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Dear Gibbagobba,

I just tried adding a few notes on the Weapon characteristics, and Wikipedia is telling me that all editing is locked. Could you unlock it so I can help edit entries? Some things you missed/got wrong are:

1. Fists do damage directly to the health of the target, bypassing shields. Useful info in a guns-only multiplayer match. Also something to watch out for in single player, as enemies who do physical damage (Kell Dragons, Gamorrean Guards, some Grans, etc.) also ignore shielding... the player's!

2. Per shot, the Bryar Pistol is about half again as damaging as the Stormtrooper Rifle (Pistol does 30 damage, ST rifle does around 20.)

3. Thermal detonators bounce around when using "Delay" mode. Obvious to most people, but not all... and some might think "Ooh, stickybomb!" :/

4. The Tusken Bowcaster is actually pinpoint accurate in BOTH firing modes, NOT "The Crossbow has about the same poor accuracy as the Stormtrooper rifle". The central bolt (in primary mode) is also ALWAYS a bit more powerful than the bolts to either side of the main shot you get when charging (for both medium and full charges.)

5. The Imperial Repeater Rifle is also deadly because it has the largest auto-aim cone of any weapon.

6. Secondary mode on the Raildet is about half again as powerful as the primary fire mode. If you get a direct hit with a Stickydet, it will do physical damage directly to the victim's health, THEN explode. Moreover there is shrapnel (uses the same model as the gray rocks you can Force Throw) blown out by the Det charge upon detonation in either mode: hitting someone with shrapnel is unlikely, but very damaging if/when it happens.

7. The delay for Sequencer Charges in Primary Mode is 1 second before detonation. The only ways to NOT blow yourself up are to drop the charge over the edge of a ledge, or drop it while running (and preferably jumping) with Force Speed. Charges can be placed on any surface, including walls. Wall placement on the wall just around a corner is good in multiplayer, as the profile is much smaller to cautious players (usually looking at the floor, anyway) who bother to recon before entering.
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Hm... Something weird was going on with my last post. May I exceeded the message length? Anyways:

8. The Concussion Rifle's secondary fire is the only instant-hit attack available to the player via ANY weapon. It uses exactly half the ammo (4 power cells) of primary fire (8 power cells), and cannot be blocked by Magsealed (i.e. reflective) surfaces, enemies, or lightsabers! Primary fire also isn't affected by normally reflective things. Not being effected by reflective things like lightsabers coupled with the instant-hit secondary firing mode make the Concussion Rifle ideal for Jedi Hunters (as long as the Jedi doesn't have Force Pull!)

9. The Lightsaber also automatically deflects many attacks (mainly energy attacks and hostile lightsaber attacks) IF the player is looking at the incoming attack AND isn't swinging the Lightsaber. In order to deflect blaster shots back at an attacker, it is usually more effective to switch to First Person view and put the player's crosshairs over the attacker. Some claim instead of using the crosshair, you should put the lightsaber's BLADE over the attacker, but I can't verify this.

10. Deflection of incoming attacks is most effective when the player IS NOT MOVING. One should also note that the type and direction of the player's swing in Primary Mode depends on whether the player is moving or not, and in what direction.

Hope to help even more!
-Mr. Mistoffelees
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Sorry. So the lock is a problem. I'll remove the locks now. I only had them in case of greifers.
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