2009-10-07 12:51:07
Version 4

Some design changes:
- Cut out the center of the main crosshair
- 1st person horizontal lines are now just end and center markings
- 3rd person diagonal has fewer dashes

Hopefully fewer distracting things to get in your line of vision.

2009-10-02 13:06:48
Version 3

Version 3 has horizontal lines to estimate the distance of an enemy so you know approximately where on the diagonal line the projectile will hit. The line is around the width of the enemy's waist or chest, depending on the model.

Apparently 3rd person crosshair works best in 1680x1050 and is quite a bit off in other resolutions.

2009-10-01 22:53:00
Version 2

Version 2 of green (and now gray, for 3rd person) has been uploaded. Works best on 16x10, check it out.

2009-10-01 21:22:06

I realized I did not make any crosshair for 3rd person (external) view. I will work on that and add version 2. Also, it is confirmed that different versions will need to be made for different aspect ratios.

2009-10-01 17:45:57

Half hour of fiddling and I have released version 1 of a green, accurate (to a point) crosshair. I run the game in 16x10, but try it in another aspect and let me know if it is centered for you. I suspect it will not be.

2006-05-07 21:04:44
New Decision

After discussing it with others, I've decided to have a program written that will combine files from JK's resources and (when completed) the new sounds that I created in replace of the lo quality MotS sounds.

ZeqMacaw has agreed to write the program for this. I'm probably going to have the option on the program to use the sounds I make or keep the MotS low-quality sounds. It's likely that a few sounds directly from MotS will be used unedited because they sound good enough.

Even though you may not care much, the higher quality sounds really make the game more impressive when playing.

2006-05-06 12:30:42

I uploaded a test version of the file. Just place it in the resource folder and test it out.

2006-05-06 11:11:58

Last night I started to transfer the files from the sound directory and kept track of files not in Jedi Knight's resource. There are 208 that I will either have to edit or re-create.

Because I'm not an editor, I don't know what everything in this resource file are.

In the "ui" directory, there are files with the extensions ".uni" ".bm" and ".sft" ...what are these? Should I use the files for this from the MotS resource file or JK resource file?

Then comes the voice files. I'm thinking of just using the default sound files from the MotS resource file.

2006-05-05 18:38:03

I put some info in the description and if anyone wants to help or has questions, post in the forum.