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Post 15-Aug-2006 01:50        

i hope i get some kind of response out of this, but is there a way to add motion blur to the blades of the dark jedi? nobody has seemed to ever do it, so it makes me wonder A) is it possible and B) does it just looks stupid?
Post 16-Aug-2006 14:01        

If you're talking an SBX trail effect, you can do this:
In the actor's class cog, add the "Fire:" message.
Change the actor model to a modified one with the trail.
Set a timer, and when it ends, switch back to the original model.

This all assuming ai saber swings trigger the "fire" message.

   SetThingModel(darkjedi, swingmodel);
   SetTimerEx(0.4, 10, 0, 0);
   if(GetSenderID() == 10)
      SetThingModel(darkjedi, origmodel);
Post 23-Aug-2006 03:34        

man, its so good to hear a reply, really is. i thought this forum was half dead to be honest. hope is nice. anyway, so i'm not really sure how to put this ai string in. god, yes i am a noob, i'm looking at the AI for boc for this instance, and i see this;

Jump 2000.0, 3.0, 3.0
LookForTarget 200.0, 0.0
Listen 1.00, 2.0
SaberFighting 0.30, 0.123, 40.0, 1400.0, 0.225, 30.0, 1200.0
Follow 0.0, 0.10
ForcePowers 3000.0, 1.0, 8.0, 0.0, 0.5, 0.0, 0.0, 0.40, 0.80, 0.00, 10000.0, 5000.0, 0.0
HitAndRun 5000.0, 2000.0
Withdraw 5000.0, 1.5
Talk 3000.0, 0.40

am i in the right place? so should i just add the boc fire line right below this?
Post 04-Mar-2020 17:44        

For posterity, my tests indicate that Dark Jedi do not use the “fire” message. As a test, I simply set a sound to play in the fire section (which I added in) with no requirements, and... nothing. Unfortunately, I’m not sure there are any cog commands that can be used to this end, as we can’t check for, say, a thing’s current animation or submode (submodes pertain to .pup files, which in turn control the animations for different actions such as jumping or attacking).
Post 05-Mar-2020 18:25        

you can set a short pulse (0.1 should be enough) to the dark jedi's cog to search for 0x2 JK flags, then give the saber a trail effect if it's there, remove trails if it's not, although that would require rewriting some other parts of code as most force powers use pulses for some reason while they could easily be replaced with extended timers.

otherwise, you could add a "primary fire" marker on their attack animations, I believe that should trigger the fire message. note that if you do this you should add a DestroyThing(GetSourceRef()) at the fire message, otherwise you'd get damage twice from their attacks.
Post 10-Mar-2020 05:53        

...not unless I set a TimerEx that will loop indefinitely in 0.1 second intervals! haha. Dude, you're brilliant! It works perfectly. Thing is though, I've been modifying the animations for the dark jedi, and so far as I can tell, they already have the "4" and "5" markers in their .keys. Regardless, this is an awesome new development, so thanks again! I didn't even think to try JK flags...
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