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Post 17-Jul-2015 03:00        

I'm running Windows 10 Build 10240 (the final insider build). They both run flawlessly with only the DDraw.dll hack installed. I am running the Steam releases, and yes, 3D Acceleration works.
Post 10-Aug-2015 16:47        

3D acceleration doesn't work for me on Windows 10, with or without the ddraw.dll hack--there's just a black screen with the HUD. This is precisely the same result that I had with Windows 8.
Post 15-Aug-2015 19:13        

Just hope it doesn't consider JK an illegal program:
Post 29-Aug-2015 19:10        

I just got the game running (both Steam & non-Steam versions) with 3d acceleration activated in Windows 10 64-bit by selecting the 'disable display scaling on high DPI settings' radio button under the application's compatibility settings. I didn't even have to bother with Windows XP compatibility mode. There's still a few issues that remain (e.g. the screen goes black when looking at the score tally or changing screen size to include the HUD, etc.), but overall it appears to be working nicely.
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