2012-07-29 12:02:22

Hey guys, it's been a long time.

I just wanted to put an update and let everyone know that a year or two ago Zeq gave me the files to take over the patch work. As you saw, I've already done work (translucent lightsaber, etc). I also added loads of new cog functions that have yet to be mentioned that should prove very useful for those still into modding.

I'll be home for vacation in the coming weeks. During this time I'll try to finish up my work and get the latest JKUP out the door. It haunts me that I progressed it ahead of the current version and it hasn't seen the light of day yet.

I just need to get the patcher app to properly patch with the new features, then I can upload the very latest (and possibly last) JKUP. :)

Happy modding!


2010-12-20 22:17:45
More news

Forgot to mention this the other day, wasn't around for a bit.

I've changed the new additive blending to use the color channels as the blending factor. This allows for high-res textures to be used with proper blending, rather than relying on the 1bit transparency alpha. The only requirement is that the textures used have a background color of pure black and that they be saved as transparent mats (try to use the old Mat16 for this, the new ones use 15 for a transparent color, which is going to clip the material in-game).

2010-12-18 06:31:28
More saber madness!

I successfully patched JK to use additive blending when a surface is both translucent (face flags 0x2) and is using a transparent material. :) See screenshots for comparisons.

2010-12-17 01:29:28
New saber stuff

With Zeq's help in learning how to patch JK, I successfully found a way to make sabers translucent, meaning I can move away from the bugger + shaped lightsabers and use JKs normal saber rendering. This also lets me dynamically modify the width of the saber, allowing me to give it a flicker effect. :D

I've uploaded some screenshots. I'll likely reduce their width as the thinner they are, the less visible the clipping that the base and tip cause. I'm looking into a way to force them to render behind the main saber, which should remove the issue.

The sabers won't be much thinner. I'm aiming for something similar to the cutscenes. :)

I've also been experimenting with AI and lightsaber trails. I've been successful thus far, with stock JK to boot. I simply run a loop (via timer to free the pulse message for force powers) and check for JK Flags 0x2, which indicate that the saber can collide, and set the weapon to a fan mesh when it's active. JK Flag 0x2 is set via keyframe, so the fan is only active when the AI is attacking. Thus you can manipulate the fan via keyframe markers. :D

2010-12-04 05:02:25
Holy crap... you're still here?!

Hah yeah. Every now and again I get back into JK for a bit/a while. I plan to keep it going as a small side-hobby, just for fun.

I've got a... secret project in the works (I don't want to reveal anything until it gets further into development) but there's a few teaser screenshots that I uploaded. Just a few weapon models, nothing insane really. They're still heavy WIP (the DL-44 is going through a remodeling stage right now) but I'm pretty happy with the direction they're going.

Let's just say that the gun system's been reworked some and it's going along with a saber system we all know and love. >.>

2009-10-27 18:40:54
Yet another restart.

Scrapped the last map due to it having an awful gameplay design. It looked pretty, sure, but it's just awful when it comes to actually playing it.

So, I started from scratch (again), but this time using high-resolution textures. Gameplay layout is much better and should provide for some entertaining gameplay. It also looks pretty good.

Anyway.. yep. It's pretty much done actually. I might make another one >.>

2009-10-13 18:52:26
Starting from scratch.

Starting fresh so that the map will work for both JK and MotS. I will be entering the MotS version into the contest as the colored lighting gives it an edge over the JK version and because there seems to be a lack of MotS entries, not to mention I've never made a MotS map before.

I've uploaded a screenshot. There's a few lighting issues that need to be worked out, but since the lighting is still WIP, it can be excused.

2009-09-30 23:56:39

Thought I'd jump back into JK editing for a bit to celebrate the wrapper release and steam release. :D

This is my contest entry. No screens yet, but there will be eventually.

2009-05-13 17:06:44

I left out the new block animations in the last release >.<

The orange lightsaber doesn't seem to be included, resulting in an odd white short lightsaber.

Don't worry, new release should be fairly soon.

2009-05-13 09:14:08
Beta 6

Bug fixes.

Lightsabers now cause bubbles under water in every level.

No more underwater tint flickering when in first person with the lightsaber selected.

Other tweaks.

2009-05-12 18:24:01
Beta 5 Released

Get it in the downloads section.


GlowSaberX, Beta 5, May 12 2009.


Place the GSX.gob file in your mods folder, ALONG with JKE.

Place the JK.DLL and JK.EXE files in your JK directory. - you may rename it to avoid overwriting your current JK.exe (SithLord's exe contains features unavailable in the GSX exe.)


Glowing lightsabers with motion trails.

New lightsaber sounds and special effects (saber clashes)

Fixed BGJ's river in multiplayer.

Toggle saber by selecting the saber a second time (push 10 to turn off, 10 to turn back on, etc.)

New JK Unofficial Patch (unsupported by ZeqMacaw)


Lightsaber wall marks have been removed due to bugs.

Underwater bubbles do not appear, but sounds still play.

Lightsabers still clip through transparent surfaces, as the fix is level-based, and not mod-based.

Other bugs may be present.


2009-05-10 10:03:52

A few updates.

- Verb library has been extended from Surface verbs, to the Thing Action verbs (includes custom cog verbs).

- Finished the Add Symbols option, as well as the Add Statement section.

- Changed layout.

- Fixed the Notes window. Now stays ontop until close.

- Closing with the X now prompts a save window.

- Cogs re-added to file list.

- Save function changed to save an already open file without prompt.

- Save As button added for prompt save.

2009-05-10 04:26:13

Just released a small cog program I've been working on to brush up my programming skills.

Not quite as good as some of the alternatives, but it does support new cog verbs.

Either way, check it out and give me some feedback.

2009-05-07 03:01:41
Working Menu Selection!

Thanks to Zeq, and his magic with the JK.exe, I have here an unofficial, unofficial patch, that has an included GetSaberSideMat cog verb, to accurately detect the players lightsaber color.

This allows for the regular JK system for color selection, so I can free up bins for modders. :D

2009-05-03 05:07:42

By alternating each portion of my little + figure saber blades, I've managed to remove all flickering.

Yes. That's right.

2009-05-02 16:27:20
A few tweaks...

Okay, so there is ONE gameplay element that has changed from the original JK.

That is, saber toggle.

Select your saber as usual, it ignites, same old same old. Select it again, and it deactivates.

It's pretty much like Jedi Outcast.

2009-05-01 13:33:40
Dark Jedi?

Yes. I've just completed the dark jedi sabers. Each of them has their very own GSX glowing saber :)

Also to note, is that Kyle appropriately picks up a yellow saber when fighting Sariss.

Check 'em out in the screenshots.

2009-05-01 10:10:45
Back at it again.

That's right!

GSX is in the making once again. However, there have been some heavy changes.

First off: no more new moves.

I want the gameplay to be 100% accurate to the original JK, crappy saber moves and extended blade damage and all.

This has already been worked in.

Second: I re-darkened the saber blades to match the movies more. By movies, I mean the ones with better saber effects, a.k.a Prequels. :P

Third: Thanks to LibSa Norec (and of course, "The Force Within" mod), I now have working saber scorch marks.

This took quite a bit of work. I had to make sure that, when the player is not attacking, the saber did make wall marks and seemed like it made damage, but not do any damage at all. Otherwise it would be rather easy to kill an opponent by merely positioning the saber into their body.

But, after all the hard work, I finally have it working. Saber does the exact same damage as it did before, with the exact same damage lengths (secondary fire's damage still hits beyond the saber blade).

2009-01-10 15:55:43
It's not forgotten!

I haven't given up on this project, if you were wondering lol

I've picked up again and started to improve models, change some scenery around, etc.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to make a co-op game, but I can definitely make it explorable :D

2008-12-05 00:42:02

I know a lot of you are wondering, "Where the heck is Xzero!? Why isn't he working on his Metroid Mod?"

Well I've taken a break, for a while, until I can come up with the motivation to continue the HUDs display and finish the mod.

I'm mostly disappointed with the way the gun looks. It's a shame JK didn't support envmapping, that'd be nice.

Anyway, I'll get to it sometime, but it'll be a few weeks (probably 2 or 3) before I start again. Might even take me until 2009 to start again, but trust me, it'll be worth it.

2008-11-01 01:07:04
Another small break

Taking a small break - been wasting pretty much all of my time getting things working, I think I'm taking a small break until I feel motivated to continue (a.k.a the next time I get into the Metroid thing.)

Shouldn't be too long. Maybe a week or so.

2008-10-26 13:29:58

Finally. I have COMPLETED the HUD model. It's as close to the original as I can get it to be.

I decided to go back to the MP2 HUD style since it's pretty much my favorite, and it's the only game I have with me right now that I can use as reference. MP3 is at my GFs with my PS3 lol

Well, all there is to do now is add the missile counters and stuff like that, along with their respective weapons.

Then I'm off to the levels!

2008-10-24 23:11:25
New Morph Ball

Great news! HellRaiser has kindly donated his morph ball code (along with spirals incredibly sexy morph ball model). Destroys anything I could have ever come up with.

I'm a little upset that I wasn't able to code the morph ball so well myself, but whatever, thanks guys!

I'll be tweaking the code until it works exactly the way I want it. I might make my own morph ball model, too.

I'm also reworking the weapon model to function a little better. The current one is well.. iffy.

2008-10-23 00:38:56

I just thought I'd let everyone know what version of JK this mod is compatible with.

In short: all.

Unpatched JK uses old verbs to generate most of the effects. However, this means it's less optimized and will lag more in MP, and may even cause glitches such as disapearing HUD and the inability to shoot.

Patched JK uses new verbs that replace fireProjectile, therefor reducing lag, and hopefully removing bugs that were present in the old system.

Hope that clears things up :)

(Wide-screen options are still present in Unpatched JK)

2008-10-22 14:28:33


Widescreen now has a working hud independent of that in a 4:3 aspect ratio.

You Widescreeners will be happy :)

The option is enabled in the Gameplay menu, in the options of course. It's under the name "Enable Wide-screen formats".

Currently only works with resolutions such as 1280x720, etc. (16:10 I believe).

Check the screenshots for comparisons!

2008-10-21 15:02:21
What's new?

I've changed a few things, and I figured I'd keep you guys up to date on what's done, what's being done, and what's planned. Check the forum for the updates.

2008-10-20 14:52:24
Better Video

No issues this time, since it's on youtube :P

There you go :D

2008-10-19 22:41:20
Gameplay Footage

Here are 2 videos of gameplay footage (note: Around 20MB+ for each)

The Return Home to Sulon(No Sound):

The Jedi's Lightsaber (Note the end of the video where I swing the screen around. That's the dynamic HUD stuff I was talking about):

2008-10-19 22:22:11
On the move

Project is on the move again. Just finished a few features:

- Target system targets enemies for ease. (Might be changing it's effect based on player difficulty.) Left hand holds the weapon while locked-on.

- Reworked the entire HUD. Textured from scratch, modeled from scratch.

- HUD now moves dynamically with your body; no more static block for a weapon. (Took me a long time.)

- When looking up, samus will hold her weapon with her left hand (like when locked on to an enemy)

- Still working on fixing the crashing bug.

- HUD system needs a little tweaking, but I've got the system ready. You have several health "reserves" (little blue boxes above the health meter) that define how much HP you have. You can have 15 reserves, each at 99HP. This means, if you have all of the containers, that you have a maximum of 1600HP. Don't worry, I won't be allowing this many in MP, and SP will be tough.

2008-08-13 13:48:59

Trying to make it less CoDish :P

Well, I haven't touched my model in a while, but I have added a nice little feature that I'll have to continue to work on to get it perfect.


rofl, basically, you activate it, it runs off mana, and while activated, lights up the game (like force seeing in SBX and IRGoggles) and targets anything in view, so if someone is hidden well, they're not anymore. lol

Working on getting it to be cooler then just a stupid reticule over enemies and items.

2008-08-09 16:23:44
Change of heart?

Maybe... Sexy_lexy. thanks :)

I won't be continuing this mod until more people are willing to support it, however, I will continue to play with Zed, because, well.. it's become an obsession lol

2008-08-05 20:36:38

Finally got around to making a project. I'll probably be taking a little break for a while, I'll start up again tomorrow or after that. Don't worry though, the guns will be done for sure.

2008-07-17 01:16:30

Progress is at a standstill. I need new textures and I'm waiting for kirby to draw some sketches for me. When those come in expect things to rocket forward. As for now, not much will change except maybe some cogs and such.

2008-07-15 00:31:19
Help needed!


I've got some 3ds models I'd like to convert to 3do. I need someone who can both convert the files to 3do and lower their poly-count to work with JK. Anyone up for it? I'm going to continue work on the level while these things are done :)

2008-07-13 22:37:17

Thanks for all your support guys! It's really keeping me up to the task. It's greatly appreciated :D

Anyway, I've uploaded a few screenshots of the city scapes progress. So far, there are a few ties and other ships that flyby outside. Cogs were reused from my other city level. :D

2008-07-07 00:40:00
Nar Loading Terminal

Yep. I'm the only one working on this still xD

Remaking levels for JK.. funfun.

Right, so the first level, Nar Loading Terminal.

I've done everything that Halucid had in his concepts. Now it's up to you guys to help me out cuz otherwise this isn't going to happen :P

2008-04-20 17:31:16

It's been a while!

I've been working on this forever in my spare time, and I finally decided to showcase something here ;)

Umm, well first things first. I pulled a ruthven and turned Easy, Medium and Hard difficulties into graphical settings. On low, it should run fairly well on any PC that's at least a few years old.

On high though.. well.. you'll probably need a pumping PC beacuse even with my current bulk machine it lags >.<

Anyway, I hope to get working on the inside of the temple sooner or later, and finally expand the level to look much, much, larger ;)

2008-02-04 20:37:41
Metroid Prime 3 - Corruption

I just bought it today. Played through the first little bit. Freaking. Wicked. Game.

I had a few idea's pop into my head while playing it, hopefully I'll be able to get them done :D

2008-02-04 13:24:19
New Stuff

I haven't uploaded any images, and I'm currently posting this news from a different location.

Just updating the page, letting you all know that I've once again reconstructed the HUD, and am working on making everything into the model instead of textures. It'll give better depth.

Also, I've once again reconstructed the weapon model, and have completed the Samus model. Uploads coming soon, I'll update when I get further into a new update.

Anyway, tata for now ;)

2008-01-21 14:43:31

Obviously, from the shots, you'll notice my first submission in this section is my new water.

Unfortunately, 3/4 of the dang population of these wackjob JK sites don't have bright enough monitors to see it.. what a pity...

Anyway, I've uploaded brighter shots, and 2 level tests for you guys to see it in action yourselves. The first one is a regularly dark lighted setting, the second is a more bright setting. Chose whichever one you like best.

2008-01-19 12:07:57

I still work on stuff now and then. I'll be using this project to showcase anything I do. Pretty much my Tidbits ;)

2007-12-26 22:40:16
New PC

I got a new PC for christmas. I'm working on getting all of my files to my new PC, however, it's not a priority at this point.

I haven't been working on the mod too much, to say the least. But, I do have some of the hilts done, and more on the way eventually.

Anyway, stay tunned here for more info once I get the files up.

(P.S: I have another level on the way.)

2007-10-06 15:58:59
Bug fixes


Here's a list of the bugs I've finished so far.

- Saber On/Off switch works again
- Block motion trails work properly for the spin attack.
- Rear stab now has trails and makes sound.

2007-10-05 02:15:14
Checksum.. SOLVED!

I fixed the checksum errors. Finally :D

Now onto more important things, like fixing the saber trail glitches and such.

I'll be uploading a beta as soon as I finish the basics of the saber. After that, it's on to new moves and such.

2007-09-23 18:58:41
Back in Action

I've returned to this project to finish the models ;)

I'm not going to remake any character models as Shred has done a great job already.

This is, more or less, my own little weapon personalization as well as a nice little world model recreation ;) (I've already made a bunch of crates and stuff)

2007-09-16 15:13:22
New Moves

I've managed to get the cog to work with new attack animations. I haven't animated all of them yet, so you pretty much just do the same moves as primary fire.

I have pretty much the same system for primary fire as in SBX. I've completely tweaked the secondary fire to behave exactly like the first, at the exception of more complex attacks (that I can hopefully animate...)

2007-09-12 19:46:47
New Features In Progress

That's right. I've got a few more features in works.

First, saber trails are completed. All I have to do is apply them to the rest of the hilts. The hilts may take a while, so I'm not going to wait until I'm done to release this mod.

The key new feature is a working saber on/off button. I've animated a few new saber moves and I'm still working on getting them into the game.

Also, I've rearranged the force powers ;)
I really hated the light/dark duality, and my idea was to swap some powers.

Here's the new list:


Throw (Throw is pretty much picking up stuff and throwing it, which Yoda technically does.)
Grip (Luke uses grip in ep6)
Heal (Obvious...)
Absorb (Yoda uses absorb lots)

Protection (Obvious too)

Light side info:

The reason for this new arrangement of force powers is to use grip in a more defensive way. For example, you could grip someone, and while they're busy being choked, you can quickly use heal, instead of blasting them with Destruction.


Blind (Yun uses blind, as well as pic.)
Persuasion (Pic and Yun use this too.)
Lightning (Way too obvious. Emperor, Dooku, etc.)
Destruction (Jerec uses it. It obviously has a dark nature.)

Deadly Sight (Might change the force power effect)

Dark side info:

The reason for this new arrangement of force powers is to use blind and persuasion in a more offensive way. Instead of using blind to quickly evade, or using persuade to evade, you can use them to sneak up on your opponent and destroy them with destruction or lightning.

I've done a few force power tweaks, most are pretty common. Ex: Toggle powers, more lightning in Force Lightning, etc.

More to come. Suggestions are welcome in the forum.

PS: This mod is evolving past GlowSabers. I will be releasing GlowSaberX as it's regular saber mod, only updating the saber trails. This mod will be continued under a new name (this project will remain GlowSaberX); Star Wars: Legends of the Force.

2007-09-04 13:36:42
A few new ideas.

Since passing checksum is nearly impossible with this mod, I've got a few idea's I'd like to share ;)

I've been tweaking the saber glow to make it look more like the cutscenes. However, I think I'll make a few options.

I'm thinking:

1. You can change the thickness of your lightsaber depending on which Color Pack you download. Each color pack comes with the original JK colors (Blue, Green, Red, Dark Red, Yellow, Orange and Purple) in their corresponding size.

2. When switching thickness, you gain more power out of your lightsaber, but slow down your movements. Some people don't mind sacrificing speed for mass power, a good placed hit can do good damage.

3. I might attempt motion trails.

4. I *may* add some new moves and tweak the battle system, who knows..

Of course, changing thickness might make your saber look a little odd, so I'll be tweaking the sabers myself to make sure they all look proper. The smallest saber blade will look like JK sabers (the cutscenes). Or at least.. that's what I'm going for.

(I might not do any of these ideas, they're just speculations, and I'm just throwing them out in the open.)

2007-09-01 06:05:56

I'm working on this slowly but surely, whenever I find the time and motivation to do so.

I've noticed there are many things that need to be tweaked but I'll get there eventually.

There are still some glitches within the mod, such as:

- The lightsaber always has a core stuck to it (I know how to fix it, I just haven't gotten around to it yet.)

- Some levels don't seem to load the lightsaber glow properly, and I have no idea why (The only level up to date that's done this is Caeser's Palace.)

- Restarting a level after dying in Single player resets the lightsaber, so it doesn't glow. (I'll be fixing this very soon.)

Possible future features are more combat moves, quicker fight movements, perhaps a lightstaff, a lightsaber on/off switch and possibly a retexture of the lightsaber blades (I find them to look a little odd right now.)

2007-08-30 07:56:42
Lighting In Progress

Yep, the textures are done, and now I'm working on the lighting.

I'm running into a few problems here and there, but I'll get around them, I just have to play with the surfaces until the lights look right. :)

2007-08-27 02:19:31

Man, I've reconstructed this level soo many times I think I'm going to be sick.

Anyway, I've got the basic structure down and done with, all that's left to do is item placement, texturing, lighting and some cog work.

Anyway, I'm off to start work on the textures, adios!

2007-08-26 20:20:42
Taking Over

I've decided to continue this project for Luv-Bunneh.

I've been working on it for the past little while and I guess it's time to reveal what I've done.

2007-03-18 12:12:19
I know.. I know..

Hurrah for HDR effects! All I have left is to smooth the transition between the bright and dark (theres only 1 between right now.) And cog in the darkening of the indoor areas.

That shouldn't be too too hard. Keep in mind, it's only a test. The final product is probably going to be inside of my MachtKampf level or something.

Also. If someone can help me... everytime I try to get into the reactor room area, the game completely crashed. The level's always had a problem with the JK patches, so I'm not sure if that's the problem or not... I'll have to test.

2007-03-02 14:58:11
Final Project

I was clearing my Hard Drive for other things when I noticed, I accidentally deleted my Anarchy level.... :(

Annnyway, I don't have much time for Editing anymore, and I don't really do anything, so, I've decided that this will be my official last project. There *may* be more if I ever get bored, but as it is, this will be my last level.

So, I give you,

By the way... I could really use some texture ideas heh...

2007-02-04 14:44:23
I've been at this all weekend.

And I'm still working on it :D

The level basically revolves around random teleportals, hence the "Anarchy"

Note for the screenshots: I've already changed the lightings angle and the sector tints. They're still in progress so don't think the level will be red like that forever.

2007-01-16 18:55:56
I've been so bored

I keep making levels and deleting them, well.. this might not be the best level, but it's a start ;)

Hopefully it turns out okay, I'm trying to make use of Zeq's texture limit remover so I can make this level look somewhat decent. Also, I might need help with some cog work and also, some type of living details, to make the map seem more lifelike.

Anyway, enjoy the shots. :)

2006-12-24 13:32:51
Dead Cell 2 - Released!

Although the release may be only a beta, I only call it a beta because a few things need to be tweaked, but those few things are much too small and shouldn't affect the gameplay whatsoever. Anyway, catch it in the downloads section and be ready to flame some peeps!

Note: The concusion rifle and Raildet haven't been added to the level as of yet due to a lack of place. However, possibly in an updated release, I will add the conc and raildet. Not sure yet.

2006-12-10 08:46:29
Gameplay elements

I suppose I should release the plot of gameplay for my contest entry before someone else gets the idea :)

"The main gameplay element will be the spawning of random laser grids, locking and trapping players into specific places of the map. The lights will then dim to black and no light will be seen, other then that of the lasers. Players must then hide or sneak up on their opponents. Once the lasers deactivate and the lights return, players will have their freedom to attack their enemies. This should give the game some surprise as to where their opponents are."


From close

From far

This is my little way of simulating cheap parrallax mapping in JK, actually cleave the surface into the wall and just unadjoin the adjoins from far, making the original surface appear flat, saving framerate.

2006-12-07 15:22:30
Cog Help Needed

I need some help with a cog, if anyone can help pitch in for this job, let me know in the forum :D

What I need, is a cog that can disable adjoins from a certain distance. This is for something special, I'm not going to say what, but just trust me :D (This is for something I like to call Aspect Amplification Compression (AAC) - You'll see soon enough. :P)

Thanks whoever can help :D

Forum can be found here:

EDIT: I'd also like to request a cog that does the same for 3do's, both render from a distance and render from up close.

2006-12-03 12:18:04
Ready for the second contest.

I'm back and ready for the second HLP with Dead Cell 2! Hopefully it lives up to the original Dead Cell in terms of gameplay and visuals. But this time, a few new tricks and treats are being prepared for all of you. ;)

2006-03-17 19:22:50

I fixed several bugs and added a few enhancements :D

-Fixed most of the seams (Now only occurs when looking in the direction of the windows, I will try to fix it more then that, but it may be beyond my power.)
-Fixed the elevator, it now moves to the bottom floor after reaching the top.
-Added new glowing lights (3dos that act like sprites, my first ever clean functioning cog.)
-Last but not least, I added something very special behind the lasers for you all. Some Healthpacks! YAY^^ oh wait, they are behind lasers... crud >.>

All of my ideas have been implimented, from the moving clouds to the glowing lights, I have everything in there now and it's all ready for download! :D

2006-03-14 20:15:22
Models for use!

Anyone who wishes to use my models, give me an email or contact me via IRC (Email: , IRC: Orbitz)

I think I'm going to continue working on some of these saber models and hand them to HR for his "Live by the Force" mod..

2006-01-19 13:31:28
Temp Textures

I made some temporary textures for the bryar.

Go check out the shots and download the beta :D

(Beta includes the jkr_seifer.gob from the JKR downloads section. The seifer set can be found at

2005-12-24 07:34:59
3rd Update

Yay. I managed to finish off the level. Report any bugs if you find any...

Note: Theres a possible need of the adjoin limit remover patch. Also, forgot to add this to the readme, thanks to Shred and Phantom Coder for the cloud 3do (Originally a skybox)

2005-12-22 18:32:59

I was working on my DotF level, and I ran into the coolest thing.

1024 MATS IN JK!!!! I didn't cut it up or anything, it works perfectly!

Anyway, I'm not sure how I did it, but it works. Only 1 of them. I'm gonna get a zip of the files up for analysation so you guys can check it out. Until then, have fun with screenshots xD

IMPORTANT EDIT: This doesn't not work while using a non transparent mat.

2005-12-04 16:35:24

Got the textures in there now :D

Also, working on getting a beta up, so stay informed :D

Also thinking about brightening the level...

2005-12-04 13:49:52

Alright, so I got around to posting this level and came up with a name for it.

Anyway, I have some of the beta shots up (I have it textured already, but might as well wait until I'm completely done texturing.)

2005-11-20 08:26:57
2nd Update

Got item placement in, added some clouds that move outside, added landscape. Need to test the item placement and game flow before continuing, if you want to help out, let me know.

2005-11-17 14:47:07

Got a name for the death match! Thanks halucid. (This isn't the same level though).

Anyway, I pretty much have everything done now, but I have to add dynamic lights, some more effects, item placement, blah blah etc.

2005-10-30 10:45:49
Stage 1 (Alpha)

Stage 1 (Alpha) of my contest level is almost complete. ARchi is almost done and I have some slight effects in there.

2005-10-16 10:32:29

Yeah, another project... lol

Anyway, I have a small beta and screenshots for everyone.

2005-09-18 17:42:25


2005-09-18 08:11:09
Something Special

I have something special for all of you.

The city is now dynamic! Ships flying by, civilians in the walkways and ambiant sound. More to come!

2005-09-17 13:37:14

Yep, my early test for outdoors buildings has become very successfull for me, so I'm going to make it into a full MP level.

I'm also thinking about making a SP version where you must infiltrate the base.

2005-09-01 14:29:13
New bryar

I completely remodeled the bryar pistol.

I need someone to make some textures. If anyone is willing to make some textures for some weapons let me know on the forum.

2005-08-29 20:42:46

This is project 100. :D

Anway, this is gonna be the home of my new acid level.

2005-08-26 07:49:37

I didn't add anything, I just did a spell check lol

2005-08-21 11:42:29

I've uploaded 8 screenshots of the level. They are all brightened so you can see everything. It looks ok ingame but when looking at screenshots it's very dark.

2005-08-13 19:37:59

Yeah, I have a alpha on the priority 1 page, but meh, it deserves it's own little corner in the hub.

2005-08-12 16:27:06

I'm going to start remaking the sounds in JK. I'm going to upgrade their quality, recreate some of them and make JK's default sounds obsolete.

2005-07-26 18:25:14

Alright, for some time now I have been working on a new level name Priority 1. After the thunderstorm that erased my deathmatches and damaged my router, I decided I should make another level.

This is going to be the first official level. All others are now rated as test levels.
I am giving you some small spoilers.

2005-07-14 18:55:35

This is going to be my release place for my high quality models. The may not be as good as Shred or JediKirby's work, but thats because I'm not a Expert :D

2005-07-14 15:45:09
Alright, I'm on the move.

Ok, I made a new death match, but this time, I thaught, why not make it a JKArena level! :D

So heres a new Jedi Knight arena level for you arena folks.

2005-07-07 10:29:50

Since I pretty mutch can't do anything to my first death match, I am going to find it a name and release it. This one is my second.

Screenshots are available and soon will a beta.

2005-07-04 13:35:39
Beta 2.1

Beta 2.1 has been released with more stuff.

-Changed the Duelpits halls

-Replaced the water area with a new duelplatform suspended by pillars.

-New Skybox

2005-06-20 10:45:53
Beta 2!

New beta released! Yep, I sure do like to release betas, but hey, YOU need to try out and tell me if my progress is good. lol

Heres some small details:

-Added limelite ads (To give them credit for the textures :D)

-Relocated the spectator room, and now it's just a window to let the light in. Who needs spectator areas? lol (You can still watch fights thaugh.)

-Retextured most of the level, and I'm working on a new conveyor (once again) that doesn't look like stone lol

2005-06-18 20:28:27

Wow, I have no life lol

I released another beta, :D

2005-06-18 09:02:57
Beta 1 Released!

Another Beta has been released. Here are the changes:

- Lighting
-The mountains are now lighten to match most of the level.

- Cogs
-Added the conveyor and antigravity cogs.

- Glitches
-Fixed the DFLT Mat glitch and others as well

- Texturing
-I changed a few textures and played around with some stuff.

2005-06-17 19:17:27
Beta .9 Released!

A small beta version of DeathMatch is now available for download.

2005-06-17 18:44:44

I'v been working day and night on this new level, and so far so good, I applied the lighter plugin and saved it as a new beta, and I took these screenshots.

Tell me what you think.

2005-06-12 17:17:27

Alright, this is a small death match created to be original (lol)

2005-06-12 10:01:44

As you can see I am Bored, so I'm making a new castle level with the same design as the Mario 64 Castle.

2005-06-11 21:02:53
Beta Relesed!

I forgot to mension this when I relesed the beta of FY_Snow.

Version 0.9 is now ready for you to try.

(Temporary skybox by Shred and Jedikirby)

2005-06-11 08:01:17
Public Announcement!

FY_Snow is coming soon! A beta will be released in the next 24 Hours.

2005-06-04 12:02:30
More Features!

Now you can see your legs thanks to PhantomCoder! :D

Im trying to make it so that instead of always having kyle arms in 1st person you can see your characters, it would be alot more realistic.

Plus i have some more updated skins sutch as Yun and Storm Troopers.

2005-05-28 18:45:51
Futur Features

New RPG Feature:

-Meditate and regain health and mana slowly

2005-05-27 15:45:51
The Jedi Order

New mod based off the highly popular mod Saber Battle X, including more features, improved gameplay and RPG additions make for the ultimate gaming experiance!

Features include:

-New saber graphics
-Saber graphics now have a actual glow (unnitexture) and have new motion trails.

-RPG Credits Feature
-Use the credits to buy items with the ammount of credits you currently have.
-Drop your credits and pay your friends (Not working yet, cog problems)

-New models
-New models sutch as: the bryar pistol, storm trooper rifle, player models and more (I need some ideas for some weapons)

-Target Locking
-Target locking while using your saber gives you a movie-like battle where you attack on target!

-Weapon Upgrades
-Bryar has a charge up shot like Jedi Outcast!
-StormTrooper rifle now has a power single shot for its primary fire and a less accurate and weaker but faster fire.
-Lightsabers have a few new moves! (I need some ideas for this)

-Grapple hook for those bounty hunters.