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Post 27-Oct-2014 20:59        

So I recently updated my video driver on my XP and all of the sudden JK textures won't blur in 16-bit mode. I'm not sure whether or not it's the driver update that has done this or not because the alpha blending in all my other games still works.... Except for MOTS of course, which is pretty much the same game. Any help please?
Post 28-Nov-2014 06:00        

It's still broken by the way......
Post 29-Nov-2014 02:52        

Don't know what you mean. What is alpha blending? Do you mean the 1 pixel thick translucent area between your image area and the alpha transparency area of your texture?
Post 30-Nov-2014 04:50        

That bluring of textures that occur in 16-bit mode. Yes, that is what the alpha blending is made of.
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