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Post 10-Aug-2018 12:35        

Taking a bit of a tangent.. decided to implement JED directly into the engine.

For starters, one of my programmers at work (who has used delphi for 18 years) helped me get JED source to compile under Lazarus; the free opensource delphi IDE. We had to disable all the COM/OLE stuff so the plugins definitely won't work. The project does build, but does not run currently: there are some runtime incompatibilities such as sscanf in lazarus does not support %x format specifier for parsing hex values. Anyway, I've made this opensource so if you want to take a stab at it, go download lazarus (make sure to get the 32-bit one, even if you have a 64-bit PC) and grab the source code:

Anyway, about implementing JED to Smith:
I tried using a tool to convert the delphi project directly to C# but it didn't work out so well. It also doesn't help that, according to my coworker, delphi 2 didn't support operator overloading so there is vector XYZ math going on ALL OVER the place; it's a real mess. Sooo... I've been rewriting it all by hand. Probably about 40% complete so far. When done, there's a good chance I'll pull it all out (plus whatever smith dependencies) into a standalone C# project and make that a public github repository for anyone interested.

After that point I'll work on piece-by-piece removing JED's own classes and using Smith's directly; with the eventual goal to have a very tightly integrated level editor & playtest workflow. Probably not quite live editing while playing but we'll see!
Post 27-Aug-2018 12:56        

I must admit its not as interesting as being able to Play the game on a new Engine but I suppose some people could find a use for it. Keep up the good work!
Post 07-Oct-2018 17:58        

Just implemented automatic light calculation
Now when you modify geometry or lights the lighting is automatically recalculated in a background thread. Then the 3d preview updates. So you get realtime light editing =)
Post 07-Oct-2018 20:29        

Improved asset loading of 3dos/JKLs from within a GOB to include searching that GOB for resources.

In other words, no need to use a GOB manager to extract everything to a folder somewhere to be able to import a level.
Post 08-Oct-2018 23:21        

Now if saving a .jed file after opening an embedded jkl in gob, you are presented with the option to automatically extract the gob to the .jed file's location. it will also automatically generate the appropriate master.tpl or mots.tpl templates file for future jed/zed/ned use.
Post 20-Dec-2018 19:57        

Here's an odd suggestion/request for NED: could it be made so that the COG placement window allows tabs, so that you can organize cogs by category?

Here's a very good reason for doing so: this is what the cog placement window looks like on one of my levels. It would be nice to be able to organize cogs of a certain type into different categories, plus it would look a lot cleaner.

...Or maybe being able to organize cogs alphabetically would be good enough. Note that the numbers on the left should not change when changing ordering or categories and the such as those are the numbers as they'll be listed in the JKL.

Oh, also being able to give small descriptions to cogs (ie what each cog does) would be great.
Post 31-May-2019 02:03        

id be very interested to invite u as a collaborator and guide u through implementing changes u'd like to see, yourself. i dont think this forum allows private messages so i think we should coordinate somehow, somewhere else
Post 22-Jun-2019 21:41        

Honestly, I don't know of how much help I could be. I'm a very poor programmer outside of JK cogs, and I've had very little time to play with JK lately (as you can tell by my mostly stalled progress in JKGR).

I'd like to contribute with suggestions and feedback however, if possible.
Post 24-Aug-2019 20:48        

Pending for Smith 1.16:

-Simplified Open/Import menu options; there is just File->Open now instead of both (its smart enough to know how to import what you selected lol)
-Simplified Save/Export/Generate GOB menu options
-Your thing view mode (dots/boxes/wireframes) is now saved to config. Also, defaults to wireframe
-Fixed issue where opening an embedded JKL within a GOB from the File->Recents list wasnt working

Already released in Smith 1.15:

-Fixed longstanding issue where cleaving adjoins (or cleaving sectors that result in cleaved adjoins) would have their geo/surfflags/faceflags/adjoinflags reset
-Improved texture stitching to also copy geo/surfflags/faceflags/adjoinflags. No more forgetting to manually set sky flag!

dude LibSa ur suggestion of tabs in placed cogs is a great idea. i've already started tooling with it. like have a default "All" tab and then u can just create new ones at ur leisure to subdivide them further. would be stored as a new segment in *.jed format (so its backcompatible to JED/ZED, of course, but probably if u opened and resaved, it would lose the tabs)
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