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Post 15-Apr-2017 11:45        

Does anyone know where I can find the code that controls the selection of powers you get every time you finish a mission, in Mysteries of the Sith?

I know in Jedi Knight the file episode.jk controlled the powers you unlocked, in the <lightpow> <darkpow> columns. But this is no longer true for MotS. Also I figured out that the endlevel scripts in mots control the stars you get to spend, e.g. s1l1_endlevel.cog, and the stars control the rank.

But I can't find what controls what Jedi rank you get in JK, and in MotS what powers are unlocked per rank/what rank is unlocked per x stars.

One of the things I'd like to mod into the game would be increasing the freedom of selecting powers. For example, since you're forced to take Persuasion, and Heal is almost obligatory, you'll pretty much never take Chain Lightning or Blind.

Now if this were the first game, I'd know how to change which powers are unlocked when...

<in 8t-88's voice> "...But this one eludes me."
Post 04-May-2017 17:03        

I have come across problems when trying to set force powers in MotS. I think I once tried to make all the force power bins available with 4 stars, but somehow MotS is very strict about what is available to you (with the exception of cheats?). If I tried the combination of ABCDEF... what was it... Can't remember if MotS shuts them all down, or if MotS restricts it to ABDF because you can't have C and F or E and B or something like that.

I haven't played with it in a while. You will have to experiment with setting and unsetting the invs to see what sticks.

SetInv(player, 20, 8); // Force Rank bin 0-8

SetInv(player, 21, 4); // Force Jump 0-4
SetInvAvailable(player, 21, 1); // Make available
SetInv(player, 22, 4); // Force Speed 0-4
SetInvAvailable(player, 22, 1); // Make available
SetInv(player, 39, 4); // Force Chain Lightning 0-4
SetInvAvailable(player, 39, 1); // Make available

See items.dat file for all inv bin numbers.
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