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Post 18-May-2016 18:49        

So I've managed to get music working locally without a CD, using the winmm.dll override, but I've hit a snag with regards to disc changes. The winmm.dll I have doesn't account for the music on the second CD, and just plays the .oggs from the first CD again on levels after the CD swap. Is there any way to fix this? I'm using the original version of the game.
Post 21-May-2016 10:41        

Apart from reprogramming the dll to detect when the game (or episode.jk) wants to use disc 2, you may have to instead reprogram the cogs or jkls inside to use different numbers in the PlaySong().
Post 21-May-2016 17:27        

I'll probably go with the latter then. Previously, I've tried to find the PlaySong command in the cogs, but haven't found the actual CD Music commands yet.
Post 21-May-2016 21:34        

PlaySong() plays song from CD.
Post 21-May-2016 22:21        

Granted, but what I meant was, I found only 1 or 2 level .cogs that had that command, and one of them used the command to play the cantina music.
Post 22-May-2016 00:55        

One cog used across all levels. Find them, change them, repack.
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