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Post 08-Aug-2016 03:59        

Alright, so instead of beating around the bush, tackling one measly issue at a time, I've decided to try a different approach...

Basically, I'm combining Saber Battle X with GlowSaberX, to make a Single-Player oriented mod with the best of both worlds. Lightsabers will have the appearance of SBX, but with a more GSX (i.e. Original JK) feel in the moveset, all force powers/weapons are unmodified, and AI improvements from SBX will be included.

In addition, all CD checks will be removed, all data will be local, including the music, which is ripped from the steam version in mp3 format.

So far, I've made a significant amount of progress. I've modified the SBX sabers to resemble the sabers from the cutscenes (thicker cores), and finished my custom saber moveset. However, I'm running into bugs left and right, and I was wondering if someone wanted to take a look at my work, if they'd be so kind to help me out. Right now, I'm in the process of getting my new sabers onto the Dark Jedi characters, and it's giving me nothing but trouble, specifically in Boc's case. I'd estimate I'm about halfway done, maybe even two-thirds, and I really want to finish and release the mod on here.
Post 11-Aug-2016 00:15        

Hello! i unfortunelly can't help you 'cause i don't know nothing about jk modding, i barelly know how to use JK Edit, but i wanted to ask if you could do a version with the weapon/force powers modifications because i actually liked then in the original SBX. Good Luck with your project!
Post 11-Aug-2016 23:37        

That's relatively straightforward to do, so I think I can manage it. And, thanks. I'm going to keep at it on my own, it'll probably take longer, but I think I can get it done.
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