones such as:

"In the {name of level}, you must fight to survive".

"Welcome to {name of level}"

Post your requests on the forum, and you'll get one by 24hrs.

2007-04-14 14:18:39
Hmm. An Organized Match

Right, you've probably downloaded it, what did you think, fancy a game (bearing i can't host!). Reply to the topic and I'll see if Me and other's could make it.


2007-04-10 09:59:21
Level Released (Yesterday)

Heya there, the level was released very late (GMT). Could you rate the level for me and see what you think? Thanks...

2007-04-09 00:50:54
Level Plans

Hi there, this is going to be like a DS3 kinda level, dark, quite big. I found out how to make curved rooms on JKEdit, very simple, should be up soon.

2007-03-18 08:44:34
All my stuff that was never completed, or my stuff that was completed but never released!

blah blah , hav a look

2007-03-17 14:53:44
Level Naming...

I had plans to call it "Imperial Outpost", but thats, lame, and too common level name. If you have an idea, post in the forum, then I will credit you, in the loading of the game.

2007-03-15 14:52:01
New Level

I have spent ages designing this quite rather small level though, for once is actually has curved rectangular rooms... I've spent about 2/3 months on this. The level will be available by Saturday (GMT) I hope

2006-05-21 01:24:24
Level finished!

Yay at last.... a proper deathmatch everyone will like (inc. Beefcaike)

2006-03-04 23:14:54
Just finished the level

wohoo! 5 Weeks it has taken me to make. When you go into the cantina, the music playing is my own. It is copyright to me. If you'd like to use it. Please say here or at my forums;

2006-02-09 06:39:51
The Project

This is quite a weird project for me as it is no editing or modding.

What is it? This project bases audio. As for Dralloc Sirhc 3, The Intro is "Welcome to Dralloc Sirhc 3". Would you like something like that on your level eg "Welcome to the Zone." If you do just ask at the forum. I will support MotS JO and JA in this too. If you have JO, JA or MotS, you may can post a message in the forum!

2006-01-22 05:05:10
Level Done

Thanks for the slow-mo cog Cavey!

2006-01-22 04:54:56
Level is done...

I started this ages ago and I found in a folder somewhere so I resumed to it and the slow-mo COG is Cavey's. Thanks man!

2006-01-19 11:06:36
Just a note of caution....

If you remember the other level which I made, (which one? lol) Death Match Battle Station. The Wav File is copyright so please email me at or you can add me on msn messenger if you would like to use the wav. Thanks. I too plan for an update of the level around next Wednesday.

2006-01-16 11:42:15
Level is complete

"Everything is proceeding as I have forseen", Darth Sidious

While I hope this level is successful... I just want to say that it can get very crazy... Just to warn you dont press the switches more than 8 times (remotes) it crashed on my PC this morning (11:00 GMT)

2006-01-08 11:59:44
Downloads will be updated now!

I did say... I'm just editing the download page... The Finalest Version will be made!

2006-01-08 09:30:38
New Cog that will enhance the level

Hell Raiser has made a cog for me this morning (GMT 9:00 I think) and it I like to say thanks to him. It will be very funny when it will be in use lol.

NB: Download's have not been updated yet... I will inform you when it is available for download.

2006-01-06 13:07:16
Added New Room

Added a new room called the Quiet Room. This is because:

The music can get irritating
Players that need to go somewhere must say "brb" and they go there. No player is allowed to attack them whilst they are in that room.

2006-01-06 11:13:14
Few Changes!

A Few changes will be made to the level... Next release... Next 36 hours at least!

2006-01-05 13:14:44

The level is complete... Better than most of my levels... It is a must...

2006-01-01 13:39:43
Snow Valley

This is one of the best levels i have made. The longest i have taken 5 days. Despite the time the level is quite small. This level features:

3 Jumping Pads (Like in Morpheus)
1 Elevator
2 Trains (1 working, 1 not)
3 Forcefields
2 Cameras. Excellent Views of the level.
1 Bridge

2005-07-31 02:14:18
Other Stuff

I have added some other features too. Look at the screenshots section to see what i have changed.....

2005-07-28 13:28:53

I changed the sky and layout slightly. Has 12 Gun Turrets that are fully functional.

2005-07-23 07:40:16
Destruction Zone

This level will be a multiplayer level asap
To play V me or see if i am hosting any games on JK tcp/ip connection type "KB". (minus the quotes)
my email address is