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Post 04-Nov-2018 14:15        

yea projectiles are hacked in right now
case "bry0.3do":
    return new Color4(1.0, 0.45, 0.25);

case "str0.3do":
    return new Color4(1.0, 0.45, 0.25);

case "rpt0.3do":
    return new Color4(1.0, 1.0, 0.45);

case "bow0.3do":
    return new Color4(0.25, 1.0, 0.45);

case "bow1.3do":
    return new Color4(0.25, 1.0, 0.45);

however the saber color is a bit smarter; albeit still hacked in LOL
Material mat = Resource.GetMaterial(SaberMaterialSide);
if (mat != null)
    System.Drawing.Bitmap bmp, embmp;
    mat.GenerateBitmap(out bmp, out embmp, Resource.GetColormap(Sector != null ? Sector.ColormapName : "dflt.cmp"));
    saberColor = new Color4(bmp.GetPixel(11 * bmp.Width / 32, 0));
    if (embmp != null)
Post 05-Nov-2018 19:43        

I see. I assume the light color will also be controllable via cog (eg. SetThingSaberLightColor() or SetThingLightColor())? Although, wouldn't it be "safer" not to give pre-set, hard-coded values for those things? Like, what if a mod changes str0.3do to look blue, would the glow still appear red? I assume it'd have to be changed in-game via cog or something.

By the way, that glowing saber looks gorgeous. Can't wait to see what the buildings in Nar Shaddaa look like.
Post 14-Nov-2018 15:32        

So is everything written in C# or is is just the NED program?
Post 15-Nov-2018 01:27        

yeah most everything is C#. its far faster to develop and prototype in, than a bulky [censored] native language.

there are a couple C libs (existing as embedded DLLs) tho, for algorithms that are easy to isolate and snag an extra 30% performance boost that C/C++ can give over C#.. one in particular in mind being cell&portal

also there are a couple C libs that are 3rd party, mainly FMOD for audio. also openvr (which is SteamVR)

to eliminate need for an installer or having loose binaries that an end-user has to keep together, i want smith to be an all-inclusive exe: whose only outside dependants are the config file (optional), and the game resources. so for this reason, the necessary side DLLs are embedded and extracted/cleaned up at runtime. i have to make them extract cause, well, that's how windows OS works.. lol
Post 17-Nov-2018 11:45        

Very impressive work!
Post 26-Nov-2018 00:43        

How up to date is the latest build with the stuff you've been screenshotting us on the hub?
Post 26-Nov-2018 07:05        

the build at smith.bah.wtf is updated every couple days or so. i dont have a versioning scheme in place at present, but i do provide the "updated" timestamp at the main page next to the download button.

that said, its possible that an occasional screenshot is from an experimental code branch, which is not currently accessible.. or perhaps it is an option that is turned off by default.

shadows is a good example because they really do kinda work in every release for the last X weeks but only if you are looking down / below things. lots of rendering glitches are possible. therefore the checkbox is there but its off. i have like 3 code branches right now working toward solving shadows lol
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