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Post 12-Nov-2012 08:09        

Does anybody know what program you can use to open and edit the sprite files (explosions, laser blasts, splashes, etc.)?
Post 13-Nov-2012 03:25        

You mean like Sprite Builder?
Post 13-Dec-2012 04:39        

That program seems to only create .MAT-based sprites, such as animated textures. I'm looking to create/edit sprites for things like explosions, splashes, projectiles, etc.
Post 13-Dec-2012 13:00        

So, are you talking about particles? This is the only tool that I could find that will help you to create custom particles:

I've never played with them too much beyond the ones already available in the GOB. I'd encourage you to start by placing a particle in your level and play around with the different parameters.
Post 14-Dec-2012 01:47        

Sprites? Particles? Oh, you sure are getting advanced here.

Sprite files (misc/spr) are basic text files that describe how a MAT is to appear as a 2D sprite. A 2D sprite will always look flat against the screen, but can vary in size. That is what the SPR file describes.

For an explosion, the SPR file only says which animated MAT to use, but it is the template that gives more information like will it animate during its life span. How this works for templates always alive like mana boosts (diamonds) I'm not sure.

There are two types of particles. One type that you've seen with lots of dots exploding with an explosion (like conc), or smoke trails, are generated from the template. You specify the type as particle, set a solid-colored MAT, add a few flags to do your bidding, and some size and rate parameters to have it create and fade as you wish (but not always perfect).

The other type is read from a Particle file (misc/par). This file is much like a 3DO except it only holds information for the vertices. In the template you specify this PAR file, a solid-colored MAT, and the size of each particle (elementsize). This has been used with Force Protection where you get this sphere around you. Some custom particles of note are Death Star Plans and Magruko Daines and the Map to the Valley of the Jedi.

With the little JED plugin OnPar you can take almost any 3DO and turn it into a PAR file (like for blue prints), though I think the vertex limit is much the same.

Hope this was helpful.

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