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Post 14-Apr-2015 20:22        

I have been trying to get Jedi Knight to work with the unofficial patch, the enhanced mod and the retexture pack

computer: lenovo t410 i5 processor and 4 gigs of ram running debian 7 using oracle virtualbox and a windows 2000 pro client

The game itself seems to run fine. However, I can't get the display to 16 bit. Every time I try fiddling around, I either get a very small screen or just a blank screen

That is not really a big deal.

However the walls are rainbow colored as you can see in the following screen shots:

any help would be greatly appreciated.

upon further investigation, I remembered i installed the game with the hi res graphics option, I guess this is as good as it gets. Not a big deal. i uninstalled the game and reinstalled without any mods and it seems to be OK. the walls are not rainbow colored and pixilated, and the characters look the same.

I'm not sure if mods will work with this un updated version, but I was never big on modding, I just wanted to improve the graphics as much as possible.
Post 15-Apr-2015 18:04        

I'm not going to be playing this game too much as the sound crashes every few minutes (debian 7.7, using oracle virtualbox and a windows 2000 pro client). It's a fun game, but i just can't get it to run properly in my current setup.
Post 16-Apr-2015 18:40        

Try running JK in Wine. I run JK on Ubuntu and Wine just fine. Of course, Wine will need a touch of configuration...

In Winetricks -> Select the default wineprefix -> Install a Windows DLL component, I select directplay for multiplayer to work.

Under Wine Configurations I got Windows Version Windows XP.

Then I just double-click the JK.EXE and I can play with 3D Accel...

Oh, hm.... The other reason I can play in full 16-bit mode is I have installed the "restricted" proprietary drives for NVidia. Not sure if you do have a gfx card in your computer that Debian will recognize, or if it is just an internal Intel chipset.

Hope this has been helpful.

Post 17-Apr-2015 01:17        

This is because you do not have 3D acceleration on. Textures that are not mapped to a color pallet will not work without 3D acceleration. Due to the size of the textures included in the pack, you may also need to install the Unofficial Patch or the dgVoodoo patch.
Post 12-May-2016 01:17        

Hey all,

I'm actually having similar problems on my end. I run JK in wine in Lubuntu; I have 3D acceleration checked, and I get the same sort of psychedelic pixel experience - except my character participates in it, too. I have no dedicated graphics card, just an integrated Intel chipset in my Asus laptop, here. So, any ideas on how to fix this? I mean, given what I've seen, my computer should be able to handle the retexturing/enhancing.
Post 12-May-2016 01:18        

- Oh, also, I tried running JK after setting wine to Windows XP, and same problem.
Post 19-May-2016 00:27        

I run JK in Wine, on my mac, and it's taken a while to get optimal settings, but here are the ones I use... maybe it will help.

WineEngine: WS9WineCX15.0.1

Manual DLL overrides as per this page (i.e. copy them from the CD to the system32 folder):


Screen Settings --> Override, Fullscreen, 640x480
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