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Post 30-Sep-2016 02:24        

Hi, I am swagmaster. I'm a common modder on who, like many others, like to mod Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. I am not necessarily a pro at modding Dark Forces 2 and Mysteries of the Sith, but I have some skill in it, at least with knowing how to open .gob and .goo files and the file structure inside, replacing sound fx, little info about cog scripts/managed to make a fix for @FastGamerr's jk13 sabers so that they don't disappear after death on dark jedi, and knowing how to open .mat files with jkpaint. I hope to be here for a good couple of years, and to have a good time browsing the forums.
Post 03-Oct-2016 14:55        

Hi swagmaster, welcome to the Hub
Post 07-Oct-2016 22:01        

Welcome to JKHub! Enjoy your stay. I'm the residential Mad Scientist of COGs.
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