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Post 07-May-2016 06:04        

Basically, I want to have JKE with SBX 3.1, but I've run into a little roadblock.

Over the past month or so, I've been trying to wrap my head around how to fix this... When you just put the two .gobs together in the JKE folder, it ALMOST works properly, but not quite. The Lightsabers for Boc, Gorc, and Pic become invisible, and every other dark jedi character has two lightsaber handles instead of one (Lightsaber handles are attached to JKE's 3dos of the Seven Dark Jedi, instead of being separate models).

Does anyone know if it's possible to fix these issues? I also want to change some lightsaber attack animations, and saber colors, as well as re-instate all of the original weapons/weapon damages and walk sounds.

Post 08-May-2016 02:37        

That's a huge web to unweave. I would say that you could simply remove contradicting parts that you don't want from each mod, but it's not that simple. Frankly, I'm surprised they work together. Do you get the same results every time you close out of the game and then re-play it?
Post 08-May-2016 03:35        

CaptBewil wrote:
That's a huge web to unweave.

Sigh... yep.

The results are the same every time though. Gorc, Pic, and Boc have no lightsaber blades, and all the other Dark Jedi have two lightsaber handles: one from their JKE models, the other from SBX.

I'm assuming I could give a SBX blade to Gorc/Pic/Boc as they have no saber meshes, but when I tried to do so in their "darkjedi___.gob" files, nothing changed.

Also, when I tried to edit the color .mats SBX uses, I lost the flickering effect on the blade. As far as I can tell, there's a code to swap between the each cell in a 2-celled mat, but even though I made my replacement color .mats with 2 cells, one darker than the other, the flicker animation still wouldn't show up in-game.
Post 08-May-2016 09:59        

Tried forcing the anim with a MaterialAnim()?
Post 09-May-2016 18:02        

I have not. I'll give that a try too. Just so I'm on the same page though, I have to put in the saber .3do files I want to use in the respective .jkl files, right? I was planning on giving Gorc the longsaber from SBX since it's there already.

BTW, I can totally upload my reverse-engineered stuff if anyone is interested. I mean, I know that GlowSaberX is the more popular choice for single-player modding, but I definitely prefer the look and feel of SBX, what with faster/smoother attacks, and more consistent saber trails. It also buffs the Dark Jedi AIs a bit too.
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