2010-06-19 09:34:45
32-bit Rendering - Test 2

Changing the entire method of patching JK for 32-bit, the new ddraw.dll (JKUP 2010-06-19) allows the player to select between 16-bit and 32-bit modes in the Setup > Display screen. Everything in 32-bit should display the same as 16-bit.

This patch has the same features as the last one and renders correctly what was not rendering correctly before.

The download includes a txt file filled with details about the patch. Check it out.

2010-06-07 16:36:52
32-bit Rendering

I have uploaded the latest version of the ddraw wrapper. This one adds 32-bit rendering and a 16-bit zbuffer so that newer video card drivers will dither. For those that wanted me to work on this, I expect to hear from you soon. :P

2009-08-09 17:47:08
A New JK Era Begins

Get the latest JKLauncher in the Downloads section.

Let the new JK era begin.

2008-07-30 12:38:05
Testing and Improving

I have added a few twists to MERC Oasis 2 map.

- PermaConc, so there isn't nonsense about "ng" and "leave packs".
- Unused bactas are left in packs.
- Several different kill announcements, including two for headshot kills.
- Two force hotkeys are used in no force games for voice taunts.

I plan to change some textures and remove the unneeded conc powerups. Also, I might add in spectator mode features.

2008-05-04 13:41:16
Deadline Has Passed

Sorry about this, but the patch is not yet ready, and is dependent on the next release of JKLauncher (which is also past due).

2008-03-25 07:24:21
Upcoming Release is April 30

I am trying something different and giving myself a deadline for the next release.

See forum thread for more details.

2008-01-31 15:59:38
ZED Updated

Find the latest ZED in Downloads section.

2008-01-15 15:40:50
Late Arrival

Hub CTF Pack awaits in the Downloads section.

2008-01-14 15:55:21
Prone Position

Lay down on stomach to shoot your guns in JK.

Starting with the prone stuff in SSR 4000 Pro, I have been tweaking eye offset, collision size, and speed. Whereas going prone in SSR was purely visible, this new cog (and some keys) will give gameplay a new twist on aiming and hiding. Best of all, it is a level cog, so a separate mod will not be needed.

2007-08-29 01:36:41
DVD Control System

While helping Goit tweak movie cutscenes, I wanted to debug them more easily. So, the first idea I thought of was being able to go to previous and next scene. That was (mostly) working in Trailer One.

Moving beyond debugging, I had the idea to make something more complex -- a DVD control system, like what is found on a movie DVD. A movie DVD has a set of menus, volume control, subtitles toggle, along with previous and next scene/chapter. As of this post, I have successfully tested most of the features.

Negative Gain (with DVD system) ...
Coming soon!

2006-08-21 18:11:44
To Be Continued...

I have convinced Hell Raiser to let me merge JK Patcher stuff in with JKLauncher and let the patching stuff be done in the Jedi Knight Unofficial Patch project.

Thus, this project will not be worked on directly, but instead CONTINUED in other projects. Please post in the other two projects, and not in this one.

2006-07-24 14:27:15

Just so people stop asking...Sith 2 is officially *not* being worked on. It has been discontinued mainly due to lack of good physics code. If anyone has implemented physics code that is as good as or better than JK and can handle JK's overlapping sectors, then we might revive this project.

2006-07-09 14:21:42
No Deadlines This Time

Well, even though I tried to get an initial release of JKW-Cog done by yesterday, I failed to do so. I will continue working on it because I feel I am making good progress when I do find the time to work on it.

2006-07-05 16:50:12
Let's Do It

Read the Description and then discuss in the Forum. Who wants to join the team? How do we make this work? How do we decide which project we work on?

2006-07-03 08:22:25
Change of Plans

I made another attempt at using the COG VM and was successful. Because I changed my plans near the end of the week, the first release is now planned for the end of *this* week.

2006-06-26 10:13:03
How about a new Parsec?

I have tried to edit the COG VM (which Jon`C made for Sith 2) to be a syntax checker to replace Parsec, but have had several problems doing so. To get things moving, I will instead convert Parsec's BASIC code into C++ and add features via the C++ code. I plan to have this done by the end of this week.

2006-03-17 16:00:03
New ConMan

Wanting to correct the problem with opening GOBs like SBX 3.1 for JK, I recompiled the ConMan source. I discovered that the source had extra features in it than the most recently released ConMan 0.9a. Also, I fixed the bug, so now ConMan should open SBX 3.1 and others like it. Find it on the download page. Please report bugs with ConMan in the JKW-Gob forum topic.

2006-03-16 19:39:51
JKW-3do Second Version

The latest version now correctly handles meshes that are not in the same order in all 3dos. Enjoy!

2006-03-15 21:54:39
Initial JKW-3do Tool Available

A command-line tool for combining 3do files as LODs into one 3do file is available for download. See the download description for details.

2006-03-15 10:23:58
ZED and Project Merges

A recompiled version of JED 0.951 (from its source code) has been in private beta for two months, and has been working well. So, now it is available for all to download in this project.

Because of the time needed to finish this very large project (JKWorkshop), small tools (such as JKW-ZED above) will be built along the way. This will provide editors a chance to use new tools as soon as they are useful as well as provide useful feedback before each tool is merged into the final JKWorkshop.

The 3DO LOD Tool project has been merged with this one, and the tool will now be called, JKW-3do.

2005-12-31 09:37:15
From Mod to TC?

I intended this project to be a mod, meaning that it could be used with any level. Alas, many people have said that it would make more sense to have levels in which to play SpiderMan. Does that mean this project should be considered a TC? Let me know. ;)

2005-12-25 20:12:28
Finally Organizing

Many people have had ideas for a SpiderMan mod, but no one has made it far with one. I have been working on a grappling mod, and have worked on walk-on-walls physics. Now, I think we are ready to attempt a real mod for this idea.

2005-08-14 04:05:15

Following LKOH_SniperWolf's lead (and awaiting Giraffe's coding), I will be placing unfinished cogs and other JK-related files I create in this project.

2005-05-29 20:45:53
GOB Editing First

Some GOB Management features implemented. See Description page for details.

Help Wanted:
- Assistance in implementing each editing section of the tool.
- Source code for the various editing tools.
- Bug reports and feature ideas are welcome.

2005-05-29 20:40:04
Ancient Technology

* Created a very small level for testing changed physics.
* Written, tested, and verified cog that sets up the sector thrusts.
* Written, tested, and verified cog that allows player to jump properly on any surface.
* Working on the design of the space station architecture.
* Testing various effects of the new physics.

2005-02-28 09:50:44

This is simply a test of posting news about a project.