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Post 17-Jul-2018 16:21        

Hi everyone,

where in JED/ZED can I set the Sector Light/Ambient Light of a sector? In the item properties window there is only the Extra Light.

I have a dark room, all surfaces appear nearly black, but all things in that room (crates, powerups, enemies, the player weapon…) are far to bright.

Extra Light is set to “0” of course, negative values are not allowed here.

Unfortunately, the Ambient Light can’t be set via cog like the Extra Light, so there is no workaround by cogging.

Post 19-Jul-2018 16:56        

What are you trying to do? Brighten the room or darken the items?

If you want to brighten the room, there's several options. You can brighten it with sector light, which will allow you to adjust the intensity and the range. But, you have to calculate lighting. To properly light the objects in the room, you'll also want to add a thing light (or add the thing light property to an existing item). You can add the value "EXTRA LIGHT" which should give you a range of -10 to 10 (or it might be -1.0 to 1.0, it's been a while). Note, that to see the effect of thing lights (aka dynamic lights) you have to calculate lighting on your sector lights.

You can also adjust the surface lighting of your sector in surface mode. I think these also accept negative values. But again, I believe you have to calculate lighting on at least 1 sector light source for you to see the effect.

I apologize that it's been a while and my brain is a bit fuzzy on these details. If you run into problems, I think I still have a copy of JED on one of my old laptops that also has a level that I used pretty much every type of lighting effect in that I could reference.
Post 20-Jul-2018 13:57        

Cracked open my level in NJed. The EXTRA LIGHT values are 0.0 to 1.0, in general. The Walkplayer has an EXTRA LIGHT value of -1.0, but other than that, I used positive EXTRA LIGHT values for any of my light source things with, of course, the Emits Light flag. Again, you won't be able to see this lighting effect unless you place at least one static light and use the calculate lighting function. If the intensity of the static light is too bright, it will also wash away the effect.
Post 29-Jul-2018 18:35        

Thanks for your tips, CaptBewil.

Yes, I want to darken the things in the room. I played around a bit and found out, the only way is to try my luck with the ZED-internal lighting system (and yes, of course, to calculate lighting after that). Sometimes the results are okay, sometimes the brightness/darkness of things and surfaces doesn't correspond very well, so I searched for a way to set the ambient light value of a sector directly (like it is possible in JKEdit).

Now, after some meddling with the ZED-lights the results are satisfying.

Thing lights were no option for my problem because 1) I needed darkening not brightening 2) every unnecessary thing light increases the thing count, as you know.

It's no big problem, I make my levels with JKEdit (because of the faster work process and the deep control of the lighting) and my 3DOs with ZED (because it is much much better for that purpose than JK3do), so I rarely need the lighting functions of ZED

Anyway, thanks for your help!

Post 17-Aug-2018 17:14        

please be aware that sector ambient light does not affect sector rendering.
it is only used for lighting things and pov models.
this is because there is no way for sector vertex lighting to apply to things, so a single ambient value is calculated for that purpose.
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