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Post 29-Jan-2020 05:45        

What needs to be converted on this cog that HellRaiser aka PhantomCoder created for the first person cog to work in MotS?



I've already converted the item.dat as well as the static.jkl from the MotS JKMRES.goo. The last thing is the cog. What code needs to be changed for it to work?

Not too familiar with cogging but it is just a collection of programming language like any other.
Post 10-Feb-2020 01:01        

I would imagine the JK cog would work in MotS. I beleive MotS simply added additional cog Verbs. However, I might be wrong. Give it a try as is though and see what happens. If part of it doesn't work, come back and tell us specifically what it is not doing correctly.
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