2009-09-28 12:40:26

Ok, for a lack of any better ideas, I have decided to start with *another* city themed level. Well it's been soo long since I've done any JK editing, I figure I would pick up where I left off.

2006-03-19 23:15:49
Beta 2 Download.

2nd beta avaliable.. download it and stop by the forums to let me know what you think. Not sure if you need the adjoin limit remover or not.. going to stay on the safe side and say yes. Framerate doesnt drop anything like it did in beta1

2006-03-03 00:38:48
First download now avaliable!

Beta1 is in the downloads. So please DL it and take a look at it *adjoin limit remover required*

But before loading up JK stop by the forum and check out the Beta1 sticky thread.

2006-02-21 20:14:47
No screenshots yet.

Just setting up this page while I work on this map. I've never entered a level contest before and after the quality of work I saw on the first JKHub contest. I wanted to be apart of it.

I'm getting a late start because I struggled on what to theme the level, but I figure why not do something I have experience with and want to try new ideas. I've already got a good base for laying the level out and it's already starting to take shape.

2005-08-16 15:32:24
Street3 on JKhub

Well, been slow these past couple weeks. I've made myself avaliable to help a friend of mine move which is taking ages.

Anyway, nothing really that new in the city part. I'm over half way finished skinning the human male civilian model.. Just havin a hard time skinning his face. I'll post screens when that's all finished.