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Post 13-Feb-2020 00:00        

Okay, so here's an interesting issue... say that I want to add a new type of ammo to the game. Now, actually getting it to work isn't the problem; I've already done it. The *real* problem is getting the game to display it. I want it to be displayed while the lightsaber is out, as normally the ammo count is merely blank during this time.

How does JK determine what ammo count to display on the HUD? I can't find any leads in the game's cogs, .bm or .dat files... is it just hard-coded into the .exe?
Post 03-Mar-2020 03:24        

Yes, it's hard-coded. And sadly I don't think I've ever heard of anyone cracking that code.

There are ways around it, but it might require some smart cogging skills.
Post 24-Mar-2020 14:16        

At this point I would say it might be simpler to do away with the default hud graphics and have your own sprites hovering infront of the view. Granted, depending on display aspect ratio and what patches handle them, the hud may get chopped in half.
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