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Post 05-Nov-2016 23:13        

Is there the slightest possibility that the locked frame rate on DF2 can be unlocked?

In case I'm not making sense, I'm not referring to the frame rate of the gun animations that go well beyond 30 fps. I'm referring to everything else in the game. I guess I don't know how to explain it.

Thanks for reading
Post 05-Nov-2016 23:34        

Well, apart from disabling v-sync in the GFX card settings (eg NVIDIA Control Panel), I don't know.

I do know that when you do that, the gun animations are sped up, the fps counter in "-displaystats" and Fraps goes up, and there have been few instances when there is a lot of crap in view that the display seems to become extra smooth.

However, despite all of that, a cog's pulse never seems to get any higher than... 47 being the new high score?

Feel free to run your own tests.

Post 06-Nov-2016 00:23        

Hey, thanks for the (quick) reply.

Ok, I got about the same as the others. 47 being max.

What is a cog pulse anyway? I understand this website is devoted to modding, but I'm not a modder and really don't know what any of the terminology means. Nevermind if it's too complicated to explain and not worth your time. I'm just a curious fella.

How can I tell the frame rate in your program during my gameplay and not that high framerate counter that the ingame counter uses?

Anyway, back on topic, my eyes have just been accustomed to the 60 fps of all the games I play, that I can see the noticeable lower frames. I'll keep playing around with v-sync, but I can't seem to get it to work for now.

P.S. I'm only running the base installation of the game direct from the CD. Should I apply the unofficial patch?
Post 06-Nov-2016 15:06        

"What is a cog pulse anyway?"

A cog ist a text file, a script JK.exe uses for a lot of different events ingame, like how elevators, doors and switches work, the ai of the NPCs, triggering sounds, scripted events and a lot more. Very useful to make a good level ;-). Some standard cogs of LEC are a good start, but learning to cog yourself is very rewarding.

And a pulse? The pulse-message is an event that is called periodically (e. g. to make a blinking light). It's part of cogging. With the command SetPulse you can - surprisingly - set a pulse:

SetPulse calls the pulse message after the delay has elapsed. After the pulse message runs, it will be called again after the delay ends. The message will continue to "pulse" until it is stopped. Syntax:


To stop the pulse, use:


(Explanation from the DataMaster
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