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Post 08-Apr-2017 22:02        

Retail version. I started having this problem today. I'd set the graphics to 16 bit 1280x720, or any 16-bit resolution, and it would work fine.

Then I close the game, and the next time I started the game, they would reset to 640x480 8 bit. The game also no longer remembers which character I last played, if it's any hint.

This same installation had been working fine for a week or two. The problem came out of nowhere.

I reinstalled and tried with no mods (only patched), still same problem.

Any ideas, guys?

EDIT: The hell? My MotS installation keeps losing settings too. Every time I start it, it keeps asking me anew for CDs for verification, then it works fine until the next restart.

It, too, used to work fine until today.


I installed the GOG version in another folder. Now both my GOG installation AND the retail one that's been giving me troubles work perfectly. What gives!?
Post 12-Apr-2017 14:57        

The settings are stored in the registry. Depending on your OS (64-bit win 8-10 or something silly like that) the registry is either protected (need admin) or the registry is always moved from, say, Program Files to PF (x86) or Apps and so JK can't find it.

Now, the GOG version might actually be specially patched for this kind of "nonsense" and somehow manages to make the registry stick so that all versions of JK can now find it.

These are my theories, may be completely wrong here.
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