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Post 30-Aug-2007 23:06        

...how you served me well. Now get lost.

I've been working on the control system for AotL2. It's coming along well, thanks to Zeq's deactivated message patch. Now, it won't be worth much without animations, and I'm not going to spend a few more months of my life in PJedi. Looks like I'm facing writing some kind of animation exporter for another 3d program.

Any suggestions? I was thinking of a bone-to-mesh animation exporter for Milkshape.
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Post 31-Aug-2007 16:15        

I was just recently wondering if you were still working with the deactivated fix.

As for an exporter, I have no idea, really. Perhaps, people could tell me how PuppetJedi could be better, and I can update it.

By the way, I have been working on implementing the playeraction message in JK. I am also working on implementing a hotkey message in JK. I know both will work because I have tested them. I just need to rearrange the code a bit to allow the hotkeys to be disabled.

Post 24-Oct-2009 01:10        

Sorry to bump, but I am only now playing with Pjedi. I have to say I REALLY wish there was an undo, or even better, several levels of undo. Maybe an easy way to copy several meshes at a time, would be nice. Maybe more on the wish list, still figuring alot of this stuff out. Thanks. If not, its still better than using a caculator!
Post 25-Jan-2011 01:17        

So far, I like PJedi, but there are a few things that could be improved apon. Undo would be nice, and the copy/paste function could be improved in some way. Oh, and when right clicking, might be an idea to also select the entry that the mouse is over so I know I'm deleting the right one.
What else... Ah, maybe drag and pull an hand and the arm will auto align? No, wait, maybe best in other 3D programs.

But, an exporter also sounds nice. Maybe try and make one for all programs and all versions?
I once experimented with an animation converter way back. With 3D Max r3 I moved a box in an animation and saved it as a VRML, and with the converter I converted the coordinates. One mesh animation mind you, like a flying camera or ship, and not very successful.

But I like the ideas.

Post 23-Oct-2011 00:35        

Yeah DEFINATELY an undo, but I have an idea looking at the date of my last post this is not likely.
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