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Post 14-Oct-2014 11:53        

In the original Oxyd game, the flags are actually checkpoint items. If the player places the flag, then later dies, he will be respawned at the last placed flag.

But by using a magic ring he can teleport himself to the last placed flag. Though this only works in Singleplayer mode. In Multiplayer mode, the 2 players will swap positions.
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So I wonder a little, what would you suggest these magic rings should do if a JK player should activate one?


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Post 30-Oct-2014 01:38        

I would normally assume that activating a magic ring would teleport you to the last spot you died. I imagine that requires leaving a marker every time you die. You could move the marker designated to your player when you die more than once. Might even give death a tactical element.
Post 31-Oct-2014 12:19        

Should maybe also mention that these rings aren't going to be pickups, because it will require making a mod to include the new entry in the items.dat.

Although, could be an interesting thing to have these markers when you die, and when you run off, find a ring, and activate it, you will be teleported to that marker.

Ok, that's one suggestion. Any more ideas?

Post 24-Nov-2014 00:44        

kind of reminds me of Mandalorian Wars, if you remember that. There was a class that had teleportation ability where you could set a marker and then teleport to that location.

What was fun was if someone was chasing you could throw down the marker then teleport behind them and you would be chasing them instead!
Post 30-Nov-2014 04:07        

@Andrew L

That's a pretty good idea! Change the tide of battle.
Post 30-Nov-2014 20:30        

Hi there
( long time no see )

In regular JK . . .
Thought, when someone dies, dont they leave a backpack behind?

You could setup the magic rings to be:

If backpack in area, teleport player that activated ring to backpack location.
Else, teleport player x_amount ahead of Ring location ( so they get some benefit )

Post 01-Dec-2014 00:41        

x_amount ahead of ring... As in 5 tiles past the wall that the ring is up against? There is a ring in landscape #073 you could look at to see what posibilities are available to play with.

There is also one in the open at #085 and future installments will have one here and here.

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