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Post 06-May-2018 04:15        

Hello JkHub,

looking for tools for .san video format, any help ?


some info i found,
.SAN LucasArts' SMUSH/INSANE animation
codec error:
Simple playback utility for SMUSH videos:
Post 26-May-2018 17:03        

Yeah... I'm afraid one is out of luck for that. SAN files can sort of be played with the ffmpeg library, but no sound. I've tried to enjoy the videos from Monkey Island 3.

Is there any particular reason why you want this? Are you gonna bake in some Super 3D or Live Action cinematics between your MotS levels? Something that is absolutely impossible to do in-game?

The MotS SANs are anyways just pre-rendered in-game cutscenes. Have no idea why they wanted to do it in such a way rather than live-rendered.

Post 04-Jun-2018 14:07        

Hi Edward

- I like to play the videos in VLC or WMC, but then i didn't manage the codec to work.
I feel the only way is to capture the cutscene while playing...

- Not a bad project to do for recreating the cutscenes.
Add support to the game, a lot of codding ;-) but then i can not, sadly.

- Pre-rendered in-game cutscenes where chepper than live-rendered i think (Idea)
Post 04-Jun-2018 17:11        


- Pre-rendered in-game cutscenes where chepper than live-rendered i think

Those "levels" are on the MotS CD. You can load them up and see just how "expesive" they were to process at the time. Sadly, however, there are no voice overs.

However, now that you know where to look, you could just as easily capture them in full 60fps HD, then capture the cutscene audio, and with some video editing work fit them together.

Actually, here, enjoy it in "156 fps": http://www.jkhub.net/project/get.php?id=2803
(frame-merged to motion blur 30fps)
Post 11-Jun-2018 14:45        

Hi Edward,

Thanks, Mara looks so Young there ;-) !!

I see that it's a project, are all the shorts converted to a better quality ?
Post 14-Jun-2018 00:14        

I have the painstaking job of "enhancing" MotS a little, in which the cutscenes are baked into the levels, and a few cog works. The only thing is that I had to record the SAN files for dialogue because there were no cutscene voiceovers on their own (except the last one). However, I'm not releasing until A: MotS GFX Update is done, and B: hoping to maybe get some good voice actors to redo all the dialogue so there aren't any possible cuts in the music or background sounds.
Post 03-Jul-2018 17:45        

What if making the cutscenes in Blender, can they be use in the game later ? Converted .. or else ... ?
Post 11-Jul-2018 11:27        

You want me... to make (or find) every single model of every character used, recreate the scenes, realistically looking materials, then animate everything with lipsync (possible after new voice actors), then let my computer sit there for years on end rendering this at highest samples and bounces, just to then attempt to convert it back to 640x300 and 256 colors SAN files?

Post 12-Jul-2018 01:48        

O.C. Not !
If we can tell the Game to run the cutscene externally and skip the original, that can be a posible way
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