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Post 22-Apr-2012 21:49        


Any idea in mind?
Post 22-Apr-2012 23:41        

Yeah, still working things at this time.
Post 20-May-2012 00:11        

So, anything new?
Post 20-May-2012 00:12        

Nothing, really. This is more of a placeholder project for anthing I come up with. Don't expect much any time soon, though.
Post 23-Jun-2012 13:26        

It is a good map.
It has a great ambience of'' fuel'' station.

The powerups are good.
Being small, it encourages the battles.

Very good ^ ^
Post 05-Aug-2012 08:42        

Hey Gibba, nice additions to the level, but i was able to find an adjoin problem with that door you added that brings you to the room with Mara in it. at least i think thats some sort of adjoin problem.

Post 05-Aug-2012 11:44        

Not a bad level. A bit boxy in places, and I did notice a few glitches: the neon sign opposite the purple-lit bar flashes through a cell that's only supposed to be used when the sign is destroyed. Did you use 00_matanim.cog to control it? Using 00_neonsign.cog works properly. Also, I got squashed under the elevator when I moved into the sector shaft and it came down on top of me. Using 00_elevswitch.cog will sort that.

Other than that, a good map with some nice close-quarters opportunities. I especially like your texture selections inside the building.
Post 05-Aug-2012 18:17        

Interesting find. No adjoin errors appear in the error finder, so I'll have to check that out. It doesn't seem to show up in first person.

Thanx. I noticed the sign too and fixed it. As for the elevator, there is a switch associated with it. Just don't get stuck in the shaft!
Post 05-Aug-2012 18:45        

yeah, i think what that is, since i have had that happen to me, i think its when the door is crossing into two sectors at the same time, like i think you have to cleave around the door and be sure its in its own sector.
Post 05-Aug-2012 19:11        

I could figure something out. Not sure how I would go about it. The weird thing is that it only seems to appear after saving the map from the multi-level editor.
Post 06-Aug-2012 13:49        

With door adjoins this is the trick, when the door is at frame 0, normally closed it doesnt need to render both sides of the adjoin. when it is at frame 1, or opened, the door COGS normally clear the adjoins to allow for homless view and transition. Now depending on how JKEDIT sets up doors, it is possibly a funky adjoin issue that isnt being cleared with the door is open. not sure why it would only occur with MLE, but this is why I use ZED.
Post 06-Aug-2012 21:20        

At least it doesn't cause any real issues.
Post 09-Aug-2012 13:52        

opened up the JKL in ZED and went over the sector with a fine tooth comb. Only thing I can think of is a glitch in the MLE. Sorry
Post 25-Aug-2012 22:17        

I've done a quick run around on my own and I do like this alot. Nice, simplistic, and a nice use for that dome. Shame about that door glitch, but I'm sure we can live with it when there's fast paced action happening. It is definately a step up from your temple(s).
Post 03-Oct-2012 19:54        

You can probably just hack the cog to remove the adjoin stuff. I did a hack job like that recently if you want the replacement cog; it replaces 00_door.cog
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