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Here is a list of my projects currently sitting on my harddrives (in order of activity):

    Sonic JK
      Originally started by Shred, and I am planning on finishing it.

    Moon Racer
      I am planning on finishing it, or at least get it as good as it gets

    Towers 2
      I am planning on doing this for this engine. Just need to map out the remaining 4 floors to the actual game.

    Fireworks Level for MotS
      Have no idea what other rooms to fill it with, and also I need more drum models. At this point, I could more or less say "Give me the drums and I'll call it done".

    Worms Weapons
      Just needing walking weapons and all should be well. Was hoping for a full Worms 3D kind of mod, but I guess that's an abandoned idea.

    Tower Defense
      Actually... *quickly creates project file* I'm not sure if I'm gonna continue this one... Oh, what the heck. Just send me a JED file and I'll turn it into a Tower Defense Level. Razz

    Train Station
      Well, the platforms are done, trains pass by, but it lags to bits. Could be the archi in which I may just redo the WHOLE thing as 3DO(s).

    I'd like to call this one "Project Lundsten"...
      A RPG for a forgotten prisoner. It was more of a challange I gave myself to see if I could get the player to choose what to say, like in Unreal 2. It may end up being abandoned.

    JK Assault
      Was gonna attempt at making an "Assault" type of game like in Unreal Tournament, but I only got as far as creating the level, a few cogs, and gave up.

    JK Football
      From an old JK Football level I did way back when, I decided to reboot it with the new found Cog skills, but only got as far as creating a standard big field. Was thinking of going for other challanges like Nar Shaddaa, but ran out of inspiration. May get back to it some day.

    JK Pinball
      Came up with the idea, created it, lost interest.

    Capture the Firemarble
      This one, I think I'll say, is abandoned. I created the shell, and then didn't know what more to do with it.

    "Project Bombaric"
      Was gonna try and make some kind of R-Type game in JK, but I couldn't find enough level designing inspiration or the oomph to do so in JK. Maybe I'll do this in Java instead.

      Was thinking of turning this game into a JK something something, but every time I look at the full map, I lose interest. Confused

    Cauldron 2 for Future Pinball
      Just can't seem to think of how to build this table. Also, seems like I've lost interest in Future Pinball with all these other projects

    Demo Project
      Mostly abandonded, until I come across another experiment, which I doubt will happen.

    Edward's Museum
      Barely looked at. It has become like a place to dump random things on.

    Jarre stuff
      Well, I showed my Oxygene 8 video(s), but there is an O4, O7, and an O10 that still sits there. Not sure if I'll make any more music videos in JK. Timing is just far too unpredictable in JK.

    Mobile RPG
      A silly idea where me and my friends would hang out in different moving places, like a space ship, blimp, camping vehicle, etc. but both me and them quickly lost interest.

      Well, not quite. It started with a gattling turret idea, then I only barely started on bumper cars and then abandoned. I suppose the bumper cars ended up being the Moon Racer

      Was working on it, released something quickly, and was then forgotten. ... Actually, not forgotten. I still use the camera to test a few things.

    Marble Blast
      Consider this abandoned

    Wierd Jedi Knight Weapons
      Based on a Half Life mod that was never released to the public, I only managed to create one weapon: The Boomblaster. Was gonna do more, but never got around to it

    The Concept of FullMan0
      Ideas on how to make a "fully animated" was simply just an idea which no one feels like picking up. I feel people should follow this template when making people so that their cutscenes (or at least actors) have a little more life in them.

    3D Oxyd Landscapes
      A project where I look at Oxyd Landscapes and turn them into 3D representations using Bryce5.

    Oxyd Landscapes
      Still some MP syncapation issues I... Seem to have given up on. And I wonder if I should model all 550 landscapes as FFA MP levels.

And that would be all I have on file. There are some ideas popping up in my head, but nothing I can put into words.

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Well at least I'm giving you all a fair warning instead of just sodding off...
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Damn. You are tooooo good at cogging to go.
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Who's going to help me with my cogs? haha Don't say you are retiring, but rather on hiatus. The JK community must still live on!
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Trank wrote:
Damn. You are tooooo good at cogging to go.

Me? Good at cogging? Hah! Das a good one. Razz
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Oh stop being so modest.
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You forgot your cog work in Nevar Orez.
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Train Station - Side Shops

I'm thinking . . .
Food ( Healing ) Powerups:
- McDonalds ( hamburgers, fries and coke ) ,
- TacoBell ( tacos, burritos, enchiladas ),
- DairyQueen ( hotdogs, cones, waffle fries )

Souvenir Shop ( maps - full map unlocked )
Gift Shop ( batteries, lights ; Captain America SHIELDs )

Gyro push-cart Stand

Corn dogs
Cotton candy
( ok, now im thinking Circus or something, maybe just a 'under the big top' circus poster on concrete wall and vender selling up and coming Circus attaction foods, lol, idk )

- just some thoughts -


EDIT: Just realized I responded to a 5 year old post ( rolls eyes ). . . i must be missing JK. *shrugs*
Post 22-May-2016 09:29        

Good ideas. Although you missed out on Albert Heijn, Pressbyrån, 7-eleven, La Cantina... Yeah, now I get a few good names, but to actually build them.. Also, I'm having thoughts of redoing the whole station, partly it feels a little too long, and partly the archi is lagging the place to bits, which makes me want to redo the whole thing as a 3DO(s).

... I should update this list.
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